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 Specialty Pay-Per-View (Vote Now)

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After reading about all 3 companies, Who do you want to see get the one night stand?
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Joe Santiago
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Main Event
Joe Santiago

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PostSubject: Specialty Pay-Per-View (Vote Now)   October 26th 2006, 8:12 pm

I have decided to have a specialty Pay-Per-View in the Distant Future.

It will be a One Night Stand Pay-Per-View for one of my Other E-Feds that currently are dead. I will name the Pay-Per-View but can't decide which show will get the Pay-Per-View, thats where you come in Vote for which show you would like to see hava a one night stand,

The American Championship Wrestling which started before the JWF, was owned by Joe Santiago's Grandpa Bob Waters. The ACW was all about old school wrestling, not a Hardcore wrestling but had the potential to take it to that level, the ACW was purchased by Joe Santiago after many of there stars had left to join the JWF. A One Night Stand from the ACW would feature.
Bob Waters, Jose Santiago, Anonymyse IM, Gilando Ribera, Jimmy Jackson, 1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing, The Modern Outlaws, The ACW 4 Horsemen, and other great wrestlers.
Matches that could be in the show: Dog Collar, Steel Cage, 4 Corners, the Double Cage Horror, and many others

The Extreme Wrestling Alliance was the first to compete with the ACW, They stayed in competition with a Extreme style of wrestling and high flying Lucha Libre aproac to Old school, the EWA was purchased shortly after the formation of the JWF, An EWA one night stand would include,
Sick Nick, Gilando Ribera, Joe Santiago as the Original King Clown, The Executioner, The Assassin, The Metal Maniac, The Chairman, Mr.Bundas, Kagura, Bushido Ya*Shin, E*Kamikaze, and many others
Matches would include
A Sick Nick Scafold match, Jailbreak Match, Bardwire Brutality, Full Metal Mayhem, and others

The Hardcore Wrestling Federation
Had a One Night Stand, but lost it after legal matters, you can vote to bring it back they push whats legal to the limit and don't hold back. The HWF was purchased by Joe Santiago after he watched one of there showsfirst he signed the heart and soul of the HWF Steven Daunhauer the he Bought the King of the Flames Championship, then after the HWF Could no longer pay for there wrestlers Joe Santiago Bought the HWF and it would die there for 3 years until Joe Santiago brought them back to have 2 shows a year. Now there counting on you to bring them back.
Wrestlers that would be there,
Steven Daunhauer, 808 Nalu, Keola, Brick, Chevy, Jon, Kaliku 72, Gavin Constantino, The Warrior Chance, Sato, Creeper and many others,
matches woul include
3 Cages of Hell, Elimination by Blood, King of the 808, King of the Flames Match, Skyscraper match and many others.

So Vote on which Show should get the $20,000 to do a One Night Stand Pay-Per-View


You Don't ask the question "Will Joe Santiago ever wrestle again?"
You Ask the question "When will Joe Santiago wrestle again?"
Because eventually, The Darkest Burning Star will come back!

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Specialty Pay-Per-View (Vote Now)
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