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Gerald Richman
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General Manager
Gerald Richman

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PostSubject: 24/7   October 15th 2007, 5:11 am

Gerald RichmanWelcome to the first edition of JWF 24/7, I’m your host “The Rocket” Gerald Richman and tonight I discuss this week of JWF action!
Gerald Richman takes a seat in his chair, he is surrounded by a special set in the JWF Headquarters located in New York.
Gerald RichmanFirst off tonight I would like to congratulate Cyber Punk, on what I feel, is the biggest match of his entire career! Cyber Punk is on the right path to make a big name for himself in the JWF, I doubt anyone has as much momentum as he does right now.
The Rockets Top 5
Gerald RichmanComing in tonight at Number 5 is Hallow Wicked. Hallow Wicked is another wrestler who has everything it takes to be “Main Event” but isn’t, yet. Wicked has been a Double champion on more then one occasion in the JWF and that is no easy task. Winning one belt is difficult, winning two belts at the same time is inhuman! But that makes sense, the Vampire of the JWF is far from human! A match I would love to see from the JWF is Hallow Wicked versus Tails for the Intercontinental Championship! Maybe we’ll see it, maybe we wont!
Gerald RichmanComing in tonight at Number 4 is Mr. Reliable, SBK, Johnny Stylez! You can always count on a great match from Johnny Stylez! Whether he is good or bad he always looks Sooooooooooooooooooo Gooooooooooooooooood when he is kicking ass and then cashing his checks! Supremacy is the best title for this guy who reigns supreme against almost everyone he faces! It’s no wonder he is Supremacy Champion of the JWF! I look forward to seeing what Jayson Burrows has planned for good ol’ SBK at Commemoration, because NOONE deserves to be commemorated more then Johnny Stylez! Good Luck Bra!
Gerald RichmanComing in tonight at Number 3 is “Hot Stuff” Steven. This guy is the biggest piece of shit there is, but who cares when you’re as popular as him. “Hot Stuff” Steven fought hard in a good showing but just came up short in his match with Cyber Punk. I am still looking forward to more matches like that from “Hot Stuff” Steven. Hell, the reason I’m hosting this show instead of wrestling on WAR is because of “Hot Stuff” Steven in our loser must retire match. I’m not ashamed to say he retired my ass and despite what everyone is saying and despite “Hot Stuff” Steven telling me the same thing, “Hot Stuff” Steven does deserve to be champion and he does deserve to be World Champion in the JWF. Hell, if you think he’s so bad, prove it!
Gerald Richman - Coming in tonight at Number 2 is “The Slayer” Tails. The underrated superstars are usually the best! Tails showed that he is ready to be at the main event level but is only trapped under the glass barrier! I know the feeling as it took me 7 years to win my first JWF World Championship but when I did I held the belt for longer then anyone! 1 Year 2 Months as JWF World Champion is no easy task, 1 year and 2 months as champion and never losing the belt is even harder! I was forced to forfeit my title due to a knee injury and I’m proud to say I won that World Title 3 more times after I returned! Once you hit the main stage and win that World Title Tails you wont ever have too worry about falling under that glass barrier because once broken the barrier is gone! I believe Tails is only a few matches away from shattering the barrier that holds him back. I’ll be cheering for you in all your future endeavors and take it from me, DO NOT listen to people tell you you’ll only be a mid Card Champion, because “Hot Stuff” Steven told me that and I proved him dead wrong!
Gerald Richman - Coming in tonight at Number 1 is obviously Cyber Punk! On War he showed that he is the number one guy in the JWF! Uncrowned Undisputed Universal Champion indeed! Because if you think about it, if WAR’s main event was Title for Title he would be running the show with both major titles! Cyber Punk brings a new level and a new style to the JWF, he is 100% right, he’s no young Stylez, he’s the first Cyber Punk. He deserves all the nicknames he gets, because he earns the nicknames he gets. Who knows maybe, with People’s Choice around the corner, We will see the Modern Messiah versus The Rocket? But that might be wishful thinking on my part!
Current Dream Matches
Gerald Richman – In this portion of the show I discuss matches I personally would love to see in the JWF. Every Week I’ll tell you 2 or 3 and why I enjoy the hell out of them, I will also give my prediction of who would win the dream match.
Cyber Punk (vs) Johnny Stylez
Gerald Richman – New School versus Old School. Hell I’ll go one further, The King of New School, and yes Cyber Punk I would love for you to add that to your nicknames, versus the king of Old School, same goes to you Stylez. This match would be different from what we usually see in the JWF. These two have perfected there styles and have both made high quality names for themselves. But, in this match I would have to give the win to, Cyber Punk! He has become a Legend Killer and a Version 1 JWF Killer! I feel the momentum of having a nickname like that would be enough to add the name Stylez to his belt. I’m sure Stylez would make this a classic match but I feel experience would fail in this one and it would only make Cyber Punk into an even bigger star! Stylez has nothing to gain from this match and everything to lose! Cyber Punk has everything to gain and nothing to lose. Cyber Punk is too dangerous at this point in his career. I feel the same fate will strike Kaos at JWF commemoration!
Winner – Cyber Punk
“The Thriller” Joe Santiago (vs) Kaos
This match will never happen. I don’t think it will ever happen, I could be wrong. This match would be something special, I don’t feel Kaos has enough big name matches under his belt to pull out the victory so I’ll go with a safe pick and say Joe Santiago would win. When you’re in a huge match, past big match experience helps, Joe Santiago has hundreds of big matches under his belt while Kaos has very few in my opinion. A match is only a big match the first time It happens therefore I don’t count a lot of the wars between Skull and Kaos as big matches. Kaos would suffer the same fate as Crimson Skull and he would just be outmatched by a better wrestler.
Winner – Joe Santiago
Gerald Richman – That is all the time I have in this debut episode of JWF 24/7, if the JWF enjoys this show I will be back next week with even more, Including a JWF Hall of Shame, and also a complete PPV preview along with Android Versus Hot Stuff Steven in 3 Cages of hell from 1 year ago! Thank you for watching and remember, shoot for the stars everyone!
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