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PostSubject: Re: Saigon   March 3rd 2007, 10:16 pm

* Wrestler Name: Saigon

* Nickname: The Professor

* Age: 20

* Hometown: Salem-Keizer, O.R.

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): His own house

* Weight: 210

* Height: 6í2

* Favorite Specialty Match: TLC

* Entrance Music: Fruits Of my Labor By Papoose

* Alignment(face/heel): Face

* Years Wrestling: 0

* Quote: Optional: Iím just that damn good

* Finisher: AO

* Finisher Description: Super kick

* Bio/Backround: Saigon as a little kid loved to play basketball, and always signed up for youth basketball, and killed all the other team, he won 18 trophyís as a kid. Than he went on to high school basketball. And there he brought his team to 4 championships, and went on to win all of them. But that was just easy for him. What Saigon loved to do was play basketball on the street courts. There he thought it was harder, he thought it was better. He could of went on a play basketball for collage, but he didnít want to, so he just stayed in his hometown, and played ball. Than one day And 1 cam to his town. So he tried out, he made it, so he had to go on the mixtape tour, and there the And 1 saw he was good enough to join the team. So Saigon join and was one of the best. But one day while playing ball in his hometown he was shoot in his knee, by a drive by. But he tried to go back to basketball, but he was never better. So he started to train in the gym a lot more, started to become a fighter, and soon he join the gym boxing. He was one of the best there, but than one of his friends told him about the WWA, and now he says he will dominate everyone that comes in his way, his way to get to the top.

* Attire: Out side the ring he wears a And 1 hoodie, with baggie jeans pants, and inside the ring he wears some long basketball shorts, and no shirt.

* Fighting style: quick, boxer, hardcore

* Move List:

1. DDT
2. Power Bomb
3. Big Boot
4. Sleeper Hold
5. Running Power Slam
6. Camel Clutch
7. Sidewalk Slam
8. Multiple Punches To The Face And Body From His Street Boxing Experience
9. Body Slam
10. Belly So Back Suplex
11. Double Belly To Belly Suplex
12. Figure Four Leg Lock
13. Snap Suplex
14. T-Bone Suplex
15. Top Rope Bulldog
16. Boston Crab
17. Death Lock STF
18. Ankle Lock
19. Indian Deathlock
20. Jumping Piledriver
21. Cradle Piledriver
22. Spinebuster
23. Brainbuster DDT
24. Double Arm DDT
25. Frankensteiner

Desired Brand (War Zone or Breakdown): I donít really care.
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