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 "The Outsider" Drake Daniels

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Drake Daniels
Main Event
Main Event
Drake Daniels

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PostSubject: "The Outsider" Drake Daniels   June 25th 2008, 8:35 pm

Wrestler Name: Drake Daniels

* Nickname: "The Outsider"

* Age:28

* Hometown: Outside The Box

* Weight:230lbs

* Height:5'11"

* Favorite Specialty Match: I Quit

* Entrance Music: The Outsider - A Perfect Circle

* Alignment (face/heel): Heel

* Years Wrestling:10yrs

* Quote: Optional:

* Finisher: On The Outside

* Finisher Description:Power bomb lift on to shoulder drop into cutter

* Bio/Backround: The 28 year old wrestler as always had a bone to pick with Joe Santiago and his creation of JWF. Now stronger then ever with a crew to back him up Drake Daniels plans to not only destory Joe but anything and everything his company stands for.

* Attire: Full Length Black Tights with dark green down the sides. Both wrists are fully taped up and he wears black wrestling boots.

* Fighting style: Tech Master likes suplexs but will fight dirty

* Move List:

1. Guerrilla Clutch: (http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=zIkyJ4d262c&NR=1)
2. Cattle Mutilation
3. Diving Head Butt
4. Moonsault
5. Running Powerslam
6. DDT
7. European Uppercut
8. Clothesline to the outside
9. Cradle Piledriver
10. Russian Leg Sweep
11. Stomp to the head
12. Underhook Suplex: Also Underhook Suplex to the knees
13. Snap Suplex
14. Double Leg Take Down
15. German Suplex
16. Exploder Suplex
17. STF
18. Kick to the groin
19. Half Boston Crab
20. Full Neslon Slam
21. Belly to Back Suplex
22. Firemans Carry
23. Avanlanche
24. Superplex
25. Backbracker

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature -Custom

Career Accomplishments -JWF IC Champion/WRF World Champion/BLW Las Vegas Champion/ HIW Pure Champion and slew of others

Entrance - The lights start to flicker as green smoke fills the entrance ramp. Finally the lights go out as Outsider starts to play, a green light zeros in on the entrance ramp as Drake Daniels is seen. His head down and arms full spread. He looks up at the booing crowd puts his arms down and the lights start to come back on as Drake walks down the ramp engulfed in green smoke.
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"The Outsider" Drake Daniels
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