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 JWF/BLW presents: Last Stand

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PostSubject: JWF/BLW presents: Last Stand   July 6th 2008, 12:45 pm

We fade to a small room somewhere in the back of the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, MA where we see Johnny Stylez adjusting his two piece Aumini Suit, as the leader of the Invasion Drake Daniels walks into the room.

Johnny Stylez: How's it bro?

Drake: So Faggo thinks he can escape this place free and clear does he?

Johnny Stylez: Bro Joe Santiago has nothing to do with JWF, He signed the deed over early this week.

Drake: Doesn't matter if he burned this place to the ground, I'm still going to air the tape that well bring the past back to life for Joe

Johnny Stylez: Listen here Drake, Tonight there well be two champions crowned, Tonight well go off without a hitch you hear me! I well not put up with any of your bullshit Drake, not tonight

Drake: Whatever floats your boat

Drake smirks

Johnny Stylez: I want tonight to go off with out a hitch, you hear me Drake...A night no one well forget!

Drake nods

Drake: Tonight, Will def be a night no one forgets

The camera switches to ring side and the Mountie and Meagan

The Mountie: What the hell does Drake have planned for tonight?

Meagan: No one knows, but he promises a night were not going to forget

The Mountie: As if this being the last PPV of JWF isn't enough, Well folks lets kick it to Samantha who is ready to introduce tonights opening bout which well crown the very last JWF World Champion
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Main Event

Number of posts : 282
Age : 34
Registration date : 2006-10-28

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Record: 02-00-00
Alignment: Neutral
PostSubject: Re: JWF/BLW presents: Last Stand   July 6th 2008, 1:24 pm

Samantha: The following match is a First Blood match and it is for the right to be named the last JWF World Champion. Introducing firs at 6’2” and 250 pounds… DALLAS MCWADE!

A Perfect Circle - The Outsider hits and the crowd erupts in cheers as Dallas slowly makes his way to the ring with a serious look on his face.

Samantha: And his opponent in this match up, standing at 5'10” and weighing in at 210 pounds…D-TOX!!!!!!!!

Out in the Fields kicks in and D-ToX steps threw the curtain slowly, with a chain hanging across his shoulders and around his neck, holding a cigarette in his mouth he stairs at the crowd before raising his right hand in the air with head held down. He walks slowly down the ramp staring at the crowd, he takes puffs of his cigarette at different places before climbing the stares, then looks round the arena while placing his chain on the corner. He steps threw the ropes before again doing his taunt, in the middle of the ring. He then flicks his cigarette out of the ring, removes his jacket and shows he has brass knuckles.

The Mountie: This one should be great. The power of Dallas versus the speed of D-Tox.

Meagan: Dallas came prepared as he has brass knuckles and he’s going right after D-Tox.

D-Tox shoves the referee down and goes to nail Dallas with the brass knuckles but Dallas rolls right under it. Dallas turns and begins rocking D-Tox with rights and lefts. He backs up and bounces off the ropes but runs right into a clothesline by D-Tox. D-Tox goes to punch Dallas again and he moves. DTOX punches the mat and gets a low blow kick from Dallas. Dallas manages to take the brass knuckles off of DTOX. Dallas backs up and gets a running start, looking to nail DTOX with the brass knuckles. DTOX catches Dallas coming in and nails him with a huge spine buster. DTOX looks down at Dallas, takes the brass knuckles from him and then shakes his head tossing them into the crowd before rolling out of the ring.

The Mountie: D-Tox tossing the brass knuckles away. I don’t know how smart that was as one shot could have won him the match.

Meagan: I have to agree. That may not have been the smartest…Oh boy I see why now.

DTOX, reaches under the ring and pulls out a baseball bat. A sick smile comes across his face as he slides back in the ring and watches Dallas get up.. DTOX swings but Dallas ducks it. Dallas bounces off the ropes and catches DTOX with a chop block to the knee. DTOX drops to one knee and gets a dropkick to the face from Dallas. Dallas quickly goes to the top rope and looks down at DTOX. He leaps off going for a double foot stomp but DTOX gets a foot up. Dallas lands hard against his foot and then falls face first to the mat. DTOX gets up slowly and grabs the bat. He begins nailing Dallas with a series of shots to his body and legs with the bat as DTOX rolls around, screaming in pain before finally rolling out of the ring.

