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 So much filth in this place, it needs a D-ToX

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PostSubject: So much filth in this place, it needs a D-ToX   June 20th 2008, 3:27 pm

So much filth in this place, it needs a D-ToX

The blanks screen is quickly filled by the harsh light of a cheap hotel room; in shot we can see a TV and a bed, the wallpaper is pealing of the wall and the carpet is stained, but in the middle of the room sat at the end of the bed is a figure of class, a man covered in red and black clothing, a suit that is covered in a pattern the defies each of the colours as they gets close to each other, the light highlights the blond hair, it is D-ToX, sat there watching the television screen, we here the broadcast.

Mountie: That was sick, I bet thatís changed your mind about DTOX

Megan: Why would it?

DTOX grabs the limp A and
places his head under his arm and drops him down for another DDT. D thinks
about going for a cover and decides against it, he now picks up A again and
whips A into the corner, he then runs and smashes his shoulder right into
the midsection hitting the Se-nokia Xpress! The fans start to go wild with what
they are seeing and DTOX whips Agent007 into the opposite corner and hits another Se-nokia Xpress!
He covers




Layla: Here is
your winner DTOX

The show is a repeat of the JWF debut of D-ToX, when the match finished, he cuts of the TV and turns to the camera.

D-ToX: it is rare, that I, the man who has had many death matches, would go into a match, billed as a street fight, and not use a single weapon. However, I decided early on in the day that I was going to wrestle this properly; this was my debut I needed to have an impact, and for mew to have an impact, it is very much the opposite to others, by not using weapons and making that pathetic opponent bleed, I used my wrestling skill to prove I can do it,

However next week, I will not show so much wrestling ability, instead I will return to my hardcore ways, it may be a normal match, however I can still us that ring to my advantage, and you better expect my opponent to bleed, because if he doesnít, I have failed. After my win last week, I have been entered in to a tournament for a title, which is great, but I will use this opportunity to prove so much more, I promised violence and violence will be given.
I have been through a lot, so much that you can understand it my hunger to give and receive pain.

[i]D-ToX falls back on the bed, his eyes closed, his right hand on his forehead, rubbing it, and his left in a fist.

D-ToX: When I was young, about 16, I got into a lot of debt

They wanted my money, but I didnít have any.

They tied me to a chair; a piece of tap covered my mouth.

They threw shots into my side; they would punch me in the face. There hands covered in cold steal, cutting and shattering my face.

The big guys face stayed in the shadows, he was the boss, he ran up and kicked my, knocking the chair back.

They just kept picking me up and hitting me harder. Then they got out the knifes

What did they want, I could not pay them?

They pealed the tap away from my face; I thought they were letting me go.

But two guys came in from the side holding my head and Joki, I knew him, he came forward, holding the unforgiving blade,

He lifted it to my face, he cut from my lip, threw my cheek, I had wanted to scream all threw the beating but this was different.

He then went lthe other direction and the pain became normal, tranquil, why wasnít I in pain anymore, my flesh was broken, my nose was shattered, I was near vomiting, but the pain it mellowed so quickly, had they drugged me? No, I was free.

To know great pain is to enjoy it, it changed me, but they werenít done.

Joki reached over and grabbed a gun, they were going to finish it, I was about to die.

The door of the room smashed open there stood a figure, a tall silhouette, I recognised him, but who was it? Before I could realise exactly, a bag was placed over my head. The sound of gun fire filled the air, my tortures now screaming, but I went unharmed, my face still pouring of blood but I sat there in the dark, happy. But that was all about to changeÖ.

D-ToX sits up and looks directly into the camera.

D-ToX: Iím sorry, you donít need to know about my past, because you are about to witness my future, and there will be as much pain involved as I have suffered in the past, its time for payback. Im sorry Dave, youíre the next victim.

The camera cuts out, and we're back to black.

Word Count: 853
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So much filth in this place, it needs a D-ToX
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