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 Dude Your Soft.

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Main Event
Main Event

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PostSubject: Dude Your Soft.   June 14th 2008, 1:20 am

Scene Opens

The scene opens as its in a backstage hallway in the JWF. Its empty, theres still some wet paint on the wall and the floor is a bit dirty, they're still probobly getting ready for the return of the JWF. As the camera begins to move forward and pan through the hallways you could see a shadowy figure leaning on the wall, as the camera flashes on the figure with bright lights you could now see who it is. Its DXLatin...

He looks up at the camera, at first he begins to rub his eyes from the bright lights but the camera turns off flash and all of a sudden lights flicker on and you can now see DXLatin fully, he is wearing a JWF T-Shit logo, long black shorts, and hes holding his trademark steel bat. He looks up at the camera and begins to speak.

So JWF is returning. We're all gonna see new faces. We're all gonna see old faces. We're gonna get high ratings. We're gonna get low ratings. Somtimes Ill lose. Somtimes Ill win. Thats professional wrestling, and Im glad to say the JWF is wrestling. But you see somtimes wrestling is ruined, somtimes people ruin the good ole sport, people like my opponent at JWF's return Encore Main Event the Texas Softass Dallas McWade. You see Dallas. Not only do I think Dallas is a girls name but I dont think you have a heart, I think your one cold son of a bitch and a badass wrestler, I respect you for your cockyness, I mean I have cockyness all the time guy, its just you always talk trash... but when it comes to backing it up.. I just dont see anything from you. You see we do have unfinished buisness, I mean we both met back at the TEWF, I was in my prime, I was the WWKF Main Event Champion and the TEWF Main EVent Champion, a cross over of the two, you came along as a new superstar, you were being cocky and so was I. I backed my words up you didn't, we had our match and I defeated you, I was still WWKF/TEWF Champ as our match was for my title, you bitched and you whined and you complained and you sucked on Steve Normans nut sack, until you edited a clip of the match and claimed that our match was a fluke and that you beat me.

DXLatin begins to scratch his chin, not hiding his bright smile, he looks pretty confident talking about his opponent, he gets his back off the wall and stands up straight.

Because Dallas I beat your ass in TEWF, and I will beat your ass in JWF. Because there is nothing more worst than a man that talks trash and backs it up, thats me, thats how I do, thats my life, thats how I will defeat you for the second time. Because you can beatup all the camera guys and JWF Staff members, because while you are doing that, Ill be working hard, training hard, and I will be ready. But will you? Will you be ready my friend?, Will you be prepared? and Will you be confident?, you see ask yourself those questions, then think back to why I am the longest reigning champion in WWKF history, think back to why I held a World championship more than 20 times, think back to how I beat you, because come show time, I will knock you out so hard, you'll be thinking you were in Texas.

DXLatin winks at the camera and delivers a cocky smile and begins to walk off swining his bat around as the scene fades to black.

Scene Fades
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Dude Your Soft.
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