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 JWF Encore: 6/28/08

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PostSubject: JWF Encore: 6/28/08   June 28th 2008, 2:33 pm

The camera opens up to a JWF logo, which explodes. A video package for Encore begins to play as "Before I Forget" by Slipknot blares in the backround. We soon come to backstage with Drake Daniels and Jason Biggs. Drake has a smug look on his face and is showing off his new "Invasion" T-shirt

"The Microphone Nerd" Jason Biggs - "I am backstage tonight with Invasion Leader Drake Daniels.

Drake Daniels: "You're there backstage guy? The voice to grab the attention of every JWF superstar? Yea this place is as good as fucked"

Jason Biggs - "So you really are trying to kill the JWF once and for all?"

Drake Daniels: "Did you figure that out all bye your lonesome self? Listen Here dip shit, This place is already dead! Have you looked around brother, it's like a fucking ghost town around here."

Jason Biggs - "Everyone is getting ready, there is a World Championship tournament going on"

Drake Daniels: "Yet another bad joke. Really Who in the tournament really should be crowned champion? No one, there all sub par at best."

Jason Biggs - "Rumors have it that you got some big news concerning the faith of JWF"

Drake Daniels: "You heard right, because what I have in this here envelope is enough proof to bury the Joe Santiago and the JWF for good"

Jason Biggs - "What is it?"

Drake Daniels: "Nice try fuck face"

The cameras go back to ringside where we see The Mountie and Maegan

Mountie - "Well Megan I think Drake has just made it known that he is on a war path to take down JWF I don't think he has many friends with those words."

Meagan - "I think you are right Mount"
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Number of posts : 282
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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore: 6/28/08   June 28th 2008, 2:51 pm

Out in the Fields by Phil Lynott and Gary Moore as D-Tox walks out onto the ramp. he raises his hands to absorb the crowds reaction before running down the ramp being followed by pyros on the way down. As he slides into the ring fireworks shoot off each turnbuckle.

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - This next match is for one fall, and is for a trip to the semi finals of the world championship tournament, all ready in the ring... D-TOX!!

'The Crestfallen' by Soilwork smashes the P.A as immediately the crowd errupt in boo's and abuse Dave. Dave walks out with his hands in the air as the crowd become even more pissed off. Dave is wearing his black leather jacket hoody with DJ written on the back. Dave has his head down as the chorus hits, fireworks come smashing out of nowhere as Dave walks down the ramp. Dave walks into the ring and places his index finger in the air as he chuckes his jacket into the fans, but the jacket soon gets chucked back at him.

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - And his opponent, Dave Johnson!!

Tox and DJ stand in the middle of the ring, looking across from each other in a distance. Tox makes the first move, running and grabbing a hold of DJs hair and dropping him to the mat, face first. DTox quickly tries going for the cover, but only getting a two count before DJ could get an arm up. Tox stands to his feet and grabs hands full of DJ's hair, dragging him into the corner of the ring, where he props him up on the turnbuckle. he begins attacking him with rights and lefts, until the referee gets in the middle and stops him. DTox shoves the ref to the side and goes back to work on DJ, pulling onto DJ's clothing to gain him some embarrassment. DJ shoves Anna and causes her to take a few steps back. Anna walks back up to her, but Destiny slips under and takes her down with a drop toe hold, causing Anna to hit her head against the padding. DJ stands to his feet, and drops a knee into Tox's midsection. Tox screams in pain, as DJ stands him right back up, and positions him into a suplex maneuver. DTox tries to reverse it, but with no luck as his back bounces off the mat. DJ looks pleased as he goes for a cover, only able to get a two count before DTox was able to kick out with force. DJ is stunned as Dtox tries fighting it, grabbing onto the ropes to stand to his feet. DJ quickly kicks DTox's legs from under him, knocking him back down on the mat. DTox tries again, to reach to her feet, but with no luck as DJ stuns him by turning him around, kicking him in the midsection and slamming him to the mat back first with a rough neck breaker! DJ covers DTox, again, only getting a two count.

Mountie - Close Call Meagan.

Meagan - I thought DJ had him.

