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 Who am I?

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PostSubject: Who am I?   June 16th 2008, 2:01 pm

..::Think of this as a Sample RP, I didn't see one on the Roster temp. So I figured I would toss up a Character Developement::..

Friday the 13th
El Paso, Texas

****((I don't what to do anymore...I'm so confused. What happens now? I've lost him, I've lost my son, my only son, to that maniac. I can't even begin to explain the hurt in my heart I have knowing that somewhere out there my son is sitting next to that piece of shit Calvin Ericks, learning his wicked ways. How could I have let this happen? How the hell could I allow my son to fall into Calvin's hands? Now I can't get him back, I can't get my boy back....The depression is so damn overwhelming. I don't know what to do anymore, with AWE closing it's doors, I can't get him back, I had one shot, and now it's gone, and here I am again...alone. I just...I need my son. But now he's gone and there's nothing I can do about it, I've lost my chance. In one night I had a chance to regain it all, and I blew it, face it Alex...it's over. If you can't beat someone to win your son...your damn son...then what the hell is the point of fighting anymore? What the hell do I have to fight for? At this moment...hell...I hate even living. I've prayed to God to just let me die, just so that I can get over this...this damn pain in my chest, my broken heart...but each day comes and goes...and I'm still here. What the hell is the purpose of this? Is this some kind of test? Because I'm not going to pass, I can't do it without my son. God help me...please God give me a sign, help me PLEASE. I've found myself falling faster and faster to this downward spiral. This life...my life, I've become so uninterested in it. I've found a small form of release...in pain. I don't know what's even happening to me anymore. I find some kind of sick pleasure in inflicting pain these days...namely on myself. Driving my hand through glass, feeling the shards tear through my skin...it scares me. I've even caught myself smiling at the sight of my blood running down my shredded hand. The only time I've seen my reflection these days is at the bottom of a bottle of hard mash liquor. What's happening to me? God help me...I just need help...send me some kind of sign. I don't want to become like Calvin...no, I can't. But I can't get back into a ring...How the hell do I face the audience? When they see me now they don't see Alex Brasco the superstar, the champion, hell...they don't even see a half ass decent competitor...when they see me they see failure. They see the man who ost his son in a match. They see a man who has become the biggest disappointment in the entire sports entertainment empire. I can't face them again...but I can't just allow myself to fall deeper and deeper into this depression. I need help...I need something...what do I do? WHAT?!

Alex staggered out of the Texas Bar and Grill in El Paso with the stench of alcohol follwing him. Alex tried to make his way to his car, his eyes glazed, the earth moving from side to side in Alex's eyes. Alex made his way to his car, holding himself up against the car as he fiddled in his pockets for his keys. He pulled his keys out, staring at them first for a couple second before dropping them. Alex shook his head, trying to snap out of his drunken stuper long enough to get his keys and get into his car. He focused as he bent down to retrieve his keys. He kneeled down, and suddenly found himself face down on the floor. He pushed himself up with his arms, trying to get back to a vertical base...but it just wasn't going to happen, Alex fell back face first into the street. He mumbled to himself incoherantly as he saw two pairs of feet standing before him. He made no effort to look up as he slowly drifted off into a drunken slumber. The voices sounding vaguely familiar as he passed out...
... ))****

Wake up Alex...

****((Alex raised his eyebrows in a weak attempt to open his eyes. He heard the voice say it again, however there was waking him. Alex slowly began drifting back off into his slumber as he feintly heard the voice again. ))****

Do it...

****(( Alex quickly sat up, wide eyed and awake as he felt a rush of cold water ran across his entire face. Alex coughed and hacked, spitting out water as he looked around, seeing familiar surroundings as he noticed he was at his home in El Paso. He wiped some of the water running down his face with his hand, realizing what waa happening he grit his teeth as he turned to whoever this asshole was that woke him from his slumber. . ))****

Alex: I can't believe it...

****((Alex wiped the water from his face again to get better sight of who it was before him. Standing before Alex was his long time rival, the billionare Lance Kincade. He stood looking down at Alex with a smirk, as always decked out in a fine Versace suit. Alex looked over to Lance's right, where his long time bodyguard stood, the Spaniard Maximus Draken. Alex looked quietly at the two as he tried to put together in his head what the fuck exactly it was that they wanted. . . . ))****

Alex: What the fuck is this all about?

****((Lance smirked to himself as he reached into his jacket pocket, Alex stiffened up a bit, not knowing what Lance would retrieve. Lance pulled out a silver cigarette holder, opened it, and retrieved a cigarette he bent forward and offered one to Alex. Alex stared at the cigarettes then up to Lance. Lance chuckled.... ))****

Lance: Don't sweat it Alex...you and I might have had our differences in the past, but I'm not going to go through the trouble of coming to this piss hole of a town just to take you out.

****((Alex slightly nodded to himself as he slowly reached for a cigarette. Lance smirked as he reached into his side pocket and pulled out a fine silver zippo. He lit Alex's cigarette and stood upright as he lit his own. Alex looked over to Maximus, who as usual, stood there, silent but somewhat intimidating. Lance stuck his lighter back into his side pocket and looked back down at Alex. He took a long drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke into the air around them. ))****

Lance: Alright Alex...let's talk business....

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Who am I?
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