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 AWB Wednesday 4/4/07

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PostSubject: AWB Wednesday 4/4/07   April 2nd 2007, 8:28 pm

Anarchy Wednesday
Live form the Anarchy Arena!
{1 RP Limit per wrestler}
This isnít Storyline filled Shit
This is 100% RP judged wrestling

The former Heart Attacks have flat lined,
But maybe they still can pull through.
This will be one WEIRD match!

(Tag Team Championships)
1- Frank Hart and Tails versus The Odd Couple

Can Ron Smith face yet another Cracker,
Or will he wind up STONED!?

[King of Flames Championship Match]
2- Ron Smith versus Stoner

Skull has taken on many individuals
And surpassed easiy.
But can he handle the POWER!?

[AWB Championship Match]
3- Crimson Skull vs Marcus Powers

Does stylez have enough style
To face a fortune
Or will he become a poor disgrace!
4 Ė Johnny Stylez vs Fourtune
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AWB Wednesday 4/4/07
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