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PostSubject: D-ToX:PAIN   June 15th 2008, 2:42 pm

The camera scopes threw a busy night club, there are people dancing and drinking as the camera approaches a thick curtain. The bodyguards draw the curtain and allow the camera to pass, in to the room were a low table is surrounded by people smoking, drinking and talking between them self’s, however at the head of the table, slouched down in the red suede rap around couch that fills this VIP booth is the “opium” of the people, D-ToX.

D-ToX: 際交流基金本部移転のお知らせ
(English translation): There you are, you took your time getting here.

The sound in the room is drowning out his voice

D-ToX: 国際交流基金 日本語教授法シリーズ 14巻『教材開発』刊行
(English translation): Quite, everybody leave, now

The people stand up and walk out of the room, most stumbling as they go,

Random: see you later D

D-ToX: 第言
(English translation): leave.

The room empties and the camera positions its self and D-ToX leans forward.

Camera man: you wanted to say something to JWF?

D-ToX: I will speak in English, when I tell them of my arrival.

Cameraman: ok when you’re ready.

D-ToX: People of JWF, and the fans at home, do you know what you have let your self in for? I have come to show you all how I wrestle, and because this is my first match in JWF, I need to prove myself to you, and I gladly have the chance to do so in a Street fight, which is perfect for my style. I took the liberty of researching my opponent, and little is known about him.

D-ToX takes out a folded piece of paper, he also lights a cigarette and leans back while reading the piece of paper.

D-ToX: He is very mysterious, but I will reveal is weaknesses and I believe from what I have read here, he will not be able to handle my… how you say? Ultra-violent style, you see Hardcore is my passion, it’s what I get my high off, I love the pain, and the pain loves me, it seeks me out, and I do nothing to prevent it, and I will take this opportunity to share my passion with this opponent, why? Because he has now became my target, a man who is going to step in the ring and is going to try and beat me, which he wont, because I my style is so unorthodox that he will not be able to keep up, instead he will be in shock, allowing me to do what I do best, inflict pain.

D-ToX leans forward throws the sheet of paper on the table and picks a chain up from the floor, cigarette still placed in his mouth as he talks, he begins to wrap this thick metal chain around his hand.

D-ToX: I just read he believes he is hardcore, and that makes me even madder, he believes he is like me, nobody is like me. I live this style, and when the blood of my opponent runs down my face, and I feel his slipping away, my only regret will be the Damn… there is nobody left to kill me.

I am in this sport for the thrill of the kill, and the pain, I to receive. Pain is like a drug, I like to receive and I like to give, and I want a fight every time I step into the ring, give me pain, and I will give you the match of your life, maybe your last, you can only stop me, if you break my barrier of pain, and if you do you only feed my addiction, no man has broken me, and no man especially you Agentul…zero…zero…seven will never break me, because this match is mine.

This is the start of my personal war, and you are the first battle of many.

D-ToX punches the table with his chain, he holds his hands up and blood pours from his knuckles, he leans back with a sick smile on his face and takes one last puff of his cigarette before flicking it away.

Camera man: does that not hurt,man.

D-ToX: 育通信
(English translation): Fuck off.

D-ToX throws a bottle from the table at the camera, his smile and bloody hand still visible as the screen goes black
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