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 "The Enigma" Violator

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Mid Carder
Mid Carder

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PostSubject: "The Enigma" Violator   October 1st 2007, 10:24 am

Screen Name: Shawn Tyree (TyreeCherylsean@aol.com)

Wrestling Name (Be Creative): Violator

Nicknames: The Enigma

Face/Neutral/Heel: Face

Home Town: Chicago, IL

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Height: 6 7’
Weight: 267lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair (Length and color): Black

Facial Hair: None

Body Appearance (Ripped, Skinny, Heavy): Ripped

Wrestling Attire (In Ring): Walk to the ring with long black sleeveless Trench coat. Wrestling attire consists of black wrestling tights with “Violator” wrapped in barbwire going up each legs and lightening shooting across the rest of the garment. Pair of black wrestling boots with identical formations and no shirt.

Out of Ring Attire: Varies (Will be fleshed out in roleplay)

Quotes & Catchphrases: Welcome…to Judgment Day! You have Been Warned

Describe Your Entrance (Optional): Will flesh it out a little later lol.

Entrance Theme: Change-Deftones

Weight Class (Heavyweight / Cruiserweight / Diva): Heavyweight

Describe Your Gimmick if any: Pushes the boundaries of any misconceptions about him being a “dark” wrestling or a goth wrestler. Will see more during roleplay

Wrestling Style: All Arounder with Martial Artist keys

(Moves Lists need to be numbered. Please Number Your Moves.)

Submission Moves (No Limit):
1) Crippler Crossface
2) Sharpshooter
3) Texas Cloverleaf

Front Grapple Moves (No Limit):
1) Chokeslam
2) Death Valley Driver
3) Powerbomb into Snap DDT
4) Tombstone Sit down Piledriver

Behind Grapple Moves (No Limit):
1) German Suplex Trio
2) Full Nelson into Sit Down Powerbomb

Striking/ Attack Moves (No Limit):
1) Super Kick

Running Moves (No Limit):
1) Power Clothesline

Arial Moves - Optional (No Limit):
1) Shooting Star Press
2) Top Rope Frontwards Flipping DDT
3) Frog Splash

Turnbuckle Moves (No Limit):
1)Turnbuckle Kick Combination into Super Kick

Signature Moves (max 5):
1. Kiss the Dragon (Jumping Spin Kick)
2. Suffer (Elevated Walls of Jericho)

Finisher 1:Judgment Day
----Description: Begins like a Reverse DDT, Violator then pulls opponent into the air and spins dropping them into a Stone Cold Stunner Position

Finisher 2: Infinite
----Description: Rock Bottom into Diamond Cutter

Finisher 3: Rites to Silence
----Description: FlapJack into STO
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"The Enigma" Violator
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