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 JWF Encore 6-19-08

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Joe Santiago
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Joe Santiago

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PostSubject: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:15 pm

A Limo pulls up outside the arena, it’s a huge limo! The driver gets out and sprints to the end of it, winded he opens the door. Joe Santiago steps out of the limo and begins to walk towards the arena entrance, in the background you can see Drake Daniels leaning on a car, he has a baseball bat in his hand.

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Joe Santiago
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Main Event
Joe Santiago

Number of posts : 1526
Age : 29
Registration date : 2006-10-08

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Record: 43-07-01
Alignment: Face
PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:19 pm

Mountie: Welcome everyone to the return of JWF

Morgan: What's this take 30?

Mountie: Does it matter?

Morgan: Not at all, just saying...

Eric: Can
we just get on with the show…

Layla Baker: Ladies
and gentlemen, your opening contest for the evening is about to begin.
Introducing first, D-TOX

The lights dim in the Arena, as silence fills the
air…. After a few seconds, the light in the arena turns white and a spotlight
shines over to the entrance ramp. And Out in the Fields by Phil Lynott and Gary Moore hits the PA.
As DTOX stands on the ramp, he gives the crowed a little wink before making
his way down the ramp.

Layla: Introducing next Agentul007

Meagan: Stupid name

James A. Johnston-I Won't Do What You Told Me To starts playing and we see Agentul007 appear. He flexes
his muscles and walks down to the ring and enters it.

the ring bell Agent lunges towards DTOX who side steps him, Agent falls
forwards and DTOX jabs him in the kidney before grasping his hands
around his waist. He tries to hit a German supplex but Agent blocks it and roles
out of the hold and puts DTOX in a wrist lock. DTOX then reverses that and
puts Agent in a wrist lock of his own. DTOX then yanks down on the arm and
cranks up the pressure on the wrist before slamming it down again and again, and
followed by cranking the wrist again. Agent tries with his free hand to grab the
rope and does, the ref asks DTOX to break which he does. Agent then turns and
bitch slaps him with his left hand, he then hits a jab which DTOX exchanges
with a jab of his own. The two men start to exchange rights and lefts and Agent
after a few kicks DTOX down low and then hits an uppercut which stuns DTOX
backwards, Agent then follows up with a powerful clothesline!

Mountie: Jeez
he nearly took DTOX head off with that one!

Megan: Come on Agent fuck nuts follow
it up.

Agent grabs the head of DTOX and smashes a forearm into it, he
lets his head thump down to the mat before dropping an elbow right into the
chest of Agent. Agent then grabs the arm and locks in an arm bar which he
continues to try and pull DTOX’s arm from the socket. DTOX shouts out in
pain as Agent continues to pull and starts to use his legs to help cause more
pain and pushing his feet into his ribs. DTOX is clearly in a bad position
right now and swings his free hand out and hits Agent on the knee, he doesn’t
flinch and instead cranks up the pressure even more. DTOX arm is within a few
centimeters of coming out of the socket when he manages to turn and smacks Agent
right in the groin.

Mountie: Come on ref DQ that guy, double flaming
standards that is.

Megan: Stop complaining the ref obviously didn’t think
it was worth a DQ.

Mountie: Low blows are against the rules.

Well obviously the ref thought otherwise.

Agent releases the hold and DTOX rolls away and slides out of the ring. He holds his shoulder with a
griping pain shooting through it. DTOX rests himself upon the apron before
back into the ring only to be met by Agent boot right to the head. DTOX
slumps to the floor and Agent picks him up and rests him against the
ropes were he punches away before whipping him into the other side of the ring
and runs towards him and nails a DDT!!! DTOX body crumples to the mat again
Agent follows up by locking in that arm bar again on the right arm
ofDTOX . He once again uses his feet into the ribs to cause more pain
but this
time DTOX gets a foot on the rope and the ref asks Agent to break but he
doesn’t and continues to put more and more pressure as the ref starts to count.
At four Agent breaks it and drags DTOX into the middle of the ring, as he
again locks in the hold but this time he doesn’t lock it in securely and DTOX
manages to escape. It doesn’t help him much though as Agent moves and stomps
down on DTOX, he then lifts him up and kicks him down low and sets himself up
for a DDT which DTOX reverse and then drops he A down to the mat. He pins him and gets only a two
before A manages to get a shoulder up. DTOX slams the mat and stands A
up and whips him into the ropes and swings and misses with a
and DTOX hits him on the return with a bulldog!

