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PostSubject: Stoner   March 12th 2007, 1:07 pm

* Wrestler Name: David Hilm AKA Stoner

* Nickname: Stoner

* Age: 20

* Hometown: Texas City

* Weight: 220

* Height: 6'2"

* Favorite Specialty Match: Hardcore

* Entrance Music: "The Light that Blinds"

* Alignment(face/heel): Face

* Years Wrestling: 6

* Quote: "You'll take your hit and end up coughing it up in the middle of the ring"

* Finisher: The Roachclip

* Finisher Description: Vertabreaker

* Bio/Backround: Decided he wanted to wrestle in the sixth grade when he saw a Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Kidman match from WCW. Once he was in highschool, he found out about a group that did backyard wrestling. He became close with them, with everyone finding out that he was actually very good at it, with most of the moves he was doing coming very naturaly to him. They all got together and began an actual federation, with such stars coming to perform with them being AJ Styles and Hernandez of TNA Wrestling fame. He recieved specialized training from Tommy Dreamer and Randy Orton, helping him define his style even more.

* Backstage Attire: A pair of denim pants that are ripped at various points. Usually either a black wife beater or a t-shirt with various phrases and designs. He wears shinguards not for the protection, but because he likes them. And he figures "Can't hurt."

*Wrestling Attire: A singlet usually adorned with various styles of art done for him by a good friend. Again, wears the shinguards because he likes them and a pair of black martial arts gloves.

* Fighting style: Impact/Technical/Hardcore

* Move List:

1. Still High (Moonsault into Legdrop)
2. Running Diving Clothesline
3. Running Calf Kick
4. Arm Drag
5. Arm Bar
6. Dropkick (All kinds, to the knee, from the top rope. Dropkicks are his favorite move to use.)
7. Snap Suplex
8. German Suplex
9. Suicide Dive
10. Tope Atomico into Leg Drop
11. Elbow Drop
12. Hurricanrana
13. Texas Cloverleaf
14. Triangle Choke
15. Headbut
16. Samoan Slam
17. Crucifix
18. Northern Lights Suplex
19. Konvict Kick
20. Stun Gun into Tiger Suplex
21. Vaulting Dive over ropes

Desired Brand (War Zone or Breakdown): War Zone

*Sample Roleplay for General Managers:
Stoner is sitting in the room of a hotel with some lady. He is talking to her, although the camera isn't turned up loud enough to hear them at the moment. She looks him over then gives him a thumbs up. He plants a kiss on her then she disappers off screen.

Stoner:Hows it goin? My name, if ya don't know yet, is Stoner. I also respond to the name David Hilm, but most people just call me Stoner. Its shorter or something. Anyway, here you go, gettin a wrestlin group together, and you ain't got Stoner in it yet. Until now. I promise, I'm much more of a competitor than it looks like at first glance. I've gone toe to toe with some of the best wrestlers around. Didn't win 'em all, but you never do.

Stoner gets up and grabs a green apple from the fridge. He takes a bite then sits back down.

Stoner: You know, I've seen some of your guys around before. And I was impressed when I saw them. And I'm still impressed. And I'm happy I'm even getting a chance to wrestle them again. Or for the first time, with some of them. I'm also looking forward to wrestlin some of the guys that have been here that I don't know yet. Cause unless they've seen some of the tapes of me wrestlin, they prolly don't know me to well either.

Stoner is given some kind of signal by somebody.

Stoner: Well, I'd love to sit and chat with ya, but I gots to do what I gots to do.

The camera starts to shut down as Stoner turns around and grabs some kind of tube looking thing with tubes coming out of it.

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