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 James "The Fire" Blaze

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James Bl

PostSubject: James "The Fire" Blaze   June 18th 2007, 3:52 pm

* Wrestler Name: James Blaze

* Nickname: "The Fire"

* Age: 25

* Hometown: Toronto, Ontario - Canada

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): 84 Corley Avenue

* Weight: 228'lbs

* Height: 6'2

* Favorite Specialty Match: Hardcore

* Entrance Music: Heroes by Shinedown

*Entrance: *The arena hushs in anticipation, Fans eager to accept or deflect the next superstar that walks through that curtian. Engulfing the arena in darkness the lights dim. Red lights strobe within the stage area illuminate. The opening rift of Shinedowns "Heroes" plays from the multi-million dollar speaker system.*

**"Can you feel it?"**

*That voice echoes through the arena as the man himself appears on the stage. Blazer stands adorn in entrance attire(wrestling gear plus sleveeless hooded robe and a bandana over his face) head down towards the steel stage below, arms streaches out like an eagle preparing for take off, and fingers paying tribute to his fallen friends and foes of the business. Twenty second pass as he soaks up the roaring displeasure from the crowd.*

**Stare and wonder who's here to bring you down... **


*The pyro flares up bringing his head to a foreward stance, the hood comes off, and his ascention towards the ring begins. One foot infront of the other his travels lead him closer and closer to the ring. Within moments he's standing ringside. Taking another moment to soak in the reaction from the fans, James peers into the ring runing through strategy inside his cranium. The Fire walks to the stairs climbing them rung by rung, the lights coming up a bit with each. Now at the top the lights fully lit he ducks under the top rope entering the ring. Once inside the ring he spins himself one full rotation until dead center of the canvas. He then proceeds to the far left corner, climbing the to the second rope, he extends his arms in traditional triple threat(arms streatched; pinky,thumb,and middle finger raised) fashion. Jumping down off the turnbuckle the music comes to a close and he preares himself for the impending battle.*

* Alignment (face/heel): Heel

* Years Wrestling: 5

* Quote: Optional: "Enter the inferno..."

* Finisher:

**Burning Pain**

* Finisher Description:

*James Blaze grabs opponent in a Dragon Sleeper position and then nails a corkscrew neckbreaker in the process, commonly known as The Roll Of The Dice, Test Drive, and Carlito's former finisher*

**Burning Pain**
*James Blaze locks his opponent in a sharpshooter then he adds a bridge to his sharpshooter grabbing his opponents head and pulling it back, adding both pressure to his legs and head*

* Bio/Backround:

*Blaze grew up in his hometown of Toronto, Canada with his mother. His father and his mother were divorced for unknown reasons, but Ken just ignored the fact and took care of his mother. Blaze then left his mother to train at a local wrestling school in Ontario. Blaze knew that this was his life to become a wrestler. And he did so.*

*Joined EPW in 2003 when it first began and he has been dominating since his debut. Known as "Blaze" he quickly rose to the top of the newcomers division defeating former EPW World Champion, Willie Williams in an ethic Triple Threat Match that involved Blaze, Williams and an unknown opponent.*

*He lost the title afterwards and seemed destined for more gold, but he got injured in a match with Virus, former EPW Television Champion and was out of action for 2 months.*

*Returning on a Thursday Night Eclipse, attacking Virus, he quickly regained gold once again, finally defeating Virus for the EPW Television Title when the company. The company then ended in tragedy with Blaze holding on to the title and the title was declared vacant.*

*But it wasn't the end for EPW, as it made a return and Blaze came back after sources were going around that it had been back. Blaze was offered a chance to come back to the company and he did.*

*He was slowly rising to the top once again, and finally he had won his second EPW Deathmatch Championship in a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match. Blaze then shortly lost the title afterwards.*

*Blaze needed a break, so he look a long service leave from the company to rest his body after his lose of the EPW Deathmatch Title and the company was then run under new management.*