DTOX takes a breather and pushes himself to his feet. He grabs A and picks him up
to his feet, he jabs him in the face before kicking him down low and nails a
DDT! DTOX covers A but gets only a one count, DTOX shakes his head and
rolls over to the rope and uses them to get to his feet. He takes a breather for
a moment whilst A is getting up to his knees, he then runs over and smashes
a vicious knee right to the temple of A which looks to have knocked him out

Mountie: That was sick, I bet that’s changed your mind about DTOX

Megan: Why would it?

DTOX grabs the limp A and
places his head under his arm and drops him down for another DDT. D thinks
about going for a cover and decides against it, he now picks up A again and
whips A into the corner, he then runs and smashes his shoulder right into
the midsection hitting the Se-nokia Xpress! The fans start to go wild with what
they are seeing and DTOX whips Agent007 into the opposite corner and hits another Se-nokia Xpress!
He covers




Layla: Here is
your winner DTOX
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Joe Santiago
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Main Event
Joe Santiago

Number of posts : 1526
Age : 29
Registration date : 2006-10-08

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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:20 pm

'The Crestfallen' by Soilwork smashes the P.A as
immediately the crowd errupt in boo's and abuse Dave. Dave walks out
with his hands in the air as the crowd become even more pissed off.
Dave is wearing his black leather jacket hoody with DJ written on the
back. Dave has his head down as the chorus hits, fireworks come
smashing out of nowhere as Dave walks down the ramp. Dave walks into
the ring and places his index finger in the air as he chuckes his
jacket into the fans, but the jacket soon gets chucked back at him.

Mountie: good to see DJ's back

Megan: did he ever do anything?

Layla: Give it up for DAVE JOHNSON

Start Me Up hits and Joshua comes out in his
ring gear and carrying a camera. He walks down the ramp and has the
camera to a ringside assistant and tells him to tape the match. He then
climbs up into the ring.

Layla: and Introducing next…Joshua Williams

The bell rings as Josh walks up to DJ and starts to talk
trash to him, that causes DJ to level JW. Josh balances on the ropes after the blow and realizes that he
can’t stand toe to toe with DJ as he circles him and blocks a right hand and
starts to kick DJ in the knee. JW is relentless as he continues to kick in
the knee joint, before grabbing DJ by the hair and driving him face first on the
mat. JW gets up and celebrates as he thinks he has an advantage over DJ. But
it’s DJ that slowly rises up to his feet and stands behind JW as if the blow
had no effect on him, just when JW turns around he gets nailed with a
straight super kick from DJ

Mountie: That’s how you kick in the door folks!!

JW starts to crawl to the ropes as he tries to pull himself up by
them, but it’s DJ that grabs him by his head and lifts him up before JW
reverse the move and drives him down with a big time forearm across the
chest of DJ, this causes
him to fall down and JW goes for the cover but only gets a count of one. JW
grabs DJ by the head and lifts him up again and then whips him in the ropes
as he goes for another Straight kick that staggers DJ to the ropes. JW runs to the ropes again and then charges in on DJ and
levels him with a big time running clothesline that sends DJ over the top rope
to the outside as JW follows him while holding on to the ropes and comes down
sitting on the ring apron.

Mountie: What a move from Joshua!!!

JW looks around towards the audience and taps a finger on his
head as a signal that he uses his brain to beat the brawn of his opponent. He
jumps off the ring apron and grabs the leg that he assaulted earlier and starts
to kick the knee joint once more before driving several knees into it. After a
few more times it’s JW that slides in and out of the ring to break the ten
count and grabs the leg once more and places DJ in a standing leg grapevine as
JW holds on to the foot and twists it sideways. DJ tries to kick JW in the
face with his other foot, but he fails. Finally after several failed attempts he
manages to kick JW in the chest first and then in the head. This causes DJ to
get a chance to rise to his feet and then turn his attention to JW that comes
charging in on him. DJ sidesteps and then hip tosses the smaller JW on
the concrete, before sliding in the ring and breaking the ten count. DJ grabs
JW and then whips him in the ring as DJ follows him back in as he slides into
the ring and stalks his opponent as JW crawls backwards and asks for a time

Mountie: The oldest trick in the book!!

