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 Freddy Blue Finger's Dog House

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Freddy B

PostSubject: Freddy Blue Finger's Dog House   March 12th 2007, 8:13 pm

This is the first addition of Freddy Blue Finger's Dog House.
I am of course the host and the GM of War Zone Freddy Blue Finger.
So you are probably wondering, What is the Dog House?
Well I'll answer that right now.
Freddy Blue Finger's Dog House is a segment in which I will talk about who on the War Zone roster is on my Bad side and who is on my good side.
This Segment will be 100% honest, like everything I do, and will wake some people up.
If you are on my Bad Side then you will get the chance to fix whatever the reason is your in the Dog House.
If you are in the Dog House 2 weeks in a row, you will have to do something amazing to get on my good side.
If you are in the Dog house 3 weeks in a row I will have no problem with suspending you fron the JWF for a time of 7 Days.
Because of the 7 Day suspension you will not be in the Dog House the following week.
If you are suspended your account will be deactivated and you will not get to log in.
You will still be able to view the site as a guest.
If you ae in the Dog House any time after you've been suspended, you will be suspended again for another 7 Days.
In The Freddy Blue Finger Mansion will be for those people who are on my good side.
War Zone will have a strict policy.
Lets begin
Who's in the Dog House?
Double R - Greg Rex and Johnny Rocketfingers
True Psycho
Reasons Why
Double R is the Tag-Team Champions, They failed to RP for the PPV on Sunday. Two guys with so much potential but not enough heart. I don't want to see eother of them on this list again honestly!
True Psycho just kind of gave up to The Warrior Chance. I saw him say on the C-Box that he wasn't going to RP because he kneew he already lost. That is a Bitch move.
In The Freddy Blue Finger Mansion
"Hot Stuff" Steven Daunhauer
The Warrior Chance
B.A.D The Royal Flush
Jay Storm
Reasons Why
Steven Daunhauer iss back and better then ever. I beleive I had alot to do with that. He finally deserves to be champion.
The Warrior Chacne made one of the best comebacks in recent memory. He is already US Champion. Chance will continue to steam roll the competition.
JuMaul hasn't wrestled yet but he has already stood face to face with The Warrior Chance, that is crazy!
B.A.D the Royal Flush are one of the best Tag-Team I've ever seen. I'm a 2 time Tag-Team Champion and I have been around the best teams in history. Kyle and Grant, The Brothers of Destruction, The Hot Shots, I feel that when B.A.D The Royal Flush were here months ago they were not treated fairly by the GM's Porter MaCleod and Trent Hudson. they lost matches that they should have won to teams that aren't even around anymore and that pisses me off!
V.I.P has exploded as of late and I'm about ready to throw him into the main spotlight. His RP's as of late have been better then he has ever had and the fact that he waits till the last second to do his stuff makes me laugh. Save the best for last Playa! Because the best always wins.
Jay Storm is very intresting as a wrestler. He is one of the Strongest guys on the roster. His first match will really determine to me where he will go.
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Freddy Blue Finger's Dog House
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