DJ grabs on to DTox's hair and brings him back to his feet. He shoves him against the ropes and bounces her off. DTox comes back and fly's in the air to try and knock hIM down but Dj ducks and Dtox's goes flying into the corner, bouncing his head off the ropes and hitting the mat hard. DJ looks on, with confusion but he walks over to him and brings him back up. Tox can barely stand as DJ spins and kicks him in the stomach, making him bend over. DJ then wraps his arm around his head and drops to his back, making DTox's head bounce off the mat. DJ covers again, only getting a two count before DTox could kick out. DJ stands up and begins kicking away at DTox's body. He slams his elbow against DTox's neck. DTox tries again to rise to his feet, but with not being able to. DJ makes sure of it, as he drives a knee into his back. DJ then runs at the ropes and comes back, only to drop a leg across TOX's chest. he covers, getting a two count. DJ looks upset as he stands DTox to his feet and shoves him into a corner. he begins climbing the turnbuckle himself, but DTox pushes him and makes him crotch the turnbuckle. he grabs DJ's hair and puts him against the pole. DTox runs into the opposite corner, and comes back with a baseball slide right to DJ's face! he drops to the mat. DTox covers, getting a two count before DJ was able to kick out. DTox grabs DJ's hair and brings him up. he kicks him in the stomach and traps his head between his arm, dropping down with a forceful DDT! DJ is dazed while DTox walks around the ring, looking for any idea's to use against him

Mountie - D-Tox got something in mind here.

Megan - He better do something quick. He's giving Dave Johnson too much time to recover.

He walks back towards DJ and slams his head against the mat. He does it again, and a third time, before releasing him hold and walking away towards the turnbuckle in the corner. he climbs the turnbuckle and drops down with a knee directly placed against his the back of her neck!! DTox grabs onto DJ's hair, once more, and tosses him to the outside. he goes to the outside, following him. But DJ is right there, as he trips DTox up on the apron when he clipped his knee. DJ slams DTox's face against the apron. he tosses him back into the ring and follows him in, covering him, afterwards. Only getting a two count, DJ stands back up and grabs DTox's arm to bring him into the corner. he begins mounting him, nailing him in the face with his forearm, repeatedly. he drags him away from all the ropes and into the middle of the ring. DJ runs against the ropes and jumps into the air, slamming DTox to the mat with a flying clothesline!! he covers DTOX, 1... 2... DTOX kicks out with getting an arm in the air! DJ doesn't know what to do, any more, as he looks around the ring and even grabs at his head with impatience and anger. he gets back to his feet. he looks around then lifts DTox to his feet. Quickly, he irish whips DTox toward the ropes. DTox comes back and slides under DJ, DJ turns around and DTOx drops him with the The D-ToXic! He hooks the leg

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - "Here is your winner...........................D-TOX!!!!!

D-Tox gets back to his feet. The ref raises his hand in victory as he holds his head.

Winner: D-TOX Via D-ToXic
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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore: 6/28/08   June 28th 2008, 2:56 pm

Joe Santiago is seen walking back to his office, a confident smile on his face as his show kicks off great. He opens the door, however, to see his office completely trashed. Joe has a shocked look on his face as he enters the room, seeing everything tossed to the floor. The camera pans around to see the destruction.

Joe Santiago: What the hell is going on here?

He brushes the trash off his desk and there cavered into the desk is a message of sorts:


Joe Santiago: What the hell is this supposed to mean? Proof of what?

He looks around

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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore: 6/28/08   June 28th 2008, 3:11 pm

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - The following match is scheduled for one fall and is another Championship tournament match. Introducing first, GIVE IT UP FOR GraizzA!

"Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet play through out the arena as GraizzA comes out with a gray fog surrounding the stage and looks around. He walks at an average pace down the ramp and and the end he stops and looks up. He jumps around and holds his hands high in the air and pyros shoot out from the stage. He gets onto the apron and then up the turnbuckle and taunts.

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - And his opponent. DALLAS MCWADE

The arena falls back as red, white, and blue beams of light dance across the crowd. Numbers start to flicker on the big screen like at the beginning of old Hollywood movies. They are counting down in rhythm to music of A Perfect Circle - The Outsider. And Dallas comes storming out of the entrance way and down to the ring. Dallas slides into the ring and kicks GraizzA in the gut and bounces off the ropes nailing Grazzia with a clothesline, but Grazzia hits one of his own!

The Mountie - My God! This early into the match and we are already seeing the death defying moves.

Meagan - Well you had to expect it, with two of the most agile and also arrogant superstars we have.