Megan: There’s no time

JW tricks DJ as he allows him to get closer and then kicks him
in the knee that hurt DJ and he staggers backwards. JW gets up and kicks DJ
in the leg and then in the meanwhile he has grabbed him from behind and
a modified reversed Russian Leg Sweep Joshua picks up DJ and locks in
the Anaconda Vice! DJ taps out as quick as the move is locked on

Layla: Here is your winner....JOSHUA WILLIAMS
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Joe Santiago
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Joe Santiago

Number of posts : 1526
Age : 29
Registration date : 2006-10-08

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Record: 43-07-01
Alignment: Face
PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:22 pm

The Bleeding, by Five Finger Death Punch hit’s the PA and the lights dim. Joe Santiago steps out onto the stage and looks around at the full arena, standing room only. Joe Santiago makes his into the ring.

Joe Santiago - It’s been awhile! Good to be back. I’m here because I made an offer to someone for the open commissioner position and he is here to tonight to introduce himself. So everyone lets hear it for Jesse Payne!

Payne makes his way down the ramp and into the ring

Jesse Payne - Thank you Mr. Santiago, it’s an honor to be the commissioner in the JWF! I first want to ~

The Outsider by A Perfect Circle blasts through the arena interrupting the new Commissioner, It’s Drake Daniels wearing an Invasion T-Shirt he has his black Invasion bat in his hand as he makes it to the ring, and enters with no fear.

Drake Daniels - Really? This is what the JWF has to offer with a return? If so than this is going to be a walk in the park!

Jesse Payne - HEY! Get~

Drake Daniels bashes Jesse Payne to the face with the fat end of his baseball bat!

Drake Daniels - Not this time! I’ve been thrown out of the JWF more than a JWF “Original” and why? Because I have ideas? Because I have visions? I would have put the JWF out of business with the TEWF but the JWF had already folded, a return was so huge it countered everything I worked for in TEWF and you put us out of business you son of a bitch!

Drake Daniels points the bat at Joe Santiago who has a smile on his face

Drake Daniels - I’m really glad you think this is funny! Because you wont be laughing at the end of the night! This is only the beginning, I promise, the worst is yet to come for the JWF!

Drake Daniels leaves the ring as the camera fades to commercial
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Joe Santiago
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Main Event
Joe Santiago

Number of posts : 1526
Age : 29
Registration date : 2006-10-08

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Record: 43-07-01
Alignment: Face
PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:23 pm

When the camera fades back in it show security removing Drake Daniels from the arena, Drake leaves without a struggle. While outside Drake Daniels sees all the cars in the parking lot. Drake Daniels takes his bat and begins to do a number on the limousine of Joe Santiago, Drake Daniels bashes it like a man possessed until he sees something else, something he hadn’t seen since TEWF, The custom made DXLatin Motorcycle! Drake Daniels eyes get wide as he stares at the Motorcycle than his bat, than the motorcycle once more, Drake Daniels bashes the cameraman sending the screen black, The next sight on screen is Dxlatin running through the halls of the JWF arena until bursting thorough the doors of the parking garage, DXLatin looks around for his motorcycle and sees nothing. DXLatin looks up to see his mottorcycel in perfect condition.

DXLatin - Shit! That was a close~

Before DXLatin could even begin the next word a semi truck destroys the beautiful million dollar Motorcycle! Pieces are all that is left. Drake Daniels exit’s the Semi truck and quickly gets into his car and speeds away with DXLatin chasing him on foot, unfortunately Drake Daniels escapes with nor harm done to him.
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Joe Santiago
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Main Event
Joe Santiago

Number of posts : 1526
Age : 29
Registration date : 2006-10-08

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Record: 43-07-01
Alignment: Face
PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:28 pm

Layla: Coming to the ring next, ladies and gents give it up for CYBER PUNK

Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon hits and Cyber Punk makes his way to the ring. Once he arrives to the ring, he slides in under the bottom
rope and climbs to his feet. He then makes his way over to the corner of the
and climbs the turnbuckle, once he reaches the middle turnbuckle he
throws up a diamond with his hand. Punk then hops off the turnbuckle
turns around and leans against the turnbuckles, waiting for the match to begin.

