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 "The Sensational Epic" Brad Goodman

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Brad Goodman

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PostSubject: "The Sensational Epic" Brad Goodman   June 16th 2007, 1:57 am

(Original Wrestlers only)

* Wrestler Name: Brad Goodman

* Nickname: The Sensational Epic

* Age: 21

* Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): A house

* Weight: 6’6

* Height: 271 lbs

* Favorite Specialty Match: Hell In A Cell

* Entrance Music: Patiently Waiting, by 50 Cent ft. Eminem

* Alignment (face/heel): face

* Years Wrestling: 4

* Quote: Optional:

* Finisher: The Epic Drop

* Finisher Description: RKO

* Bio/Backround: Ever since he Eck was a little kid, everyone knew he was going to be famous. Everything he did, he would dominate the compation. He had a little boxing career going on for a while, but than upgraded to the UFC. Where he did pretty good there, but he found out, UFC wasn’t what he wanted. So he went to the next step professional wrestling. He did some underground feds, where he killed the compation. Than he said to himself that he wanted better. So Eck was sitting at home watching some T.V when he seen a add for the new JWF. He checked the JWF, and said this is the fed for him. So here he is.

* Attire:
Ring Attire 1:
He has white tights on, and has two dragons going up the side of his legs. The dragons have red eyes, and red out line. The dragons, are going around his leg over, and over again, they stop right before the end of his legs. On the back or the tights, it says Saigon. Saigon also has white boots on. And knee braces on both of his legs, and a elbow pad on his right arm.

Ring Attire 2:
He has black tights, all over the tights he has graffiti that says Saigon all over it. The graffiti style is wild style, and the color of the graffiti is white, and it looks like the graffiti is dripping. Saigon also has black boots on, with the same knee braces on his legs, and a elbow pad on his right arm.

* Fighting style: Powerhouse, and Hardcore

* Move List:

1. Boston Crab
2. Suplex Face Buster
3. DDT
4. Moonsault
5. Fall Away Slam
6. Belly To Belly Suplex
7. Big Boot
8. Choke Slam
9. Flap Jack
10. Dragon Sleeper
11. Reverse DDT
12. Spine Buster
13. Top Rope Leg Drop
14. Top Rope Elbow Drop
15. Million Dollar Dream
16. Powerful Right Hand Haymakers
17. Knee Lift
18. Emerald Fusion
19. Power bomb
20. Snake Eyes
21. Big Boot
22. Neck Breaker
23. Apron Leg Drop
24. Suicide Dive over Ropes
25. Poke In The Eye.

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature: Bret Heart

Career Accomplishments N/A
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"The Sensational Epic" Brad Goodman
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