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 AWB Anarchy Thursday (Because of War Games) 3/ 29/07

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PostSubject: AWB Anarchy Thursday (Because of War Games) 3/ 29/07   March 26th 2007, 4:47 am

Anarchy Wednesday
Live form the Anarchy Arena!
{1 RP Limit per wrestler}
This isn’t Storyline filled Shit
This is 100% RP judged wrestling

Ron Smith has managed to win the KOF title easily,
But it will be much harder to hold on to,
Once a wicked grip is placed on it!

(King of the Flames Championship Match)
1- Ron Smith versus Hallow Wicked

A match of revenge!
Can Tails receive some redemption for his sudden loss of the JWF Heavyweight title,
Or does Frank Hart have too much….well, heart!?

[War Games Non-Title Revenge Match]
2- Frank Hart versus Tails

Having received a grand prize at War Games,
Can Skull hold on to his gold in AWB?
Or is The Man too much of a man for him to handle?

[AWB Championship Match]
3- Crimson Skull vs The Man

It seemed as though the title savings from War Games worked well for Hart.
Can another superstar receive the same luck?
Tune in to watch the wood crumble as hope soars!
[Table Elimination Title Savings Match]
4 – Johnny Stylez vs Christian Faith vs DXLatin vs KingofDX vs Jay Storm
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AWB Anarchy Thursday (Because of War Games) 3/ 29/07
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