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 The Tube Debuts

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PostSubject: The Tube Debuts   November 11th 2007, 10:13 pm

The Tube Debuts

‘Ladies And Gentlemen’ plays as a short opening video with showing some clips of Scorpio and Travis Jeffries’ legendary promos air before it fades out to Scorpio inside of a record shop. He is wearing a black jacket, jeans and black boots, and when we join him, Scorpio is looking through a rack of CDs. He looks to his right and sees the camera, and he stops what he’s doing to turn to the camera.

Ah, nice to see you turned up on time, I suppose that’s something. Welcome to ‘The Tube’ my mini-series where I will let you into my life and tell you what grinds my gears and tickles my fancy. You are very lucky aren’t you? Now, this week I’ll be looking at my favourite music, as well as current affairs and politics.

Scorpio picks up two CDs. One has ‘Metallica’ on it and the other has ‘Creed’ on it.

These, Ladies and Gentlemen, would be my favourite bands; Metallica and Creed. They both use guitar and drums to compliment the exciting and controversial lyrics, as well as being extremely enjoyable to listen to. If they were wrestlers, Metallica would by Shawn Michaels and Creed would be Mr. Kennedy. Why them? I hear you ask. Well, HBK because Metallica have been around for ages, but they’re just as exciting and loved as they were from the beginning. They never fail to amaze people and show the world why they’re the best; and Jeff Hardy because they are just brilliant, well-loved but their new. Plus Creed sing my theme music, and for that, I thank them. But while we’re on the subject, how would I see my opponents this week? Well, Drake Daniels, that one’s obvious. The Cheeky Girls… hit single named ‘Touch My Bum’. Suits Drake down the ground if you ask me. And Tails, well I would like to say something real rude, like Gareth Gates, the singer who can’t even speak properly. But that’s too harsh, so I’ll say Tatú, the lesbians, sounds like Tails to me! Ah… I love insulting my opponents, but I’ll stop. I don’t want to waste my air time on that bunch of losers. Now, onto the bands I have a mild interest in. One of the bands I’m really liking at the moment is My Chemical Romance. They may scream, they may look like Linda McMahon with no make-up, but they make damn fine music.

Scorpio smirks at his Linda McMahon comment before he walks over to where his partner, Travis Jeffries is standing. Travis smiles to him and nods before he goes to someone in the shop and talks to them. We see them nod and Travis points to Scorpio. The man walks to Scorpio before Travis speaks.

Travis Jeffries
John, I got you an interviewee.

Awesome, hey buddy, what’s ya name?

Michael Barker
Ma name’s Mike. Look, he said I’d get a free iPod out of this, now whaddya want?

Scorpio looks at Travis, who shrugs his shoulders, and Scorpio regains his composure.

Ah… yeah you will. Now, I take it you watch JWF…

The man nods

Fantastic. Now last week you’ll have seen me decimate everyone in my match, how much did you enjoy it?

Michael Barker
Well, it was hardcore, but let’s face it, you’d have to be a chimpanzee in a party dress not to beat B.A.D. Royal Flush. Those chumps are worse than a hamster in a straight jacket.

Uh… yeah. Now at People’s Choice I have an Intercontinental Championship match. You have the chance to vote for either a First Blood, TLC or Street Fight. Which one will you vote for?

Michael Barker
Well for me, it’s got to be a First Blood. I love seeing all that blood!

Scorpio asks for a second and he walks over to Travis. He takes him aside.

I thought you prepped him with answers...

Travis Jeffries
Yeah, about that, I kinda forgot.

Scorpio rolls his eyes back before he walks to Michael again. He whispers into his ear.

Look, I think there’s been a mix-up here, see, you were supposed to help me, and you didn’t. So just run along and buy a record.

Scorpio knocks the man back and turns back to the camera.

Err… yeah. So, current affairs. Yeah, this week, we’ve had a little trouble in Pakistan. They won’t let there woman prime minister lead… well Disciples of Apocalypse is completely different. Milana makes us stronger, Milana gives us some of our greatest ideas, Milana is our rock. A Russian oil tanker has split in half. Trust the Russian’s to waster oil, but anyway, there’s another time DoA differs. We would never split in half, never in a million years! Seth Cerebus, Drake Daniels, V.I.P. and Tails. Especially Tails… I hope you’re listening, because DoA won’t fail this Sunday, but more importantly, you will! That’s all for ‘The Tube’ this week… I was Scorpio, and you were all one big waste of my time… goodnight.

The scene fades out.
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The Tube Debuts
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