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PostSubject: S.B.R   June 6th 2007, 12:45 am

Name: S.B.R

Nickname: Snake

Age: 25

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

House: Apartment

Weight: 250 ibs

Height: 6'5

Specialty Match: Hell in a cell

Entrance Music: Higher Ground by RHCP

Alignment: tweener

Years Wrestling: 0

Quote: none

Finisher: Venom, Constriction

Description: Venom: Chokeslam. Constriction: Bear Hug

Bio: Loves Snakes

Attire: green clothes

Style: Brawler

Move List

1. punch
2. kick
3. DDT
4. dropkick
5. armbar
6. bulldog
7. moonsault
8. roundhouse kick
9. closthline
10. elbow drop

picture base for wrestling box and sig: Tommy Dreamer

Accomplishments: none
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