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 Marcus Power

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Marcus Power
Main Event
Main Event

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PostSubject: Marcus Power   May 17th 2007, 6:03 pm

(Original Wrestlers only)

* Wrestler Name: Marcus Power

* Nickname:

* Age: 23

* Hometown: Brixton, England

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Brixton Avenue

* Weight: 270 pounds

* Height: 6 ft

* Favorite Specialty Match:

* Entrance Music: Job For A Cowboy - Embedded

* Alignment (face/heel): Face but may use Heel tactics

* Years Wrestling: almost 1 year as a Roleplayer

* Quote: Optional: "You will fear my Destruction"

* Finisher: Powerbomb Piledriver

* Finisher Description: Imagine a Powerbomb turned into a Piledriver onto his head.

* Bio/Backround: From the rough side of England, Brixton, Was a goth.

* Attire: A gothic look this time, Much like Matyr(Maverick Matt) from TNA

* Fighting style: Powerful

* Move List:

1. Backbreaker
2. Sharpshooter
3. Black Hole Slam
4. Military Press
5. Clothesline
6. Neckbraker
7. Cruicfix Bomb Pin
8. Flying clothesline from top rope
9. Side Walk Slam
10. Hard Right Arm Chops in a Corner
11. Choke
12. Suplex of top rope
13. Brainbuster
14. Leg Lock
15. Big Boot
16. Pumphandle Slam
17. Double arm Chokeslam(Like Great Khali)
18. Camel Clutch
19. Headlock
20. Backdrop
21. Boston Crab
22. Raven Effect
23. Backwards DDT
24. T-Bone Suplex
25. Running Shoulder Tackle

Entrance - The Lights go Blackout and then A Light appears at the Stage and sparks begin to fly, Job For A Cowboy - Embedded hits and Marcus Power appears in the sparks, He walks out of them and then raises his arms with shooting Pyros go off in the air. He walks down carmly up the steps and climbs on the turnbuckle and jumps off them into the ring, He grabs the ropes and pulls on them to stretch his arms and then stares at his opponent.
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Marcus Power
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