The referee begins the ten count. He doesn’t get very far before Grazzia gets to his feet. He picks Dallas off the ground and grabs his arm. Grazzia irish-whips Dallas toward the steel steps. Wait, No! Dallas reverses, and it’s Grazzia who’s knee collides with steel. The sheer force sends Grazzia flipping over the top of the steel steps and landing on the other side. Dallas rolls into the ring as the referee gets dangerously close to a ten count. The referee motions for Dallas to step back so he can continue his count, 7.......8...Grazzia is at his feet and is reaching for the ring apron....9.......no wait! Dallas flies over the top rope perfecting a somersault plancha landing directly on Grazzia. This breaks the referee’s count and he has no choice but to start over.

Mountie - What a move by Dallas!

Megan - You mean what a dumb move! Dallas could have won this match by count out if he didn’t go for that high risk move!

Dallas wastes no time. He picks up Grazzia and rolls him into the ring. Dallas follows and finally both men are inside the ring for the first time since the opening seconds of the match. Dallas goes for the first pinning attempt. 1...2...No! Grazzia gets his shoulder up before 3 but looks to be in a little pain. Dallas begins putting the boots to Grazzia, not allowing him to reach the vertical position. Dallas then poses to the crowd, who responds with a chorus of boo’s. Dallas then goes for a standing shooting star press. No! Grazzia rolls out of the way and it is Dallas’ face which collides with the mat. Grazzia uses the ring ropes to pull himself to his feet. He grabs Dallas and throws him towards the ropes. Dallas bounces off the ropes as Grazzia leaps off the mat, and catches Dallas with a beautiful hurrincanrana sending Dallas flying across the ring. Grazzia makes his first attempt at a pin. 1...2...No! Dallas barely gets his shoulder up before the count of 3.

Meagan - We have to keep in mind these men are fighting for a chance to be the JWF World Heavyweight Champion!

Mountie - Thus they are willing to do anything, and we have seen that thus far into the match.

Grazzia picks Dallas off the mat and throws in into the corner. He then begins with an onslaught of punches and kicks. Dallas is getting with every limb Grazzia has, and Dallas is just trying to do his best to cover up. Finally Dallas manages to catch one of the legs of Grazzia. He backs him up a few feet, but he is too slow to act, as Grazzia quickly uses his other leg to kick Dallas in the back of the head, landing a picture perfect Enziguri. Dallas hits the mat hard as Grazzia climbs to the top rope. He pauses for a bit, posing for the crowd as Dallas rolls around on the ground grabbing the back of his head in pain. Grazzia calls for the a big splash. He leaps off the top rope, getting sky high. He comes with high velocity, but Dallas gets his knee’s in the way of his chest, and Grazzia crashes and burns. Both men are slow to their feet. The referee begins the ten count. 1...2...3...4..both men begin to move...5...6..both men are climbing to their feet...7...8...9...and both men are up before the count of 10! Grazzia turns around, and as he does, Dallas is waiting, and he nails Grazzia with a superkick. He lands and falls on Grazzia. 1...2.......NO! Grazzia’s shoulder comes off the mat at the last possible second.

Mountie - I thought we had a winner there Meagan!

Megen - With all these high risk moves, what is it going to take to keep either of these men down.

Dallas stands up with frustration clearly on his face. He paces the ring, waiting for Grazzia to get to his feet. Grazzia staggers toward Dallas. Dallas measures Grazzia and lays him out with the Skulll crushser. Quickly he jumps ontop of Cocky, hooking the leg........1.................2....................3.

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - "Here is your winner...........................DALLAS MCWADE!!!!!

Dallas has his hand raised in victory. A large grin comes across his face as the referee raises his hand.

Winners: Dallas McWade Via Skull Crusher
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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore: 6/28/08   June 28th 2008, 3:25 pm

The camera goes backstage to Joe's Office. Where Drake walks into the office.

Joe - "You got a lot of balls to show up here?"

Drake Daniels: "Save your threats for someone who cares."

Joe - "You're a funny guy Drake, Here's a tip why don't you back the fuck up and leave my office"

Drake Daniels: Again with the fucking threats, listen here Joe...You see this right here?"

Drake holds up the Envelope

Drake Daniels: "This here say's I OWN your ass!"