The Mountie: I’m starting to like the sadistic streak of this DTOX. He wants to Punish Dallas before he finishes him off.

Meagan: He better hope that doesn’t come back to haunt him.

The Mountie: Oh be quiet. You are always looking at the negative.

DTOX rolls out of the ring and catches Dallas in the midsection with the Bat as he tries to get up. Dallas drops to his knees and DTOX looks to be ready to deliver a shot to the head when Dallas low blows DTOX. Dtox drops to his knees and drops the bat as DTOX crawls away. Dallas gets up and grabs a a chair before stumbling back toward DTOX. He nails DTOX across the back with the chair causing DTOX to yell out in pain. DTox drops face first to the floor and Dallas jabs the chair into his neck. DTOX rolls around holding his neck only to have Dallas nail him with the chair across the back once more. Dallas throws the chair into the ring and then nails DTOX with a stiff right hand before rolling in the ring.

The Mountie: D-Tox may now be regretting not ending this when he had a chance.

Meagan: Well I’m not sure Dallas McWade will make that mistake as it looks like he has his own ideas.

Dallas rolls in the ring and immediately starts to untie the turnbuckle pad, exposing the turnbuckle. He goes over and grabs the DTOX, trying to slam him head first into the turnbuckle. DTox blocks it and tries to send Dallas head first , Dallas drops down out of the way and rolls out the ring. He points to his head, saying he is to smart for that only to get grabbed by DTOX. DTOX pulls Dallas back up on the ring apron, but Dallas grabs him and drops down sending DTOX neck first across the top rope. DTOX stumbles away falling back in the corner. Dallas rolls in the ring and charges at DTOX. DTOX catches Dallas coming in and elevates him over the top ropes Dallas falls chest first across the ring steps and then to the arena floor.

The Mountie: D-Tox may now be regretting not ending this when he had a chance.

Dallas holds his knee a it looked like he jammed it, landing on the floor. DTOX rolls out of the ring and tries to pick Dallas up but DTOX could barely stone. He presses Dallas over his head and tosses him back in the ring before looking under the ring. DTOX pulls out a lead pipe and smiles before climbing up on the ring apron. Dallas gets up an charges, nailing DTOX with a forearm shot. DTOX falls backwards off the ring apron and lands hard on the arena floor. Dallas drops to one knee and tries to shake the effects of earlier. He heads up to the top rope and leaps off nailing DTOX with the double stomp on the arena floor but damages his knee again and stumbles away in pain. He grabs a chair and limps back toward DTOX looking to nail him in the head but DTOX gets to his knees and meets Dallas with a head butt to the midsection.

The Mountie: This is more of survival match. You know someone’s gonna bleed here but both men are looking to make damn sure it’s not them.

Dallas stumbles away but manages to roll back into the ring still holding on to the chair. DTOX start to get up and into the ring catching Dallas with a shoulder to the midsection as he does. Dallas drops the chair and drops to his knees but DTOX picks him right back up. He whips Dallas into the exposed turnbuckle and DTOX stumbles out of the corner with a pained expression on his face holding his back and gets caught with a high kick to the side of the head. Dallas looks to be out of it as DTOX rolls out of the ring and grabs the ring steps. He slides the ring steps in the ring and then starts to climb back in. Suddenly Dallas gets up and nails DTOX with the Skull Crusher Both wrestlers go down without moving as the referee begins to check on them both.

DTOX rolls over and starts to get up but Dallas gets up first. He grabs the chair and wedged it into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle before going after DTOX. Dallas backs DTOX into the corner and begins nailing him with right hands to the jaw and kicks to the midsection. He goes to whip DTOX across the ring but DTOX reverse it sending Dallas into the corner. Dallas hits hard against the chair and exposed turnbuckle. He stumbles out of the corner right into The D-Toxic by DTOX. DTOX stands over the fallen Dallas and tells him time to get bloody before looking around . DTOX rolls out of the ring and grabs the huge wrench again. He slides in the ring and stands over Dallas. He goes to nail Dallas with the wrench but gets a low blow kick from Dallas. DTOX drops the wrench and drops face first to the mat as Dallas starts to pull himself up.

