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 Too scared to show?

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Porter MaCleod
Main Event
Main Event
Porter MaCleod

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PostSubject: Too scared to show?   June 26th 2008, 4:46 am

The camera cues in on Porter MacLeod standing outside the doors to the JWF arena. He seems to be waiting impatiently.

Porter: Well, let's see. Still no sign of Latin, boyos. It seems he's just too scared to face the Real Deal. I'm sure there's going to be excuses of a family emergency, or my dog almost died, or I don't have the money to hitch a ride over here...blah, blah, blah.
Truth is lad, you wouldn't have stood a chance even if you did show up.
You see, this ride to the finals of the tournament has been way too easy for me. That shows me that the talent in this version of the JWF, sucks. The only one worth a shit in this tournament has been sucking nuts and paying off under the table to get his ass into the final of the tournament. And yes, I'm talking about Cyber Puke.
You can go on all you want about originality, lad. I don't fucking care. I don't even fucking care about you, but if you're going to talk about the Real Deal, I'm going to put my two cents into it too.
You see, I've actually put effort into this tournament, it didn't take much to get me to the finals...but at least I didn't go around whoring myself out, sucking lads off to convince them to let you win.
You see, you go on about how this title is supposed to mean something, but you're pulling out lower ways of winning than even I would. I cheat to win, you blow to win.
And if you ain't blowing these lads, then you must be paying them. Because I don't know how anyone could stand being on the same team as you could, listening to you go on and on about yourself and how you're 'undefeated' and all that shit.
No one fucking cares, and no one likes you. The only reason you've got lads on your side is because they see that whoever you've sucked off or paid off in the back office is on your side and is going let you get whatever you want.
You want to talk about bitches. Well listen here Cyber Prick...You're like some whiny little spoiled brat getting his way with everything. I wouldn't doubt it a bit if Joe Santiago himself isn't pulling strings to make sure that you win. You're not that impressive on the mic, and you're definitely not that impressive in the ring.
If it came down to talent in the ring, I'd win in two seconds...But this match we're going to have isn't going to be about talent...oh no...it's going to be about favoritism. You're going to throw a bitch-fit if you don't win this match, and quite frankly I wouldn't doubt it if I was confronted sometime next week with a threat on being fired if I don't job to you.
News flash for you fucknut...I'd die before I'd job to a fuckup like you. Now, if the lad had talent and had a purpose on being a champion...then maybe I would. But when its little bitches like you who can't stand not to get their way and have to have everything pretty much done for them so they won't have to get their hands dirty, there's no way in hell I'm going down without kicking your ass first.
If there's some screwjob in place for me next week, I'll won't walk out...oh fuck no...but you better believe that I'll be there to give you the worst ass kicking you whiny little ass has ever had boyo. And I don't mean in the ring, I mean kicking your ass to the curb. You won't be walking, you won't be talking...you'll be unconcious on a car hood with your head through the windshield. You'll wake up in a full body cast in a hospital wondering what the hell happened to ya. And then, when you least expect it, I'll be there to beat your crippled ass some more.
I don't care about lawsuits or doing some time...I've pulled my fair share of jail time and I've been sued more times than anyone could sanely think...
I don't fucking care.
And I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Joe Santiago sees himself in you, and he can't wait to get his greedy little paws on another belt, and if you're holding, that's good enough for him. Because if you two ain't lovers, and you ain't related...then he just thinks you're a younger version of him.
And save your breath when you go on to praise about how it's an honor to be thought of like him. He's just the same as you...a greedy little bitch who wants the title on his waist and doesn't care who he has to step on or screw over or buy out to get it.
Lad, you've done fucked up by pissing me off. You've been riding through this tournament with no real competition. I've said quite a few things before this, and I plan on backing them up. But you haven't seen shit yet until it comes down to me and you in that ring.
I'm going to save the best words for last. And if you think you're one of the dirtiest sons of bitches in this game as far as cheating and fighting...then you're in for one hell of a surprise. You can bet your wimp ass on losing next week. And if you don't, you'll have hell to pay along with any other of the lads who had to help you win because you couldn't do it on your own.
I'm done...DxLatin, if you show up, you've got the lucky seat in thouse, because I'm pissed and I need a punching bag.
Cyber Bitch, you're next lad. And I'm going to leave you flat on your back, out cold, like the little bitch that you are.

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Too scared to show?
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