*It was his chance to getting back to the top, he debuted again working in the singles ranking, but he wasn't rising to the top as he once promised, but he was falling down the ranks slowly.*

*He figured that the only way to get back to the top was bringing in someone to help him, valet Cindy Marsh. Blaze began to win matches, and so did Marsh. Infact, she was close to becoming EPW Womens Champion but she lost to Laci Pettis in an ethic Fatal Four Way.*

*Blaze thought again, thinking that Marsh was using him for his fame and glory. So he ended her job by nailing a damaging Corkscrew Neckbreaker, then dumping her as her valet.*

*Blaze then came back the next night, announcing himself as James "The Fire" Blaze, and it was the right choice. He had started all over again, and hopefully rise to the top as promised before earlier in his career.*

*James had successfully defeated 4 wrestlers in a row, Krishna Rai, Paul Andrews, Jon Reno and Jason Ridthingy, Blaze vowed to finally win the EPW Ultimate Edge Title, and he has been on the verge of it ever since his change.

*After EPW shut down, James was suddenly left without a job. After stumbling upon a developmental facility for the JWF, Joe Wrestling Federation, where he quickly rose to the challenge. Know, fresh out of new training, he's ready to dominate in the JWF, where he set's his sights on one of the four magnificiant belts of gold.*

* Attire:

Slightly tan, with a close crop shaved head. Not to many, but a few muscles. An average six-pack. His bottoms are pearl white cargo pants, with a flame running up the front from the bottom of each leg. His shoes are black GETAgrip running shoes, with a blue stripe on each side.

* Fighting style:

he's kinda laid back, while he wears his opponenet down with his regular moveset, while a couple submission in-between, until he finishes his opponent off with one of his patanid trademark finishes.

* Move List:

1 ) Suplex
2 )German Suplex
3 )Sharpshooter
4 )DDT
5 )Dragon Sleeper
6 )Hiptoss
7 )Piledriver
8 )Powerbomb
9 )Swinging Neckbreaker
10 )European Uppercut
11 ) Jab
12 ) Striking Elbow
13 ) Knee Ram
14 ) Stiff Kick
15 ) Dragon Sleeper
16 ) Camel Clutch
17 ) Sharpshooter
18 ) Armbar
19 ) Headbutt
20 ) Walls Of Jericho
21 ) European Uppercut
22 )Triple Forearm Strikes
23 )Stinging Chops
24 )Suplexs A Plenty
25 )Top Rope Revolving Leg Drop
26 )Stiff Boot
27 )Stiff Lariat
28 )Piledriver
29 )STO Backbraker
30 )Standing Moonsault
31 )Anaconda Vice
32 )Dropsault

*Trademark moves:

Blaze locks his oppoenet in a Double Underhook and lifts them into the air into a vertical basis. Blazer will holds them in the move for several seconds to let the blood flow to the opponent's brain before bringing them down into a slamming pedigree.

**Into The Inferno**
A power move and a submission in one. Blaze picks them up in a Reverse Death Valley Driver and drops backwards like a Samoan Drop. He doesn't release the opponent's legs and head though. He bends them up into a lying back breaker which puts immense pressure on the back, the neck and the legs of the opponent.

**Burn Notice**
James picks up his opponent in a normal electric chair position but he uses their feet to literally hurl them into the air. In midair, their body will turn slightly from the force and he will nail them with one hell of a stunner as they come down.

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - Ryan Renolds or

Career Accomplishments -

EPW Deathmatch Champion (x2)
EPW Television Champion
WEF Tag Team Champion (x2)
UPW International Champion
MCW G-Crown Champion (x2)
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PostSubject: Re: James "The Fire" Blaze   June 18th 2007, 5:18 pm

Dude, Id thought youd never show man! Welcome to JWF!
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PostSubject: Re: James "The Fire" Blaze   June 18th 2007, 7:44 pm

sweet, this is the guy you where telling me about right? anyway, i heard good things about you and welcome you to JWF
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PostSubject: Re: James "The Fire" Blaze   

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James "The Fire" Blaze
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