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 Joseph Evans

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Joseph Evans

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PostSubject: Joseph Evans   June 19th 2008, 11:20 pm

JWF Superstar

* Wrestler Name: Joseph Evans

* Nickname:
The Bloodstained Warrior

* Age: 24

* Hometown: Hollywood, California

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Hollywood, California

* Weight: 220

* Height: 6'2"

* Favorite Specialty Match: Hardcore

* Entrance Music: The Outsider - A Perfect Circle

* Alignment (face/heel): Heel

* Years Wrestling: 3

* Quote: Optional: There is so much Blood on my hands, luckily, none of it is mine!

* Finisher: Invasion Powerbomb

* Finisher Description: Launching Jackknife Powerbomb

Favorite Moves
TKO -Fireman Carry into Cutter-
Lights Out -Fireman Carry into a pedigree-

* Bio/Backround: Just one day away, just one second away from being TEWF's biggest signing in history and it was all stolen by Joe Santiago. Drake Daniels had been in talks with Joseph Evans for weeks until the two worked out a great storyline that would see Joseph Evans win the TEWF Championship, until suddenly the tEWF was bought by Joe Santiago. For about a year now Joseph Evans has wanted revenge on Joe santiago so what better way to do it than to end the JWF!

* Attire: Taped fists, cutom tights, tattoos

* Fighting style: Power

* Move List:

1. Power Clothesline
2. Big Boot
3. Back Elbow
4. Side Slam
5. Reverse DDT
6. Scissors Kick
7. Dropkick
8. DDT
9. Sit-Down Powerbomb
10. Diving Headbutt

11. Tigerdriver

12. Dragon Driver
13. Tigerbomb

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature - Custom

Career Accomplishments

Entrance - lights go out as The Outsider plays, searchlights scan the arean until they find Joseph Evans in the crowd making his way to the ring
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Joseph Evans
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