Joe - "The hell you do! No one OWNS Joe Santiago...Not you...Not anyone! So why don't you take your sock puppet and get the hell out of my office!"

Drake Daniels: "What ever you say Joe, Just know that Next week, this here piece of your past well find it's way to every dirt sheet in America, I'm talking about TMZ, Hollywood reporters, every single tabloid! You'll be ruined, Bank on it Brother!"

Drake leaves the room, leaving Joe a looking a little worried

Joe Santiago - "What the hell does he have...Wait...He couldn't have..."

Joe turns and tosses a picture of himself off his office wall and opens his wall safe. He punches the wall

Joe Santiago - "How the hell did he get that?"

He picks up the phone...

Joe Santiago - "Stylez...Come to my office ASAP! I got a offer you cant refuse."
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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore: 6/28/08   June 28th 2008, 3:35 pm

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - "This contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall. GIVE IT UP FOR Joshua Williams!

Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones hit’s the pa system as the lights flicker off and on, fireworks begin to be set off in every direction as JW walks out onto the ramp way, he begins to walk down the ramp way as fans are screaming his name, he signs a few autographs and then runs and slides into the arena……

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - "And his opponent. CYBER PUNK

The lights fade. As soon as Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon hits Cyber Punk runs out onto the entrance ramp. He pauses at the top, arms raised in the air. Making his way down the ramp he slowly spins, taking in the crowd and pointing to the crowd. Leaping over the top rope he makes his way to the turnbuckle where he climbs to the top, once again arms rose in the air.

The two men look at each other intensely. JW starts trash talking Punk, but Punk delivers a series of right hands to JW. JW staggers back into the ropes and tries to shake out the cobwebs. Punk takes JW and whips him into the ropes. Punk attempts a clothesline, but JW ducks and holds his arms out. And out of the blue just drops to the mat. Punk smiles and falls down on to JW and the ref makes the cover.

The Mountie: What the hell?

Megan: "Looks like Cyber Punk meet Joshua's price and bought himself a free ticket into the semi-finals"

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - "Here is your winner...........................CYBER PUNK!!!

The ref raises Punk's hand, as he rolls out the ring and makes his way up the ramp with another easy win

Winner: Cyber Punk Via Pinfall
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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore: 6/28/08   June 28th 2008, 3:41 pm

Johnny Stylez strolls into the office of Joe Santiago

Johnny Stylez: Hey there Joe, Surprised you invited me here.

Joe Santiago: Yea it's great to see you to.

Johnny Stylez: Enough with the bullshit bro, we both know we cant stand each other.

Joe Santiago: Listen Johnny, I want to give you the ownership of the JWF

Johnny Stylez: What the hell are you talking about?

Joe Santiago: I'm talking about handing you the deed to JWF

Johnny Stylez: Listen Joe, I really aint in the mood to deal with one of you're sick plans

Joe Santiago: No Plan. Its legit, Here's the deed, I already signed it all you gotta do is sign your name and this empire is yours

Johnny Stylez grabs the pen a little taken back and signs his name on the deed

Joe Santiago: Enjoy

Joe grabs his stuff and leaves Stylez standing in the room with a smile on his face, he picks up his phone

Johnny Stylez: He did it, JWF is mine bro

The camera gets a shot of Joe leaving

Joe Santiago: One less worry to have to deal with, now I can finally enjoy the good life.
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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore: 6/28/08   June 28th 2008, 4:05 pm

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - "Tonight's Main Event is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, DXLATIN!

Latinos Stand Up hit the PA system, and when the flash for his Entrance Video hit the screen, the same goes for the stage, than out steps DXLatin. He stands there with his head down, than after about 2 seconds, he starts to walk down the ramp. When he gets to the ring he slides under the bottom rope, and climbs the bottom left turnbuckle, and throw his hands up in the air. Threw his who entrance you can hear the crowed booing, and some cheering him on. After he jumps off the turnbuckle he waits for his opponent.

"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - "And his opponent. The Real Deal PORTER MACLEOD"

“AH FUCK OFF” is heard as the fans recognize it to be the voice of Porter. The fans begin their long, droning chants of “Poorrrrrter, Poooorrrrrrrter” and the first notes of the song play. “If your looking for trouble
Your in the right place
Don't look at me like that, or i'll headbutt your face
i'm a mean motherfucker
i was born that way
and just because i wear a skirt don't think i'm fuckin' gay

Cause i'm an evil scotsman
and Jimmy is my name
i'm a sheep shagger from Aberdeen
and causing pain is my game

Porter peeks out through the curtains and looks around. He then steps out from the curtains. He slowly walks to down the ramp, chomping his gum arrogantly and taunting the crowd.

