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 Axl and Leslie Lionsworth

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Axl Lionsworth

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PostSubject: Axl and Leslie Lionsworth   January 10th 2008, 9:18 pm

* Wrestler Name: Axl Lionsworth
--manager: Leslie Lionsworth

* Nickname: The Rock and Roll Outlaw
--manages: The Hardcore Hellcat

* Age: 24

* Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

* Weight: 185

* Height: 6'

* Favorite Specialty Match: Rock and Roll Funhouse Match ( Raven's Clockwork Orange House of Pain match )

* Entrance Music: "Welcome to the Jungle" Guns 'N' Roses

* Alignment (face/heel): Neutral

* Quote: Optional: That, my friends, is the rock and roll gospel.

* Finisher: The Curtain Call

* Finisher Description: Top Rope Death Valley Driver

* Bio/Backround:--to come

* Attire: jeans shorts and either band or wrestler t-shirt, black boots with blue flames up the toe and sides

* Fighting style: Hardcore

* Move List:

1. Pele kick
2. 3 punch and STO takedown combo
3. clothesline
4. punches
5. Release German Suplex
6. T-Bone Suplex
7. White Russian Legsweep
8. cradle piledriver
9. kick combos
10. capture suplex
11. exploder suplex
12. ground and pound
13. TRADEMARK MOVE: Comes to the ring with a guitar wrapped in barbed wire to attack with.

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - Justin Credible - Leslie: Tara Reid

Career Accomplishments - 1x AW:X Primetime Champion
1x AW:X Extreme Champion
FIRST EVER AW:X Extreme Champion
Entrance - The lights go down as the sound of sirens roars through the arena. The lights flicker and strobe as the sirens roar. The fans begin to look back and forth wildly, a wave of cheers following the camera as it pans across the crowd, finally coming to rest on The Rock and Roll Outlaw and The Hardcore Hellcat as they make their way down through the crowd. The fans cheer wildly, all reaching out to touch the two as they make their way through the crowd. Axl is holding a bottle of beer in one hand and a barbed wire wrapped guitar in the other. He takes a long drink of his beer and sprays it out over the crowd, smirking as he makes his way down to the security wall. He climbs up onto the wall and looks out over the crowd, finishing his beer and throwing the bottle to a lucky fan. He looks down into Leslie's eyes and smiles as he gives her a quick kiss, jumping down off the wall. He sets his guitar against the turnbuckle and slides into the ring, jumping up and running over to the opposite side, stepping onto the bottom and second rope, throwing up the devil horns to another loud roar from the fans as Leslie steps seductively through the ropes and moves to the turnbuckle, Axl backing up against her and looking across the ring as she rubs his shoulders and gives him some last minute encouraging words.
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Axl and Leslie Lionsworth
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