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 Drake Daniels

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Drake Daniels
Main Event
Main Event

Number of posts : 63
Age : 32
Registration date : 2007-02-12

Wrestler Info
Record: 00-00-00
Alignment: Heel
PostSubject: Drake Daniels   February 12th 2007, 3:24 am

Wrestler's Name: Drake Daniels
Real Name: Drake Daniels
Hometown: Ocean County, New Jersey
Years Professional:5
Entrance Theme: "Don't Wanna Stop"- Ozzy Osburne
Pic Base: Edge
Alignment: Tweener (Face most of the time)
Style: All- Arounder
Finishing Maneuvers:Picture Perfect( Double Under hook Reverse DDT)
Trademark Moves:Broken Freakin Neck( OverDrive)

Most Used Moves:
Pile driver
Scarecrow Submission
Inverted Headlock Backbreaker
Diving Head But
Knife Edge Chops
Super Backdrop Suplex
Backdrop Suplex
Northern Lights Suplex
Brain buster
Yakazu Kick
No Hand Lion Sault
Roaring Elbow
Snap Under hook DDT
Cradle Back suplex
Airplane Spin into Rolling Samoan Drop
Cross Knee Inverted Bulldog
Double Wrist Clutch Indian Death lock Pin
Cobra Clutch Overhead Sit-out Slam
Sidewalk Slam
Inverted Suplex/Rope Hunger Cutter
Spine Breaker
Thrust Kick
Crucifix DDT
Suplex Lift to Neck breaker

Entrance: "Don't Wanna Stop" by Ozzy Osburne hits and Drake Daniels comes bursting from the backstage onto the entrance ramp. Drake makes his way down the entrance ramp working over the crowd. He slides in under the bottom rope and gets a pop from the crowd as he gets up. He makes his way to all four turnbuckle post working the crowd the whole time. He then settles down as he wait for his opponet or the match to begin.

Bio: Drake Daniels was a kid who always wanted to wrestle, it was always in his mind but everyone always told him he would never make it and its just to far out of his reach. So after high school Drake tried college but he soon stopped showing up as it didn't interest him at all, he then attended a local indy show where he met Fabulous Andy a local big shot who showed him the ropes and started to train him for free since Drake had no money at the time to pay for a traditional wrestling school, about 6 months into training Fabulous Andy had been diagnosed with Cancer and Drake's world came crashing down in front of him as his best friend was dieing, Drake wanted to forget wrestling but Andy told him to always carry it in his heart and he would become the greatest wrestler of all time and become much more then Andy did, Drake soon entered XCA where he eventually won the Extreme Title in just time as a month later Andy had pasted from a form of brain cancer, Drake will always remember his trainer and best friend for all he did for him, Drake went on to gain some mid-card success. It wasn't till his minor stint in WRF where he rose to the top of the ranks and won the world title. Due to injuries he had to leave WRF. After he made his way back into the wrestling world Drake saw a younger guy who he thought need to be broken in. Drake made a stint in TEWF where he is currently feuding with DX Latin in attempts to try and show this young gun that even thought he himself doesn't have many years in the ring experince will always prevail. Drake then made his way over to JWF where he won the JWF IC title and added it to his collection. At a time when things were looking good for Drake his mother had passed and Drake then took some much needed time away from wrestling. Drake now making his return to professional wrestling after a few months away from the ring is looking to dominate a sport that he loves as he trys to forget his burdens from his life.

Notable Feuds:DCP
Shaggy Shags
Brett Masters
Rey Sanchez
Jayson Furry
Descending Angel
Ronnie Longboard
Ryan Rage
Ryan Pain
Troy Daniels
Dx Latin
Dallas McWade

FHW Extreme Champion
IHW International Champion
XCW Extreme Champion
EWL Tag Team Champion w/Jayson Furry
OWF Tag Team Champion(last) w/ Mental Mack
AWA Television Champion
AWA Tag Team Champion w/ Troy Daniels
WRF World Champion(relinquished due to injuries)
TEWF Extreme Hardcore Champion
JWF IC Champion
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Drake Daniels
Main Event
Main Event

Number of posts : 63
Age : 32
Registration date : 2007-02-12

Wrestler Info
Record: 00-00-00
Alignment: Heel
PostSubject: Re: Drake Daniels   June 22nd 2007, 2:23 pm

I updated some stuff on my bio
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Drake Daniels
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