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 Anxiety Results

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Joe Santiago
Main Event
Main Event
Joe Santiago

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PostSubject: Anxiety Results   November 18th 2007, 8:52 pm

Main Event
“The Destroyer” Joe Santiago & Cyber Punk


Nic Leone & ??? (Dallas McWade)

Joe Santiago and Cyber Punk enter the ring. Shortly after Nic Leone enters the ring with his partner DALLAS MCWADE. The Crowd goes nuts when McWade Returned. Leone and McWade win, Mcwade connects a Skull Crusher on Santiago then lets Leone get the pin.

Tails (vs) Scorpio

Scorpio dominated this match against the Slayer.
Scropio connects his finisher and wins the match.

US Title Match Preview
Psycho Dave (vs) Plague

Psycho Dave enters the ring, the lights go out and Hail Mary by Tupac Plays. The crowd goes insane when Plague enters the ring. Plague dominated the match, Psycho Dave tried to put up a fight but the match ended with a Saints Bomb.

Dave Johnson (vs) Filth

Dave Johnson destroyed Flith.
Flith was carried out on a strecher but that didnt stop Dave Johnson.
Johnson rushed out and fliped the strecher over.
After he was done he Pick up a mic and Said “Bye-Bye Flith.”

Travis Jeffries (vs) Short Randy

It was a close fight but in the end Travis Jeffries won the battle.

David Hudson (vs) Frank Hart

Once again David Hudson proved that he is a dangerous guy.
He destroyed Hart early in the Match and Pulled out a chair.
He sat on the chair and pulled up a Mic.
“Gerald Richamn ... You son of a bitch get out here Im waiting.”
Gerald Richman Runs Out as David Hudson gets ready to Fight.
Security Had to Break them up once again

Dark Match
Aiden Jones (vs) Jack Purcell

Aiden Jones won his first match aginast Jack Purcell


You Don't ask the question "Will Joe Santiago ever wrestle again?"
You Ask the question "When will Joe Santiago wrestle again?"
Because eventually, The Darkest Burning Star will come back!

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Anxiety Results
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