Layla: And his opponent, already in the ring Dalton Wheathers

Mountie: This one is under way, with two somewhat similar wrestlers.

The bell rings as Dalton quickly
attacks Punk with a Kidney Kick. Punk gets back up, but Dalton sends him back
down with a hard punch. Punk is getting up slowly when Dalton lands a
Hurricanrana. Dalton is picking up Punk when Punk pushes Dalton away from
Punk follows it up byrunning at Dalton and lands a quick clothesline.
Punk waists no time as he picks up Dalton and lands swinging DDT.
Dalton rolls to the outside of the ring to catch his breath. Punk
follows it
up by picking Dalton up, and he bashes his head on the
barricade. The ref calls Punk to get back into the ring with Dalton.
Punk bashes Dalton’s
head on the side of the ring then rolls him in. Punk follow him into the ring
and then pick him up and throw him to the ropes. When Dalton is coming back
Punk, Cyber Punk lands a Hurricanrana. Dalton is trying to get back up
when Punk rushes over and puts on a Crossface Chicken Wing!

Mountie: Dalton is
in pain, just look at her face.

Megan: Damn, this can be the end of the
match! Cyber Punk can actually pull it off. I would have never though it…

Dalton reaches for the ropes in pain but Punk holds on strong keeping
Dalton away. Dalton slowly pulls Punk towards the ropes and reaches with all his
might for the ropes but Punk pulls him back to the center of the ring, and
holds the submission harder.

Mountie: This can mean trouble, and allot of

Punk holds Dalton strong when suddenly Dalton finds it in him to fall
his back. Punk is back towards Dalton and tries to knock him back down,
but Dalton ducks. Datlon bounce off the ropes and Punk lands a
clothesline. Punk
picks up Dalton again and lands a double arm DDT. Punk throws Dalton off the
ropes and then lands a neck breaker. Punk then quickly picks up Dalton and
lands back body drop.

Punk starts picking up Dalton again, and Dalton looks for a stunner, but Punk pushes him away and drops Dalton with the
Cyber Death Driver!

Mountie: I think this one is over now...

Megan: You think…


Layla: And the winner of this match...CYBER PUNK
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Joe Santiago
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Main Event
Joe Santiago

Number of posts : 1526
Age : 29
Registration date : 2006-10-08

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Record: 43-07-01
Alignment: Face
PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:30 pm

" Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet play
through out the arena as GraizzA comes out with a gray fog surrounding
the stage and looks around. He walks at an average pace down the ramp
and and the end he stops and looks up. He jumps around and holds his
hands high in the air and pyros shoot out from the stage. He gets onto
the apron and then up the turnbuckle and taunts.


FUCK OFF” is heard as the fans recognize it to be the voice of Porter.
The fans begin their long, droning chants of “Poorrrrrter,
Poooorrrrrrrter” and the first notes of the song play.
“If your looking for trouble
Your in the right place
Don't look at me like that, or i'll headbutt your face
i'm a mean motherfucker
i was born that way
and just because i wear a skirt don't think i'm fuckin' gay

Cause i'm an evil scotsman
and Jimmy is my name
i'm a sheep shagger from Aberdeen
and causing pain is my game

Porter peeks out through the curtains and looks around. He then steps
out from the curtains. He slowly walks to down the ramp, chomping his
gum arrogantly and taunting the crowd.

“Now if your a womanv
married or not
al take all your kit off and i'll dive in your mot
i'll take your legs and spread them wide
and then i'll put a wet suit on and shag you from inside

i'm an evil scotsman
and My name is Jock
and the girls are all gaggin' for a portion of my 10" cock

He points to his chest, saying he is the Real Deal and walks up the
steps. At the top of the steps he stalls, placing his hands on his hips
he looks around nodding his head. He throws his hands up quickly and
shakes his head wildly then quickly jumps over the top rope while
holding onto it.

Yes i'm an evil Scotsman

and my name is Jock

i've got one hand in my pocket

and i'm playing with my 10" cock

He motions for the camera to come closer and spits his gum on the lens.
He laughs and then goes to the corner of the ring. He lies across the
top turnbuckle and puts his hands behind his head, waiting for his

i don't care where you come from
if your big or your small
i've fought the best
and i beat them all
If your english or irish
you wont have to die
but if you are a German you can kiss your arse goodbye

i'm an evil scotsman
and Jock is my name
if you don't like the rules don't play the fuckin' game
yes, i'm an evil Scotsman
my name is Jock!
and the girls are just dying for a portion of my 10" cock.

