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 Boston Bash Card (2-11-07)

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Joe Santiago
Main Event
Main Event
Joe Santiago

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PostSubject: Boston Bash Card (2-11-07)   February 2nd 2007, 6:52 am

Live From - Boston, Massachusetts

Attendance - 46,325

Boston Bash Theme Song - Creed, What If

Good-bye match
1 - Trent Hudson (vs) The Monster

The Man Challenge
2 - The Man (vs) Creeper

Intercontinental Championship
Paddle on a Pole
3 - Tails (vs) Vinnie Vicious

World Television Championship
King of the Flames Championship
Skyscraper Match
4 - Dean Hobkirk (vs) Matt Chambers
Porter Macleod (vs) Hallow Wicked

Final Encounter in Barbed Wire Cage Match
5 - Lennox Kinsley (vs) Bobby Ocean

WWA TagTeam Titles
Ladder Match
6 - Beast and Hardagen (vs) AKA

Chained Fury 2
7 - Barelai Von'Vicious (vs) Crimson Skull

Last Man Standing
8 - Aaron "Spade" Peters (vs) "Slick" Bobby Diamond

WWA Undisputed World Championship
Match 3 of 7
I Quit Match
Loser Loses his Girlfriend until series is over
9 - Johnny Stylez (vs) "The Thriller" Joe Santiago

WWA Championship
{Guest Ref} Jazmin Santiago
10 - "The Career Killer" Hot Stuff Steven Daunhauer
"The Rocket" Gerald Richman

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Boston Bash Card (2-11-07)
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