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 Porter's last stand

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Porter MaCleod
Main Event
Main Event

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PostSubject: Porter's last stand   July 1st 2008, 3:45 am

Word count: 999

The camera cues in on
Porter MacLeod standing in a room inside his Glennfinnan, Scotland home.
The room is decorated with Porter MacLeod merchandise. All the great things heís made or done in his
lengthy career In front of him.

Porter: My next matchÖvery well may be my last,
lads. Iíve done it all, except for win
the big one. Iíve won matches that most
lads would say is more worth than winning a title belt. But still, I always said Iíd win a world
title before I retire. But to tell the
truth, boyosÖIím slowly tiring of this game.

And Iím starting to get
tired of seeing all these young lads think theyíre Gods gift to wrestling
without proving shit to anyone else.

Iíve had a great
career, better than some would even imagine of having. Yeah, Iíve been a good guy, and Iíve been a
bad guy. But through it all, Iím still
the same jokester that Porter MacLeod loves to be.

Iíve got a lot to say
and a short time to say it, so Iím not going elaborate right now on what might
be my last match, but what might be my last opponents.

Punk, can go on for
days changing your name to make it sound or rhyme with something to piss you
off. But Iím not going to waste my
breath on it. Youíre head is so far up
your own ass youíd have to clear your throat before you went to fart. Youíre so bent on this idea that youíre the
greatest to ever step foot into a ring. You
probably think youíre God in the ring, and thatís not the case. Youíre nowhere near as good as what you think
you are. Youíre probably the one who
voted for this short promo limit just because you canít think of that much to
say about your opponent, and that way you wonít have to worry about them
beating you.

Youíre undefeated,
and I know why you are. Youíve been
riding on the laps of all the management in the back, or the one who counts
anyways, getting them to lay the way for you to keep on winning. Well, thereís no price thatís going to buy
Porter MacLeod outÖbecause thereís no love nor money that would keep me from
kicking your ass the worst itís ever been.

Youíve faced Kaos
before, youíre still gloating about beating him. He was probably too busy crying the whole
damn time, or yet again you had a helping hand into winning the match. Well, the good thing about this match now, is
the company is in good hands with Johnny Stylez. Me and him may not see eye to eye on a lot of
things, but he is a fair manÖwhich is more than I can say for some.

What are you going to
do now, Joe? Fire me for saying
something bad about you? Something Iíve
noticed in this company is that the more you polish Joeís ass, the higher up in
the company you go. With you Cyber Punk,
youíve probably got Joeís ass so shiny that itís brighter than the sun on a
summer day. Iím not going into gay jokes
or anything of the sort, Iím just calling you a suck up, plain and simple. I know the story behind your success, but Iím
not going to let the word out. Itíd be
too easy to do it to ruin you.

Iíve noticed that you
are a lot like Joe Santiago in a lot of ways.
Youíve done said if we merge with BLW that youíre going to retire. Well, I donít know if youíve heard the news
or not, but we are. But the main point Iím
getting at is, that youíre probably still going to go into this match and try
your damnedest to win, and itís going to take all youíve got to do so. And youíll probably pull a dirty win out of
your hat, or theyíll be a screwjob waiting for me, just because you canít finish
the job for yourself on your own. And
then youíll retire, leaving the title to no one. Just because you are exactly like Joe, and
you would kill yourself before passing the torch to anyone else. That is the main reason why the JWF has
failed so many times.

Lads like Me, Skull,
Wicked, Barelai, Stylez, Scorpio, Drake, and several others passed the torches
on several occasions. We didnít run our
time in the limelight too much to where it got redundant. Now, when there was no one to pass the torch
too, yeah we stayed in the limelight, but most of the time we were either
getting screwed over by Joe, or passing the torch to some younger lad with a
brighter future.

If Joe could just run
the company and keep himself out of the ring, and the title off of his circle of
fucknuts, then the company would do so much better. Because the ones he chooses to keep the title
on end up fucking things over, quickly.

Now, Cyber Punk. Iím going into our match as it is my last, so
youíre going to get the best damn match of your career out of Porter
MacLeod. I wonít go down easily, and I
probably wonít go down at all.

But I know if I canít
beat a lad thatís as horribly overrated as you are, then I know thereís no hope
for lads like me who know what the right thing to do is. Youíre probably going to try and get me
screwed over just to make yourself look good.
And your ego is so overflowed that you canít even see that youíre
nothing compared to what you think you are.
And Iím going to be there to put the boot in your ass and show you just
how much improvement you really need before you can start bragging on yourself
as much as you do.
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Porter's last stand
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