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PostSubject: Tank   June 15th 2007, 5:55 pm

* Wrestler Name: Tank

* Nickname: None

* Age: 21

* Hometown: Boston, England

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Boston, England

* Weight: 205 pounds

* Height: 5"11

* Class: Light-Heavyweight

* Favorite Specialty Match: Scaffold match or TLC match

* Entrance Music: 'My Sacrifice' by Creed

* Alignment (face/heel): Face

* Years Wrestling: 5

* Quote: Optional: "Tank will hunt you down"

* Finisher: Tank Bomb

* Finisher Description: Powerbomb into Double Handed chokeslam

* Bio/Backround: Sporty childhood...martial arts training...illustrious past in wrestling...now one of the best there is.... simple as that.

* Attire:
Normal:Short brown/blonde hair with quiff. Stubble around chin, dragon tattoo on back, britain flag tattoo on back of neck, tribal tattoo on right shoulder/arm
Backstage: Tinted green shades, beige/brown suit, beige/brown shoes, white shirt, green tie
Entrance: Tinted green shades, white vest with name and pattern on it, rest is same as match attire
Match: Camouflage knee-pads, camouflage shin length boots, camouflage elbow pads, camouflage thigh length tights with '15 logo' on back (see sig). White wrist bands.

* Fighting style: Hifh Flying hard hitter, martial arts

* Move List:

1. (Trademark) Boston Finale - reverse suplex into reverse DDT with pin
2. (Trademark) Brain Suicida - Top rope flip
3. German Suplex
4. Ankle Lock
5. Karate Kick
6. Top-rope Spear
7. Boston Crab
8. SuperKick
9. Flying Clothesline
10. Inverted DDT
11. Back Drop
12. Spin-out Powerbomb
13. Full Nelson Slam
14. Cross body Splash
15. Neckbreaker
16. Fall away Slam
17. Sideway Slam
18. Fisherman Suplex
19. Yakuza Kick
20. Over Castle
21. Pumphandle Slam
22. Diving Kick (top rope)
23. Leaping Elbow Drop
24. RKO
25. ArmBar

Career Accomplishments -

2x KFWF Cruiserweight Champion
1x KFWF Tag Team Champion
2x KFWF Stable Champion
1x KFWF Submission Champion
1x EWoW Hardcore Champion
1x CNW Heavyweight Champion
1x CNW Tag Team Champion
1x CNW European Champion

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