“Now if your a womanv married or not
al take all your kit off and i'll dive in your mot
i'll take your legs and spread them wide
and then i'll put a wet suit on and shag you from inside

i'm an evil scotsman
and My name is Jock
and the girls are all gaggin' for a portion of my 10" cock

He points to his chest, saying he is the Real Deal and walks up the steps. At the top of the steps he stalls, placing his hands on his hips he looks around nodding his head. He throws his hands up quickly and shakes his head wildly then quickly jumps over the top rope while holding onto it.

Yes i'm an evil Scotsman
and my name is Jock

i've got one hand in my pocket
and i'm playing with my 10" cock

He motions for the camera to come closer and spits his gum on the lens. He laughs and then goes to the corner of the ring. He lies across the top turnbuckle and puts his hands behind his head, waiting for his opponent.

i don't care where you come from
if your big or your small
i've fought the best
and i beat them all
If your english or irish
you wont have to die
but if you are a German you can kiss your arse goodbye

i'm an evil scotsman
and Jock is my name
if you don't like the rules don't play the fuckin' game
yes, i'm an evil Scotsman
my name is Jock!
and the girls are just dying for a portion of my 10" cock.

The two men get in each others face, exchanging words with each other. DXLatin shoves Porter off of him and Porter starts punching DXLatin. After exchanging right hands with each other, Porter kicks DXlatin in the stomach. Porter attempts a axe kick, but DXLatin dodges it. A stunned Porter looks around and ZDXLatin attempts a pele kick. The kick connects and Porter falls to the mat.

The Mountie - "It looks like DXLatin is down for the count Megan."

Megan - "I wouldn't be so sure of that. Porter has gotten back to his feet and is looking to take out DXLatin."

Porter is standing in a corner. DXLatin goes to attempt a monkey flip, but Porter powerbombs him to the mat. Quickly he goes for the pinfall...1........2....

The Mountie - "I think he has done it!"

DXLatin kicks out. DX gets back to his feet. He lifts Porter back to his. Quickly he irish whips Porter into the corner. Porter bounces hard off the turnbuckle. Landing face first back on the canvas. DX taunts the crowd. Taking his time to get to the fallen Porter. When he reaches Porter he drops a hard elbow into the back of Porter. Porter rolls on the mat in pain. Rolling out of the ring. DX catches this. He grabs the top rope and springs himself over the top. Landing a body splash onto Porter. Both men tumble to the floor on the outside. DX is the first to his feet. He grabs Porter by the back of the head and smashes it into the barricade. He pulls Porter's head back and slams it hard back down into the barricade. He tries a third time, this time Porter blocks it. He elbows DX hard in the gut. He then lifts DX in a snake eyes position. He tosses DX forward, his throat landing across the barricade. DX walks away from Porter holding his throat. Porter follows close in pursuit. He grabs DX head and bounces it off the announce table. DX falls hard to the concrete holding his head. Porter helps DX up. He uses all his power to irish whip DX into the barricade. DX crashes hard against the unforgiving barricade. He falls down the wall, propped up against it. Clearly in a lot of pain. Porter dashes toward DX. He drives his knee hard into the face of DX. DX falls to the concrete hard. He holds his face. Porter slides back into the ring to break the 10 count. The ref tells Porter to stay in the ring.

The Mountie - "DXLatin could be out cold!”

A few seconds pass before Porter finally decides to exit the ring once more. DX uses the barricade to slowly stagger to his feet. Porter dashes toward DX. DX ducks at the last second sending Porter crashing over the barricade to the front row. He lands hard on some steel chairs as the fans have vacated the area. DX reaches overtop the barricade, pulling Porter toward himself. He nails Porter with a hard european uppercut, sending Porter falling back into the sea of chairs. Porter slowly crawls back to his feet. DX reaches over the barricade grabbing Porter by the head and pulls him over the barricade back to ringside. He grabs Porter and slides him inside the ring. Sliding in after him. The referee breaks his 10 count. DX smiles and poses for the crowd briefly. He drops another hard elbow into the chest of Porter. Porter rolls around. DX grabs Porter's legs, twisting them into his own, locking him into a sharpshooter. RPorter screams in pain. DX sits down into the move dead center in the middle of the ring. Porter archs his back pushing himself into a push up position screaming in agony. The ref asks Porter if he wants to quit. He refuses. He continues to fight the hold. DX locks the hold in tight. Porter fights the pain, trying to use every fibre of his being not to tap out. Porter finally works all the energy into his legs. Breaking the hold and sending DX head first through the ring ropes to the outside.