Layla: His opponent, PORTER MACLEOD!!!

And Graizza is wasting no time as he just starts to beat down Porter

Before the ref even rings the bell Graizza is on Porter,
hitting him with rights and lefts. Porter is driven into the corner as he reels
from Graizza's assault. Porter finally blocks a shot, and turns Graizza back to
the corner. Graizza then slams his shoulder into Porter's gut, knocking the wind
out of him. Graizza then whips Porter to the other corner and runs in with a
splash, but at the last second, Graizza moves and Porter his the empty corner.
He staggers back and turns around into a Big Boot. The crowd goes wild as Porter
flies out of the ring. Graizza follows and the ref begins the count. Porter
beats on Graizza for a minute and then whips him into the guardrail. Graizza then
runs to hit a clothesline, but Porter dives out of the way and Graizza flips
into the crowd. The ref is at seven as Porter pulls himself up into the ring
breaking the count and then he rolls back out and then hops up onto the apron
waiting for Graizza to get to his feet.

Mountie: I don't like that look in Porter's eye. What's he planning?

Porter comes off the
apron with a flying body press and lands on Graizza who is just getting over the
barricade. Graizza crumples under Porter and both men roll around the ring area.
The Ref makes his count again, getting almost to seven before either man makes a
to get up. Graizza gets inside the ring before Porter, breaking the
count. Porter follows quickly, but meets the back of a boot as Graizza
cuts him off as
he slides under the bottom rope. Graizza bounces off the ropes looking for
another Big Boot, but Porter rolls out of the way, sending Graizza’s leg
crashing into the ropes. Graizza holds his leg in pain as he hits and finds no
one home. Porter pulls Graizza up on to his feet and then hits a Full Nelson
Slam. Porter then gets up on the top rope and does a diving headbutt.

Mountie: Wow this is a back and forth battle, both these guys are treating
it like a title bout. No title will change hands here in this match though, but
the way these guys are going at it you'd think there was.

Megan: You
really do over analyze don’t you?

Porter then starts to bit the forehead
of Graizza. The pain on Graizza's face is evident. Porter sinks it in harder,
really digging his teeth into Graizza. Porter keeps fighting to make it to the
ropes. So near and yet so far away they look, finally Graizza gets his hand
around the bottom rope and Porter breaks the hold at the count of four from the
ref. Porter punctuates his dominance with a stomp on Graizza's back. He pulls
up and whips him into the ropes. Graizza is coming back off the ropes
Graizza attempts a clothesline, but Porter reverse it and drops Graizza
with the PAY THE PIPER and gets the cover. The Ref raises Porter's hand
and Layla gets in the

Layla: Here is your winner, PORTER MACLEOD!
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Joe Santiago
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Main Event
Joe Santiago

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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:33 pm


Quiet Bitter Beings hit as the crowed jumps to there feet
for the former JWF champion as Dallas makes his way to the ring


Latinos Stand Up hits as DXLatin makes his way to the ring. He hops upon the middle turnbuckle
of a corner of the ring and throws his fists in the air to the reaction from the
crowd. But yet a wave of flashbulbs shines over him as he hops down and makes
his way towards the other turnbuckle. He hops down and leans against the ropes.

DX and Dallas stand in the ring facing each other for a few moments but
then they run at each other. DX knocks Dallas down with a clothesline, but Dallas
gets right back up to his feet. DX goes for another clothesline, but Dallas
ducks it and runs towards the ropes. Dallas bounces off the ropes and as DXLatin
turns around Dallas levels him with a spear, but DX doesn’t go straight down to
the canvas. he grabs Dallas, and the momentum sends both stars to the outside.

Mountie: I think business is about to pick up now. Outside the ring is
the most dangerous of places.

Megan: You are clever aren’t you Mountie

DX gets back to his feet first and he grabs Dallas and Irish whips him
towards the steel steps. But Dallas reverses it and sends DX crashing into the
steel steps with authority. The crowd starts to chant “Holy Shit” as DX yells
out in agony.