The Mountie: Dallas McWade can take control here. No matter how tough D-Tox is a blow like that will bring him down.

Meagan: Wouldn’t work on you though would it?

The Mountie: Well I…What do you mean by that?

Dallas rolls out of the ring, rolling DTOX out with him as he does. He pulls DTOX to his feet and tries to whip him into the ring steps but DTOX holds on to Dallas’s arm and tries to pull him into a clothesline. Dallas ducks it and nails DTOX with a drop knocking him backwards into the railing. He quickly picks up a chair and goes to nail DTOX with it but DTOX moves out of the way. Dallas goes to nail DTOX again but DTOX tackles Dallas and drives him back first into the ring apron. Dallas drops to his knees and DTOX drags him over to the ring steps. He goes to slam Dallas’ head into the ring steps but Dallas blocks it and nails DTOX with a series of elbows to the midsection. Dallas tries to slam D-Tox’s head into the steps now but DTOX gets his huge arms up blocking the contact with his head before stumbling away with Dallas going right behind him.

The Mountie: Dallas knows he has DTOX reeling Maybe we should say he smells blood but can he capitalize on it?

Meagan: That is the question of the day and lets not say that.

Dallas jumps on DTOX's back trying to take him Down but DTOX just holds him there. You see a look of Anger grow in DTOX eyes as he falls backwards sending all of his weight down on Dallas. DTOX gets up and Dallas rolls around holding the back of his head and the referee checks for blood. DTOX pulls Dallas up and puts him on his shoulders. He charges for the ring post, looking to launch Dallas face first into it but Dallas drops down behind DTOX. Hooks him and takes him down with a Reverse DDT. DTOX now rolls around holding the back of head as the referee checks for blood. Dallas walks away looking under the ring. He finally pulls out a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire causing the crowd to erupt in cheers as he holds it up in the air.

The Mountie: Oh boy we just got a lot more serious now.

Meagan: I would say so and listen to this crowd and you say the world doesn’t like violence

The Mountie: Wait. I never said that.

Dallas goes around toward DTox but DTOX sees him and tries to get away. DTOX rolls in the rig but Dallas quickly rolls in from the opposite direction. DTOX turns and Dallas charges only to have DTOX roll out o f the ring. Dallas swings at him with the 2x4 barely missing DTOX’s head. DTOX reaches in and grabs Dallas’ legs pulling him of the ring part of the way and slamming Dallas’ keg into the ring apron. Dallas yells out in pain but manages to keep the 2x4. DTOX grabs a chair and both men stand staring at each other.

Dallas swings the 2x4 but DTOX blocks it with the chair. DTOX swings the chair at Dallas’ head but Dallas ducks under it. Both men turn to ace each other but Dallas is a bit quicker, he just manages to miss DTOX with the 2x4 and DTOX falls down. DTOX starts to beg off as he backs toward the ring steps.

The Mountie: DTOX is trapped. This one is over. Dallas is gonna give the finally blow and no way barbed wire doesn’t draw blood.

Meagan: It does appear to all over for DTOX

Dallas gets ready to nail DTOX when suddenly DTOX reaches up and nails Dallas in the midsection with a punch. Dallas doubles over in pain and drops the 2x4 and looks to be having a hard time breathing as DTOX gets up. DTOX looks around and holds up a second pair of brass knuckles he had slipped on his hand. He turns and nails Dallas in the head with the brass knuckles knocking him down but then repeatedly nails him until blood starts to flow and he referee calls for the bell. DTOX nails Dallas a few more times before standing up and holding his fist in the air.

Samantha: And here is your winner...And NEW JWF WORLD CHAMPION...DTOX!!!

The Mountie: DTOX had us all fooled. Now we know why he threw away the first brass knuckles. He wanted Dallas to see it drop his guard. That’s what I call being street smart.

Meagan: That's what Ill call a CHAMPIONSHIP effect
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PostSubject: Re: JWF/BLW presents: Last Stand   July 6th 2008, 1:34 pm

The scene comes back to the office of Stylez, as he is cheering the Last JWF World Champion D-Tox, he picks up his phone

Stylez: Hey bro, D-Tox is the last JWF WORLD CHAMPION!

