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Joe Santiago
Main Event
Main Event

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PostSubject: 6-19-08   June 19th 2008, 11:46 pm

5 - D-Tox

D-Tox made a very impressive debut this week by defeating Agentul007 and probaby ending his career in the process. Though the match was ruled a street fight, and then was made a normal match, D-Tox was unaffected as he completely dominated his opponent.

4 - Joshua Williams

Breaking away from bad gimmick after bad gimmick and finally finding something that he can perfect, now, Joshua Williams defeated a very high ranked opponent. Dave Johnson was very high on the list of future JWF Heavyweight Champions until this complete destruction of his chances by Joshua Williams, the JWF will make sure to keep the camera's rolling on this future star!

3 - DXLatin

Though the night didn't end the way he completely would have liked, DXLatin still picked up a huge victory against his long time rival Dallas McWade. DXlatin advances one step closer to his lifelong dream of becoming JWF Heavyweight Champion!

2 - Porter MaCleod

The shocking return of the controversial scot has turned the JWF almost on its side. Good ol' Porter added to the excitment by picking up a victory over another great young future star in Graizza. Graizza was just overmatched however as Porter dominated with experience over youth!

1 - Cyber Punk

Still Undefeated the Modern Messiah picked up where he left off the last time, and that is why hje is our 5 Star Superstar of the Week! Dalton Wheathers was considered in the eyes of management an overnight sensation and the future of the JWF, but the fact remained there can't be two different futures and the future of Cyber Punk was just so much brighter! Cyber Punk also can be given credit for the end of the career of Johnny Stylez, Cyber Punk moves one step closer to getting his hands on the JWF Heavyweight Title once more!


You Don't ask the question "Will Joe Santiago ever wrestle again?"
You Ask the question "When will Joe Santiago wrestle again?"
Because eventually, The Darkest Burning Star will come back!

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