The Mountie - "I thought it was over!”

Porter struggles to catch his breath. DX, on the outside, uses the apron to crawl back to his feet. Porter gets back to his feet. He uses the little energy he has left to dash across the ring, landing a hard baseball slide into the face of DX. Porter rolls out the ring and rolls DX back into the ring, Once Porter slides into the ring, DX is up and sends Porter to the ropes, Porter comes off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from DX, Porter comes back and DXLatin gets his chance to PAY THE PIPER! Porter hooks the leg!


"Ring Announcer" Lilian Garcia - "Here is your winner...Porter MaCleod!"

“Evil Scotsmen” by Billy Connoly hits as Porter gets up and posse's for his victory as he moves into the semi-finals! But the celebration is short lived as Cyber Punk steps out on the stage and the two icons of the JWF stand, watching each other. Cyber Punk smiles and motions that the championship is going around his waist at Last Stand, Porter gives Cyber Punk the finger as the JWF logo flashes across the screen and highlights of tonight's events takes over the air waves.

Winner: Porter MaCleod Via Pay the Piper
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Porter MaCleod
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PostSubject: Re: JWF Encore: 6/28/08   June 29th 2008, 2:24 am

This was a segment that was sposed to be in between Porter's confrontation with Punk

Porter MacLeod has the microphone in his hand, he is breathing heavily.

Alright...There've been some comments about Porter MacLeod floating
around here that I'm going to join the New Design and that I'm going to
join the Invasion with the other JWF original, Skull-fuck.
Well...think again lads and lasses, Porter Fucking MacLeod isn't going to join either faction.

JWF crowd cheers. The few fans in the crowd supporting the other teams
boo at Porter, but the cheers overwhelm them greatly.

Morgan: It's nice to see that Porter MacLeod is on our side.

Porter: But above all else in this...I'm not fighting for JWF

The entire crowd boos at this time.

Mountie: Looks like we were wrong...

Morgan: What the hell is he talking about?

Porter listens to the boos with a stern look on his face.

I'm not getting into this Rat Race on who's going to be first to be the
big faction. I'm not going to be riding on the coattails of Cyber Puke,
and I'm definitely not going to be teaming up with the Minute Man Drake
Daniels, he's here one minute and quitting the next. Who knows how long
he'll stick with this faction.
Porter MacLeod is his own man. I'm
not tying down allegiances to Joe Santiago, Cyber Puke, or Drake
Daniels. I am a free agent though all of this. Every single one of you
can kiss my ass if you think I'm going to be fighting for you.
you're sitting there thinking "Oh, but Porter, that means everyone will
be against you, you'll stand no chance against all those guys."
You're wrong. I always liked the odds being against me.
Who knows, I might just turn up on the team that benefits me the best.
From now on, i'm freelancing...I'm the free agent of the JWF. I'm the franchise.
there's anyone else who's smart...They'll join this free-agency from
all these teams and let them beat the hell out of each other.
In the mean time, I'm going to stand idly by and watch as this all blows up in each of their faces and I'll-

as Porter is about to finish speaking, a green lightning bolt strikes
the ramp as "Seven" by Boondox begins to play. Crimson Skull starts
coming down to the ring as the crowd boos heavily. Porter smirks as he
sees this.
Crimson Skull steps over the top rope and gets into the
ring, staring down at Porter. Porter gets up against Porter's chest,
just as Skull looks down. Porter doesn't back down.
The two stand glaring at each other with hatred for a moment before Porter speaks up.

Porter: You just going to stand there and look at me, or are you going to prove you're not the bitch we think you are?

The crowd cheers.
Skull looks to his sides at the crowd and swipes the microphone from Porter's hand.