Mountie: Oh my god! We need some help out here DX could be
seriously hurt here, and it looks like he may have some internal injuries, I’m
sure I saw blood coming out of his mouth.

Megan: You did see blood,DX is bleeding from the mouth and we need some medical help out here pronto.

Dallas looks on as DX spits a little blood from his mouth.
Dallas then
smiles at the crowd and goes for a steel chair. He picks up the chair and hits
against the floor, then looks at DX. DX starts to get to her feet and
Dallas runs at him with the chair, but just as DX goes to swing the
chair, Dallas falls back down to the floor and drop toe holds Dallas,
causing him to hit
his head on the steel chair and the steel steps. Instantly busting him open…

Mountie: I can’t believe what just happened to Dallas, he might be out cold
after that shot to the head.

Megan: He is losing a lot of blood too,
that wound looks real deep

DX gets to his feet and rolls the bleeding dALLAS into the ring, slides the steel chair, and a ladder into the ring, and then
enters the ring herself

DX climbs to his feet, and drags Dallas up to a
vertical base, he goes for a Piledriver onto the chair, but Dallas counters it
and back drops DX. Dallas then pulls DX up to his feet and delivers DDT to
the steel chair!

Dallas gets back up to his feet and he picks up the steel
chair. DX slowly uses the ropes to get back up to his feet, and Dallas gets
ready to level him with the chair. DX turns around and Dallas goes to slam the
chair into her head, but DX kicks Dallas in the gut, causing him to drop the

DX rolls out of the ring and separates the steel guardrail
surrounding the ring. He takes the steel section and places one end on the ring
apron and the other end on the announce table. He then rolls back into the ring
and gives Dallas a stomp to his back! he then smirks out at the crowd before
rolling him outside the ring.

he places him on the propped up steel
guardrail, then pulls up the protective mat by it. DX then carefully climbs
up on it herself. he stands Dallas up and climbs in the ring and up the ladder,
where he then leaps off the ladder crashing into Dallas with a SWANTON BOMB!!


rolls into the ring along with Dallas, Dallas can feel himself losing
the match as he looks to take down DXLatin with a last ditch effort and
he looks to finish DX off but DX reverse the move and drops Dallas with
L.A.P. He gets the cover

Layla: Here is you winner DXLATIN
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Joe Santiago
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Main Event
Joe Santiago

Number of posts : 1526
Age : 29
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Alignment: Face
PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:34 pm

DXLatin holds his hands up in victory, he is one step closer to his dreams of becoming JWF Heavyweight Champion! DXLatin gets nailed to the stomach by the Invasion baseball bat. But this time the JWF is ready for the attack as superstars spill out onto the stage and down the ramp surrounding the ring, Drake Daniels gets one more shot in to the head of Dallas McWade who was just getting up. The JWF wrestlers all enter the ring surrounding Drake Daniels who is daring someone to come in, with no fear on his face.

The lights in the arena shut off
A lighting bolt strikes the center of the ring ripping through the arena
The lighting bolt was green

When the lights turn back on, Crimson Skull is in the face of Drake Daniels. Drake Daniels attempts a shot at Crimson Skull but skull smacks the bat out of his hands. For the first time tonight Drake Daniels has fear in his eyes. Crimson Skull turns around and Hellhound Slams Graizza, The JWF superstars all have a shocked look on there face, before Crimson Skull unloads on anyone he can get, boots, clothesline and Hellhound Slams over and over again until only Crimson Skull and Drake Daniels are in the ring. Drake Daniels gets on the shoulders of Crimson Skull as he celebrates his domination.

Joe Santiago - What?!? That doesn’t make any god damn sense at all! Who the hell is writing this stuff? Drake Daniels and Crimson Skull? Crimson Skull helping anyone at all? What the hell is going on?

Joe Santiago walks down the ramp and stops about half way

Joe Santiago - I don’t understand! For the first time, I have no clue what the hell is going on!

Drake Daniels - Let me break it down for you, The Invasion is on! We wont stop until the JWF is buried in its final grave and covered in cement this time! Next week, the rest of the Invasion will make there debut!

Before the show ends Cyber Punk is seen at the top of the stage, he gives Drake Daniels a golf clap with a very confusing look on his face.
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Joe Santiago
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Joe Santiago

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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 9:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore 6-19-08   

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JWF Encore 6-19-08
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