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 CS Madness

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PostSubject: CS Madness   June 9th 2007, 1:36 pm

Name: Chad
Nickname: CS Madness
Age: 25

Hometown: T.C.,Michigan
House: Apartment

Weight: 215 lbs
Height: 6'
Specialty Match: TLC
Entrance Music: Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park
Alignment: none
Years Wrestling: 5
Quote: none

Finisher: Madness kick,rear naked choke

Description: Madness kick:Super kick(sweet chin music),Rear naked choke:Rear naked choke

Bio: Smart and is more of a cruiserweight

Attire: Jeff hardy style

Style: Arial
Move List

1. Top rope bull dog
2. swanton bomb
3. Scapbuster pin
4. Crossface
5. moonsalt
6. shooting star press
7. Senton 630
8. spiral tap
9. DDT
10. spear
11.Spring board forearm strike
13.drop kick
14.frog splash
15.shining wizard
16.sharp shooter
17.stinger splash
19.spine buster
20.diving headbutt
21.whisper in the wind
22.cross body
23.corckscrew moonsault
24.side effect
25.leg drop

Accomplishments: none
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CS Madness
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