You are a fool if you think that staying out of this war will save you.
You won't have immunity from our wrath. You will have the biggest
target on your head out of any man on any of the teams.
And I'll be the first to say-

Porter snatches the microphone from Skull's hand.


The crowd explodes with cheers as Skull looks stunned at Porter's sudden outburst.

For starters, I don't think you're the real Crimson Skull. Number one,
if you are the real Skull...you've shrank just a little bit, lad.
Number two, I don't remember you having that gut two months ago. And
number three, you wouldn't have let the cat out of the bag before you
made you grand entrance. But that's besides the point. For the past
three years, all I have fucking heard is how great Crimson Skull is.
And for the past three years, I have sit and listened to you drone...on
and on and fucking on...You're like a skipping record that doesn't seem
to quit. Hell, you remind me of Ben Stein off of those Clear Eyes
But my question to you is, how in the hell have you gained all this admiration for doing so little?

Skull: I-

That was a rhetorical question dumbass. You use those big words lad,
we'll see how smart you really are if you know what rhetorical means.
give one thing to ya, lad. You were good at one point, but since
then...you've been in a decline for almost a year, and you just don't
seem to get it, do you?
You've done everything there is to do for
a burnt fucktard like you, so hang up your boots and go home. There's
lads like Hallow Wicked and Barelai Von'Vicious who you said were your
friends, who you said got their foot in the door. Well guess what
fucknut...Everyone was too busy listen to you spew shit about how great
you are, and they couldn't even have the chance to notice those other
two lads. When they're clearly out of your league right now. Hell, if
The Lad was to come back, he'd beat you in no time flat.
You're washed up, you're a has-been...and it's about damn time somebody gave you that reality check.
time is over, so get the fuck over it and move on with your life...You
don't have to pass the torch yourself, you're just standing in the way
of it moving on.

Skull asks for another microphone.

I came here to handle this civilly, and offer you a spot on the
Invasion's team. But obviously, you've decided to handle this in a more
violent approach...
If you want to go on a rant about has-beens...how's about we go on one about a never-was like Porter MacLeod?

The crowd boos as Porter's face has became a deep, dark red.

Where the hell have you been for the past three years? I've been out
there proving to the world, that I have what it takes to be in the top
spot. I might be a little bit shorter than you lad, but by god I can
take you down quicker than Cyber Puke would be on a dick. So, if you're
just going to stand here and do your normal boring-ass gimmick and talk
my ass to sleep, I suggest you turn around and head back to the back.
if you're still the same Crimson Skull who's worth a shit...you can
stand here and fight me like a man...if that little tragic fire didn't
burn that off too.

Skull throws the microphone down in anger.
His shoulders begin to shudder as Porter mocks him by acting like he's
trembling in his boots. Skull charges at Porter as Porter clocks Skull
with the microphone. Skull is addled as he sidesteps once or twice.
Porter clotheslines him over the top rope, going over with him.
they land, Porter begins layering punch after punch into Skull. Skull
throws Porter off of him and gets to his feet, still holding his temple
where Porter had hit him with the microphone.
Skull and Porter
begin trading blows, left and right. Referees begin piling down to
ringside, as they try to pull the two apart, both of them begin laying
out the refs. Once they've cleared all the refs, they begin trading
punches once more.
Porter low blows Skull and goes to the apron to
pull out a chair. As Skull is on his knees in pain, the rest of Drake
Daniels' Invasion team comes out. Porter stands with the chair in hand,
motioning for the members of the Invasion to come at him. They start
to, but hesitate and then bring Skull up and help him to the back.
Porter slams the chair against the ring post and throws it to the
ground. He pulls at his hair and throws his hands out to his sides,
shaking his head wildly and screaming to the fans. They are in mixed
cheers and boos.

Mountie: Well...I think we'll need to hire some new refs...

Morgan: That's for sure. And we've definitely seen a...wilder side to Porter MacLeod tonight.

Mountie: You pronounced it wrong...

Morgan: No I didn't.

Mountie: Yes, you did. It's Porter FUCKING MacLeod...boyo

Morgan: You're an idiot.

Mountie: We'll debate that later, but for now...do you think what Porter said is true about Skull?

Morgan: How can anyone imitate a man, no a monster like Crimson Skull?

Mountie: I don't know...just had to ask if you believed it or not. Maybe it's just mind games that Porter is playing.
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JWF Encore: 6/28/08
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