A pause

Stylez: WHAT?!?

A pause

Stylez: You're coming here? Tonight? But I though we were gonna do thi.....

A pause

Stylez: Your the man with the plan, I guess Ill see yea when you get here

He hangs up the phone and begins to rub his temple. When his flat screen begins to lose it's picture.

Stylez: What the hell is this?

He reaches behind the TV trying to get his crystal clear picture back. but has no luck

Stylez: Why isn't this working, everyone should be seeing more highlights of JWF! It's what I paid for, Last PPV filled with memories and bullshit, not dead air!

As if the screen read Stylez mind, a JWF FLASHBACK is spinning across the JWF screen

Stylez: Finally

But his happiness is short lived as the title of 'One Night in Cutie Pie' Flashes on the screen

Stylez: What the hell is this? This wasn't apart of the highlight real?

Stylez storms off to the TV truck as this wasn't apart of the highlight real he had forward to the techs, and we soon find out who is responsible for the disturbing fun. As a:

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Main Event

Number of posts : 282
Age : 34
Registration date : 2006-10-28

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Record: 02-00-00
Alignment: Neutral
PostSubject: Re: JWF/BLW presents: Last Stand   July 6th 2008, 2:12 pm

Last Stand jumps from commercials and pans through the arena to a frenzied crowd of loyal JWF fans excited for the forthcoming match up. The camera cuts to a smiling Samantha in the ring just before heading ringside to both The Mountie and Meagan

The Mountie: And this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! That match that will make history in JWF for a whole lot of different reasons! PORTER MACLEOD VERSUS CYBER PUNK

The camera now cuts right back to the ring to Samantha. As usual, she smiles out at the crowd before raising her microphone to her lips.

Samantha: The following contest is a Reverse Ladder Match for the JOE'S WRESTLING FEDERATION HEAVYWEIGHT Championship.

Darkness engulfs the arena and after a few moments the screen flicks to life…








If you like us,
Calling all riders,
Roll up beside us,
No place to hide us,
All freedom fighters,
Let’s unite us,
Switch on your nitrous
And let’s go
Destination for navigation,
Man up ya stations,
Feel the sensation
Surround invasion with communication,
Move quick, we might avoid contamination

Thousand Foot Krutch hits the PA system as the crowd begin to boo wildly. As the lights flick back on again we see a figure standing with his back to the camera, a jacket on with “Captain Anarchy” written on the back and the hood pulled up over his head. He spins around and holds out his hands to his side, standing on the top of the ramp for a few moments to absorb the abuse from the crowd. He holds up a finger as though telling the fans to wait a moment before ducking back behind the curtain, returning moments later with his carbon copy of the JWF Championship. He puts it over his shoulder as he walks to the ring, leaping on to the apron and over the top rope with ease before walking across the ring, climbing the turnbuckles to the second rope and looking out around the crowd, pulling his hood down and shielding his eyes from the lights and just absorbing their hatred of him. He places the Belt in the corner before walking over to Samantha and handing her a fresh new card to read from.

Samantha: Introducing, from Washington D.C and weighing in at 220 pounds, he is 'THE KNIG OF THE NEW SCHOOL' CYBER PUNK!!

The crowd boo and jeer wildly as Punk holds out his arms and absorbs it all with a smile.

Samantha: And his opponent, from Derbyshire, Scotland…at a weight of 263 pounds, GIVE IT UP FOR PORTER MACLOED

“AH FUCK OFF” is heard as the fans recognize it to be the voice of Porter. The fans begin their long, droning chants of “Poorrrrrter, Poooorrrrrrrter” and the first notes of the song play. “If your looking for trouble
Your in the right place
Don't look at me like that, or i'll headbutt your face
i'm a mean motherfucker
i was born that way
and just because i wear a skirt don't think i'm fuckin' gay

Cause i'm an evil scotsman
and Jimmy is my name
i'm a sheep shagger from Aberdeen
and causing pain is my game

Porter peeks out through the curtains and looks around. He then steps out from the curtains. He slowly walks to down the ramp, chomping his gum arrogantly and taunting the crowd.

