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 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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Joshua Williams
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Main Event
Joshua Williams

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PostSubject: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions   June 20th 2008, 1:49 am

A camera shot shot a plain white wall. Suddenly, Joshua Williams appears from behind the camera wearing a white dress shirt, red tie, and black pants and jacket. He grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels from off camera and pops it open and takes a sip. He then sits on a wooden three-legged stool.

Joshua: Cyber Punk, you and I are set to meet in what, I think, we can both agree is potentially the greatest match in JWF history. However, I saw you buy off Dalton to get to the next round. Now, I've heard rumors and assume you'll be making a similar if not the same offer to me. I've said before that I'm a loner, but I believe in the power of numbers. I want to win but I realize that this is a double-elimination tournament which means I could still win the belt.

Joshua takes another sip of his Jack Daniels. He grabs a notebook from off the right side of the camera. He opens it to the first page.

Joshua: I've talked to some of my highly intelligent friends who are very wise and have given me advice on how to approach this situation. My friend Ed said that I have to chose between the belt or friends. I myself have done some research myself. I've come to this conclusion. I have two proverbs to pick between. There's the Afghan proverb, "Azmoda ra azmodan khat ast.", which in English means, It is a mistake to try the tried one. There's also the American proverb, "Don't take any wooden nickels", which of course means don't get cheated.

Joshua throws the notebook off to the right, out of view. He takes another sip of Jack Daniels.

Joshua: You see Punk, I know that you are undefeated in JWF and have faced the tops guys in the business. You need to understand, I don't want to lose my shot. I think that this is my best chance at glory. I need to warn you Punk. I am coming to Encore prepared. Prepared to either lie down for you or send you home in an ambulance. If I do fight you, I will win because I want it badly. I'm not sure I want to give up my chance at fame and glory.

A blonde woman walks in wearing a little bikini and sits on Joshua's leg. Joshua grabs his bottle of Jack Daniels ans smiles.

Joshua: You see about 5 years ago I gave up women and alcohol. Let me tell you something, buddy. It was the worst twenty minutes of my life.

Joshua and the blonde start to make out until Joshua realizes the camera is still on and he reaches towards the camera and turns it off and screen goes blank.
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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
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