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 Jarred Bates

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Jarred Bates

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PostSubject: Jarred Bates   June 17th 2007, 11:29 pm

* Wrestler Name: Jarred Bates

* Nickname: "The Main Event" "The Rookie Legend" "The One Man Revolution"

* Age: 23

* Hometown: Oakland, California

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): New York

* Weight: 240

* Height: 6'4"

* Favorite Specialty Match: Ladder Match

* Entrance Music: Chamillionaire, Turn it Up

* Alignment (face/heel): Neutral (You either Love Me or you Hate Me)

* Years Wrestling: 5

* Finisher: Yakuza Kick

* Finisher Description: A High Kick to the head or Face

* Bio/Backround: The road to the JWF, hell, the road to become a wrestler anywhere hasnít been easy in the least. I always worked my hardest to be the very best I could be at everything I do and I have never let myself down. Growing up, in the worst part of California, Oakland it was go outside and try to stay alive everyday let alone accomplish any goals. You could step outside and get killed right where you stand. Most of the people who grow up in the hood donít live to see there 21st birthday! For someone like me it was become a rapper or become an athlete because my parents didnít have any money and the neighborhood I grew up in it was even harder! Know donít get me wrong, Iím not complaining in the least because I came up form all that adversity and fulfilled any and all goals that were set for me by others or by myself!
I played basketball through school just so I had something to do and something to keep me motivated to get high grades. The last thing I wanted was to get caught up with gangs or caught up in drugs or drug dealing. I decided I wanted to become a wrestler at the age of 12 and I decided at the same time that nothing would stop me from becoming a wrestler! In high school I joined the amateur wrestling team so that I could develop a Pro Wrestling style early on in life. I won California state champion all four years of high school and every win felt like a little bit of my major goal being accomplished in small portions. As soon as I turned 18 years old, I left California and went to Toronto Canada to be trained by Jayson Wolf. Within a month I was ready to join a promotion.
WWA Canada welcomed me with open arms because I was trained by Jayson Wolf and he was a legend there. WWA Canada never saw me as a main guy no matter if I was the best guy or the worst guy there. They refused to let me show my skills and they held me back. I began to hate the WWA Canada and I talked to Jayson Wolf. Jayson was a friend of mine and he told me the truth about WWA Canada. WWA Canada refused to make me a main event guy or even put me on TV because I was an African American. WWA Canada did not want an African American as a champion or as a WWA Canada wrestler. WWA Canada refused to release me from my contract with them so I put in a request to move to another WWA Promotion in which they accepted and moved me to WWA New York.
WWA New York was where I exploded as a wrestling superstar! I came in and instantly feuded with a WWA New York Legend; in the end I defeated him at WWA New York Liberty City Brawl! I became the WWA New York Champion only two months later when I defeated my trainer Jayson Wolf in a WWA New York Cage Match. I was so happy to become WWA New York Champion and it was the highlight of my career so far.
The first thing I did when I was paid was move my family out of California and to a safe section in New York. Unfortunately only three months later my father passed away. He made sure to tell me, a day or two before he passed away, how proud he was of me and everything Iíd done. I miss my father very much but Iím glad he got to watch me become champion and fulfill my wrestling goal.
My Contract ended with the WWA and they did try to resign me to there WWA New York promotion but I was pretty much done there. I left and didnít look back because if you look back you canít move forward. I came across the JWF and knew it was where I wanted to be. I wanted to make a name for myself as quickly as possible in the JWF so I did something unthinkable, I told JWF Management that I wanted the highest paying contract in JWF history! They should deliver! Thatís fact and I know it! I deserve every last cent of what Iím asking for and I donít feel any sympathy for them for spending that kind of money! Believe me, if they sign me Iíll deliver in the ratings! Iíll deliver in the ring! Iíll get the job done in the long run! I will be a JWF World or Heavyweight Champion and everyone can quote me on that! I promise I will be a World or Heavyweight Champion, it only takes time and it only takes that contract to be signed! I didnít give myself all my nicknames, they were given to me by fans and other wrestlers, so ďThe EnigmaĒ Violator, ďThe DestructibleĒ Dave Johnson, ďUncensoredĒ Bobby Ocean, and even ďThe Texas Bad AssĒ Dallas McWade can take there nicknames and shove them up there asses! You earn a nickname! You donít give yourself one and call it good! Iím the main event because in WWA New York I had the record for most consecutive Main Event matches with 22 in a row! Thatís why they called me the Main Event, not just because it sounds good! Because I can draw a crowd just by having my name on the card, that makes me the Main Event! I was called the One Man Revolution when I feuded against an entire Stable by myself in WWA New York. Jarred Bates versus The New York Express! I beat each member individually and in handicap matches! I was a one man stable and a one man Revolution when I destroyed that stable! A Stable that had dominated the WWA New York had met its match against me and that is where the ďOne Man RevolutionĒ nickname comes from! ďThe Rookie LegendĒ was given to me because I won the WWA New York Championship and Rookie of the Year in the same month! I was a Rookie and because I was WWA New York Champion I was legend! But nobody knows this stuff, nobody knows what Iím capable of doing! That is why I was happy to see someone had the balls to step up to me, but unfortunately Violator will be destroyed! Never challenge the unknown and now you know that! Iím the man and I know that! Violator can talk all he wants about shadows, dark scenes, and suicide, but only Jarred Bates will show you the true picture and the real deal!
Violator go ahead and bore us with your segment and go ahead and attempt to knock me off my high horse, because so many have tried and so many have failed! You Violator will fail and everyone will be so disappointed! You have everything to lose and I have everything to gain! I will defeat you Violator and I think you know it! Iím done here at the JWF New York Headquarters! Iíll see you this Thursday when I make my debut and start my journey from Rookie to Legend!

* Attire: Jeans

* Fighting style: Wrestling + Technical

* Move List:

1. Suplex
2. Northern Lights Suplex
3. Belly to Belly Suplex
4. Belly to Back Suplex
5. German Suplex
6. Dragon Suplex
7. Tiger Suplex
8. Back Suplex
9. Tazplex
10. Cobra Clutch Suplex
11. Running Double Knee Drop
12. Springboard Leg Drop
13. Springboard Moonsault
14. Figure 4 Leglock
15. Sharpshooter
16. Elevated California Crab
17. Hangmans Neckbreaker
18. Superplex
19. Super DDT
20. Powerbomb to Corner

Signature Moves

21. MVP - 450 Splash
22. Play of the Day - Fame Asser
23. Hard to Breathe - Inverted Back Cracker
(Instead of doing it to the bakc he does it to there front)
24. KO - waits for opponent to sit up, then kicks them to the face
25. Oakland Raider - Spear from Top Rope
(Both men are on the top rope and he spears his opponent off)

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - T.I

Career Accomplishments -
WWA New York Champion
WWA New York Rookie of the Year
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Jarred Bates
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