“Now if your a womanv married or not
al take all your kit off and i'll dive in your mot
i'll take your legs and spread them wide
and then i'll put a wet suit on and shag you from inside

i'm an evil scotsman
and My name is Jock
and the girls are all gaggin' for a portion of my 10" cock

He points to his chest, saying he is the Real Deal and walks up the steps. At the top of the steps he stalls, placing his hands on his hips he looks around nodding his head. He throws his hands up quickly and shakes his head wildly then quickly jumps over the top rope while holding onto it.

Yes i'm an evil Scotsman
and my name is Jock

i've got one hand in my pocket
and i'm playing with my 10" cock

He motions for the camera to come closer and spits his gum on the lens. He laughs and then goes to the corner of the ring. He lies across the top turnbuckle and puts his hands behind his head, waiting for his opponent.

i don't care where you come from
if your big or your small
i've fought the best
and i beat them all
If your english or irish
you wont have to die
but if you are a German you can kiss your arse goodbye

i'm an evil scotsman
and Jock is my name
if you don't like the rules don't play the fuckin' game
yes, i'm an evil Scotsman
my name is Jock!
and the girls are just dying for a portion of my 10" cock.

The tension in the arena is now by far the highest it’s been all night with these two men standing face to face. It appears that the ring has already been littered with several weapons. Cyber Punk and Porter MaCleod keep their eyes trained on one another, no blinking involved, as Sam hands the JWF Heavyweight Championship to both men to see. She in turn hands it to a nearby stagehand who takes it to the announce table and out of reach for the time being. The Ref then turns to both men and looks as though he is about to talk to them but Porter suddenly shoves him out of the way and levels CP with a clothesline! The bell suddenly rings and the match is officially underway!

The Mountie: Damn, somebody’s eager!

Meagan: Eager enough to disrespect the referee!

The Mountie: Can he get fired for that?

Meagan: I doubt it since this is the last event of JWF

The fallen CP quickly pops back to his feet only to receive another hard clothesline from his opponent. Once CP falls once again Porter stands back and waits for him to climb back to his feet. He then goes for his third clothesline but this time CP grabs a hold of his arm in mid-throw and knocks him clean across the ring with a vicious European uppercut to the chin! Porter hits the mat with a thud and CP stalks towards him immediately. He quickly begins laying rapid boots to the body of Porter, Punk then grabs Porter by the throat and hauls him to his feet. With his hand still wrapped tightly around Porter’s throat CP balls his fist tightly and hits porter with a solid body punch, followed by another. He then tosses porter into the corner and charges after him immediately, smashing his body into him and knocking all the wind from Porter body. The impact causes Porter to slowly slink to the mat, allowing CP time to remove the covering from the turnbuckle with a determined, stone cold gaze. CP tosses the covering into the crowd and the fans roar in delight, but CP doesn’t pay it much mind. He’s right back on Porter, grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling him to his feet. He then spins Porter around and grabs the back of his neck before slamming him head first into the exposed metal! Porter’s hands shoot to his face at the searing pain, attempting to guard it but it is no use. CP bounces his head off of the exposed turnbuckle once again! And just like that, the blood begins to pour!

The Mountie: OH MY GOD!!! Cyber Punk has busted Porter MaCleod open already!

Meagan: He told him he was gonna hurt him. Both of these dudes are out to inflict as much damage as possible!

The Mountie: and what a perfect attitude to have. That blood just allowed the champion to end this match whenever he wants to!

CP looks then turns away from Porter and looks to be heading outside of the ring for his belt but suddenly pauses and turns back around to look at Porter who is beginning to struggle to his feet, face washed in crimson. He runs back to Porter and slaps his arms around him before tossing him over his head with a belly to belly suplex. It is obvious that CP has no intention of this match ending early as he continues his assault by curb stomping Porter with no mercy, shouting at him the entire time. He lifts Porter once again and clobbers him square in the nose with a straight punch before delivering a Michinoku Driver. Porter lays sprawled out in the center of the ring with Cyber Punk staring down at him, but not for long. This time CP actually does exit the ring and heads straight for the announce table. He gets the belt in his grasp as well as folding up a steal chair to head back into the ring with. CP tosses the chair over the ropes and into the ring, opting to hang onto his belt once he slides under the ropes and into the ring. Once inside, he looks up at the empty wire hanging from the ceiling to the cheering of many fans just before he places the belt at his feet and picks up the chair. He then walks over to Porter with it just as he begins to stir and slams the top of the chair right into his sternum. As a follow up, CP smacks Porter across the scar with the chair, leaving a huge dent in the metal. He tosses the chair aside just after and yanks Porter to his feet by the hair once again only to floor him with a T-Bone Suplex.

