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 Stylez calling it quits?

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PostSubject: Stylez calling it quits?   June 16th 2008, 12:29 am

As of today, Former JWF Champion Johnny Stylez has retired from Wrestling and is looking to get his reailty show picked up. There are no reports about just what the reailty show would be. Here is a few snip its from the press confrence from Johnny Stylez:

Quote :
"I Just don't have the fire in me anymore, I've been around the world and back and have done everything I set out to do. I have nothing more to prove to anyone and maybe it's time to let the new blood of today take the spotlight. And before the rumors get tossed out there allow me to clear the air about Cyber Sex. I'm not doing this to give Cyber Sex the orgasim he has set out to have. I could care less about what he has been saying over the weeks, I saw the funeral skit and it was clever to bad I did that back in Version 1. He can stand there and drag my name through the mud all he wants, but simple fact is Cyber Sex can't win outside these walls. He's been catered here and it has really hurt his stock in this game."

When asked why now Stylez had this to say:

Quote :
"Why not now, I mean I should have stayed in retirment 4 months ago when I lost to Barelai Von'Vicious, He was the guy I wanted to have my grand finale with and should have. I mean I made the Micheal Jordan comeback and became the GCW World Champion was living the dream one more time, but that dream came to a scretching stop when I lost to Troy Daniels last sunday night, and I was knocked back down to earth, and I was forced for the first time to take a long look at myself, and for the first time in a long time, I didnt see Johnny Stylez the wrestling champion, I saw Johnny Stylez the Old fart who has passed his prime. And I always said I would walk away from Wrestling before Wrestling walked away from me. And that's what I'm doing...I'm walking away"

About the role of a office job here in JWF:

Quote :
"I don't know if he needs me anymore, I planted the idea of him breathing air into a dead promotion and he took the idea to another level, he put togther a few great graphics and brought togther a soild roster. If you ask me the guy is doing his thing and he is doing it with out my help. If anything I'll more then likely get in the way. I got my own things going on, I've been in talks with different TV studios about a possible TV deal."

There you have it, I guess Stylez has retired AGAIN! But in this game of are's who really retires?
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Stylez calling it quits?
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