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 Lets Start the Show!

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Cyber Punk
Main Event
Main Event
Cyber Punk

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PostSubject: Lets Start the Show!   June 12th 2008, 7:55 pm

Quote of the Day
He who is hated by all can not expect to live long

Cyber Punk is furious about everything happening around him. No matter what he says they just donít seem to listen. He has warned the JWF that if Stylez didnít leave he would be forced to make Stylez leave. But for some reason the JWF just doesnít see the elephant in the room. Well believe me when I narrate, things are going to get a whole hell of a lot worse for Johnny Stylez!

Cyber Punk
I donít just talk because everything I seem to say is perfect, or because I like to hear myself on a daily basis. I talk with the soul purpose of people hearing what I have to say, people hearing the words that come from my mouth! That just doesnít seem to be the case anymore, now I talk and everyone just walks on by, they just cover there eyes and cover there ears pretending Iím not here and hoping Iíll go away! Well, Iím not going anywhere, and I will continue to preach my message, Johnny Stylez equals cancer! Anytime Johnny Stylez decided to come back to the JWF, the JWF in turn dies. Version 2 as Ace Moore, Version 3 as Jayson Burrows, and Version 1 as himself! If the JWF chooses not to hear this warning then I can only say that there will be hell to pay! JWF will not die this time around, I know what I have to do to prevent that from happening. The JWF, like always, even protected Stylez like I said they do for Version 1 guys, by putting him in the other side of the tournament. That means the only way I can get my hands on him is if he makes it to the finals, and we all know he is too much of a bitch to want to face me one on one. I mean the guy hasnít even responded to my insults, he is afraid of me. He knows that one match with me would be the end of him!

Cyber Punk takes a seat in a severely burned chair, itís the old Cyber Punk TV set.

Cyber Punk
That mental midget Johnny Stylez has no right to even talk about the JWF, let alone compete in this great promotion. I have a New Design, hear me out. If anyone feels the same way I do, then join me! Join my New Design, and together we can destroy the cancer, we can eliminate the retarded pimple on the ass of the JWF, known as Johnny Stylez! New Design guarantees success over failure! Failure to join New Design will results in pain you never even knew existed! What we need is hatred. From it our ideas are born! I see so much potential in this new JWF, it would be shame to waste it all away because of Johnny Stylez!

Cyber Punk clears his thoughts, he calmly stands up and continues

Cyber Punk
Dalton Wheathers we are not enemies, but, you are in my way! In my way to becoming a JWF Heavyweight Champion for a second time! In my way of ending the career of ďthe visual retardĒ Johnny Stylez. So Dalton Wheather, Iím offering you a once in a lifetime deal, lay down, forfeit our match at JWF Encore, and not only will you get to go to the World Title Tournament, but you will also be an honorary member of New Design! This is a once in a lifetime chance, Iíll take you under my wing! We will both Destroy Johnny Stylez! Donít be a damn fool, you canít beat me! Not now, Iím riding so much momentum into all my matches I will win this entire tournament! Iím undefeated in the JWF, Dalton donít be a moron like Johnny Stylez, because if you pass on this chance of a lifetime you might as well start saying, ďI never looked so good!Ē Because if you fail to take this opportunity Dalton you will be just another Johnny Stylez in my eyes!

Cyber Punk walks off stage as the camera fades to black
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Lets Start the Show!
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