The Mountie: Goddamn! Porter needs to get his weight up! Cyber Punk is making him his bitch in there!

Meagan: Cyber Punk doesn’t have that reputation for nothing. And I think it’s safe to say that Porter MaCleod has certain pushed him to his limits. This thing could go all night!

The Mountie: With the way it’s looking right now it could end or Porter in a few minutes!

As Punk Jason pulls Porter to his feet once again, he tosses him over his shoulder and carries him to the corner where his sits Porter right on the top turnbuckle. CP climbs up and places Porter into a front face lock, but Porter finally begins showing signs of life as he punches CP in the stomach. But even so CP keeps his hold on Porter, attempting to suplex him from the top rope and onto the chair. Porter wraps his hand around the ropes, creating resistance and uses his other hand to rake CP’s eyes. He then maneuvers CP around and a Powerdriver onto the steel chair!

The Mountie: Porter MaCleod with a Killer powerdriver to CP! Holy hell!


Now back to his feet, Porter picks up the steel chair and admires the dent in the middle, waiting for CP to get back to his feet before smashing him around the face with the chair, dropping him to the mat once again. With a grin on his face he walks over to the corner of the ring and begins shoving the chair in between the second and third turnbuckles, attempting to position it so that it stays upright. He then looks over at CP, who incredibly is already up to his knees, and grabs him by the hair, pulling him the rest of the way to his feet and whips him toward the chair but CP stops himself at the last moment, putting both arms on the top rope to stop himself crashing in to the chair. He turns only to receive a stiff kick to the back of the leg from Porter which drops him to one knee. Without even a hint of setting up for it Porter then hits the Pay The Piper out of nowhere, smashing CP's head directly in to the chair. Punk actually stays upright for a second before falling face first to the mat. Porter picks up the chair again and points at the even larger dent in the middle of it, shouting out at the fans and asking them what they think of their hero now. It is now SCyber Punk who lies incapacitated in the ring, much to the delight of Porter. He searches around the ring momentarily before finally making his way towards the corner where he leaps up onto the top rope in one quick motion. He then stands tall, staring down at an out cold Cyber Punk before a picturesque Frog Splash

The Mountie: Look at this. Porter is taunting both Cyber Punk AND the crowd before hitting him with a Frog Splash. It’s hard to believe just how personal this thing has gotten between these two men.

Meagan: That’s usually how it works. Although CP’s always seemed like such a cool cat. He’s pissed as hell tonight though. And Porter just has something crazy in his eyes that I’ve never seen before. This shit just got real!

Having laid out his opponent Porter comes to his feet once again only to walk to the other side of the ring, drop down, and roll out. It is as if the crowd has ESP as them scream in frenzy just before Porter heads under the ring and slides back out with the 20 foot ladder that they’ve no doubt been waiting for the entire night. With it now in his grasp, Porter looks at it with a smile before sliding it under the bottom rope. But surprisingly Porter does not enter the ring. He instead pulls out another ladder! The fans go wild as Porter tosses that ladder in as well then and follows it inside. He quickly sets that ladder up as a battered Punk lies on the ground now as Porter callously puts the boots to him a few times, then looks around for another weapon to finish the job, spotting a chair on the far end of the ring and heading over towards it. He instead goes under it and pulls out another ladder! All the while, Punk lies on the ground in obvious pain, his hand reaching around for something, anything, to use against Porter... then suddenly his grip closes around a weapon. Porter finally gets his hands on the chair again, waiting for Cyber Punk to get up. As Punk does, Porter makes a run for Punk with the chair... only to suddenly be clocked in the face with a chain! Punk managed to pick up the 5 inch thick chain! He's holding the brutal weapon in both hands, an almost sadistic look on his face as a bloodied Porter staggers backwards, holding his face! Punk moves in, eyes Porter carefully, then almost casually brings the Chain down in Porter's skull, knocking him down to the ground! A chilly smirk crosses Punk's face, then he throws the weapon down with disdain.

