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 Russian Roulette

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Joshua Williams
Main Event
Main Event
Joshua Williams

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PostSubject: Russian Roulette   June 13th 2008, 3:21 am

The shot opens to a grainy picture of a roulette table. Dealer calls for the final bets. A short, stocky, bald man in a white polo shirt and dark navy blue pants walks up to the table and slams down two, five hundred dollar bills.

Bald Man: Red, number one!

The dealer spins the wheel and the balls falls black number two.

Bald Man: Son of a Bitch!

The picture seems to lose reception. Then, the picture turns blue. Then, it goes black. The picture slowly returns and we see Joshua Williams standing with a brown jacket over a white dress shirt and a pair of black pants.
Joshua reaches into his left jacket pocket and pulls out what looks like a pistol.

Joshua: I have talked with a few people about this and I really believe this. This tournament is much like that game of roulette you just saw. I mean any of us could win it, you know. However, I'm not taking that lightly. I'm treating it like another kind of roulette. Russian Roulette. That's why my friend, Mr. BERSA Thunder 380, with me. I will put a bullet in your head if necessary. You see I am here, at JWF, to do one thing, to be a champion!
Dave, you and I aren't friends. However, we aren't enemies either. Yes, we talk. But a renegade has no friends. He is a loner. I have no problem shooting anybody. It could be a friend or a family member like this.

Joshua drags a man into the picture. The man is bleeding from the nose and forehead.

Joshua: Do you notice anything about him, Dave. This is a man you've defeated. This man is a former JWF & TEWF wrestler. This man is my cousin. This man is Bobby Ocean. I'm gonna send a message to not only you, Dave, but to all of JWF. Like I've said I have no friends!

Joshua hauls the guy up and shove him backward. Joshua raises the gun and fires not once but twice. Bobby Ocean crumples to the ground and lays motionless. Joshua walks over and feel for a pulse. He shake his head with satisfaction as stand up again.

Joshua: You see the pain of hurting others is temporary. In this business, the glory you receive because of it lasts forever.

Joshua smiles as puts the pistol back in his jacket pocket and he walks toward the camera. He walks out of view and the scene goes black.
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Russian Roulette
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