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General Manager

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PostSubject: SIX   February 20th 2007, 7:02 am

*General Manager Name: SIX

* Age: Unknown

* Hometown: Some say Hell, but the actual place is not known.


* Weight: 240 lbs

* Height: 6'3

* Favorite Specialty Match: Hell's Inferno Match

* Entrance Music: Monk Chanting that leads into "Dig" by Mudvayne

* Alignment(face/heel): Heel

* Years Wrestling: Never wrestled, hence a GM

* Quote: Optional:

* Finisher: SIXSIXSIc

* Finisher Description: Abyss's Black Hole Slam

*Bio/Backround: Not much is known about "SIX" other than he was at one time a Prison warden for a large correctional facility in the west. He was abusive and had many claims of killing inmates, but nothing was proven. Soon, he simply vanished from the position and was found living on the streets. Hopefully, the WWA can handle his style, if not then there will just be another tale to add to the legend of SIX........

* Attire: He wears a mask over his face (favoring one with devil horns) and always wears a blood red, silk suit with a jet black tie and jet black shoes.

* Fighting style: Enforcing his power by any means necessary!
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