The Mountie: DAMN! What the hell was that?!

Meagan: Cyber Punk just nailed Porter with that super hugh Chain!

With Porter now prone in the corner Cyber Punk charges at him but Porter is able to avoid it at the last moment and as Punk leaves his feet Porter ducks out of the way and Punk connects with a Stinger Splash hitting nothing but the turnbuckles. He hits the mat holding his chest as Porter begins to climb the ropes but Punk kicks out at Porter's standing leg causing him to lose his balance and crotch himself on the ropes. Punk climbs the ropes, signaling for a DVD, but Porter begins to fight it off. Punk, now balanced on the ropes as well, pushes Porter to the mat but Porter rolls straight back to his feet again, reaching to the corner and grabbing his Chain weapon. As Punk gets to his feet and steadies himself on the ropes Porter swings the chain as hard as he can, smashing Punk square in the face and knocking him from the turnbuckles all the way to the outside. Before he's even landed his blood has already begun to spill out on to the mat below and Porter struggles to his feet, looking down at the pool of blood collecting by Punk's head with a gratified smile. The amount of noise at this point in the arena is deafening. Porter at last turns from Cyber Punk's vulnerable body and heads for the ladder.

The Mountie: FINALLY! Getting down the BUSINESS!

Meagan: They’ve been down to it for weeks now as far as I’m concerned! Even as I watch Porter with that ladder I can’t help but think that this match is still far from over!
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PostSubject: Re: JWF/BLW presents: Last Stand   July 6th 2008, 3:00 pm

As Punk struggles to get his bearings, Porter seeks to capitalize, slowly picking up the ladder and setting it up. Punk shakes his head clear, eyes up Porter, then turns around and heads the other way towards one of the turnbuckles, where the black cloth bag he'd left is waiting for him, and rummages through it. The crowd can't believe Punk's letting Porter get away as he reaches into the bag and suddenly produces a long, thick, steel... arm? An entire arm has been grafted out of steel, complete with a thick, heavy looking fist, like some kind of super-gauntlet. Punk slides his arm into the gauntlet, flexing the fist before suddenly charging towards Porter, who's now set up the ladder and is preparing to climb it before striking out with the massive steel arm-gauntlet! Porter's head snaps back and his entire body is flung backwards before landing with an abrupt crash, bleeding even more heavily than before.

The Mountie: WHAT…THE…FUCK?!


The Mountie: Hell yeah I saw it but what the fuck is it?!

Meagan: Some sort of medieval weaponry! And it just made Porter MaCleod lose a few pints of blood!

The crowd can hardly believe what they are witnessing. The blood of these two men paints the ring from each end and continuously spills from their bodies. Cyber Punk stands with the gauntlet still on his arm, a wild eyed glare on his face, almost animalistic. But soon enough, Cyber Punk begins to search the ring frantically. His eyes finally fall upon his championship belt and he stalks towards it. CP then looks up at the ladder and back at his belt before heading for the ladder. He reaches it in a matter of seconds but suddenly can’t move…for Porter MaCleod has managed to grab hold of his feet. CP looks behind him and begins to shake it off just when Porter raises….a fork? Before CP’s mind has the chance to register just what it is that Porter is holding Porter stabs him in the calf, immediately bringing Cyber Punk to his knees! CP’s face is frozen in shock and pain as Porter flops onto his stomach and pushes himself up on all fours. CP is still on his knees, struggling to get to his feet just as Porter finally reaches his. He then punches CP in the throat and snatches the Heavyweight title out of his hand and staggers towards the ladder. Suddenly, Punk grabs Porter's arm out of nowhere and hurls him into a heavy Irish Whip against the ropes. Porter is overpowered by the whip and shoots off towards the ropes, while Punk heads off in the other direction, still with that gauntlet around his arm. Porter comes back on the rebound now, leaving CP to suddenly smash his gauntlet-clad arm straight into one of Porter's kneecaps! Porter's leg collapses under him from the impact as he crashes to an abrupt halt on the ground, holding onto his kneecap in sheer agony! It's hard to say how much damage has been done now as Punk looks down at Porter, a cold, emotionless look on his face.

The Mountie: I really think that these guys are trying to end each other’s careers!

Meagan: And what the hell was your first clue?!

The fact that Porter is on a level of pain that he has never visited before doesn’t need to be stated by the looks of him. The pain is so severe that he can’t even make a sound…and CP couldn’t approve more. He once again retrieves the belt once again. The ladder still appears to be standing and at last CP begins to make his ascension. Rung by rung, with every ounce of strength he has left Cyber punk climbs. The wire lingering above the ring is so close to him he can almost taste it. Porter struggles on the mat below, looking up into the glaring lights above as CP prepares to at last end this match. The revelation causes Porter to push on. He begins to prop himself upright, knowing that time is certainly of the essence. Porter manages to make it to his feet just as CP stands perched at the top of the ladder, reaching up to place to ladder on the hook. But out of nowhere Porter tosses himself into the ladder! Just as CP looks to place the belt on the hook the ladder slowly plummets from twenty feet high in the air, throwing Cyber Punk outside of the ring and sending him crashing straight through the announce table! The ladder lies against the ropes and CP lies just as broken and scattered as the pieces of wood underneath him as the announcers scramble away from the scene momentarily, in completely shock and awe and the huge fall that Cyber Punk has just taken! Porter falls to his knees in the ring, staring outside at an outstretched CP, the ladder, and the Heavyweight Championship.CP’s chest rises and falls meagerly as he barely breathes. Porter slowly inches his way towards the edge of the ring and rolls out, spilling onto the floor below him. His knee throbs and aches painfully and Porter cries out, choosing to crawl over to the carnage he’s created to retrieve CP’s belt from him. As soon as his hand touches it Porter pulls it towards him and cradles it in his arms. He then turns away as Cyber Punk stirs, headed back for the ring, all the while CP has grabbed a broken piece of the wood. He reaches out an arm and swings it like a mighty sword, slashes Porter across the back just after he throws the belt into the ring!

The Mountie: HOLY SHIT! That is gonna leave one bad ass scar!

Meagan: They just don’t wanna give up! I’ve never seen anything like it! They are literally trying to kill each other and one of them just might succeed!

The Mountie: Whoa...damn. that would make some serious history!

Meagan: What would?

The Mountie: If one of them actually died. I mean DAMN!

Cyber Punk at last begins pulling himself together, making his way up in a standing position as Porter kneels, immobilized. CP hits Porter straight across the head with the pieces of wood that he had before tossing it aside and pulling Porter to his feet. He then goes to whip Porter into the ring post but Porter reverses it and CP's back crashes into it instead! Porter limps over to CP and nails him with a hard punch to the gut and then goes for the Pay the Piper only to have CP nail him with a punch of his own and surprise him with a Superkick of his own. Porter stays resilient, however, as CP yanks him up. He punches CP square in the nose and tosses him aside. But as he goes for him again, CP nails him with a sidekick to the stomach. CP now uses this chance to hop to his feet and the two men begin exchanging blow after blow, moving further up the ramp as if the arena is theirs. Porter goes for a clothesline but CP blocks it clobbers him with a straight punch. CP lifts Porter into the air and smashes him with an Cyber Death Driver onto the stage! With Porter still lying face first on the stage Punk looks down at the ladder standing in the ring and almost moves toward it but instead looks down at the side of the stage and sees tables lying flat below him. He leaps off the stage and begins setting two of them up side by side, positioning them just away from the staged area. He then sets up a third and lifts it on top of the other two, positioning it in the middle of the pair of tables before climbing back up on to the stage and kicking Porter while he's still getting back to his feet. He grabs Porter by the head and attempts to hurl him off the stage but Porter counters at the last moment, grabbing hold of the edge of the JWF sign to stop himself from falling. JPunk attempts to charge at him to knock him off but Porter gets his feet up, kicking Punk square in the face. Punk staggers for a moment and then falls off the stage, landing on the top of his own stack of tables but without the velocity to drive himself through them.

the mountie: It looks like CP set up his own trap there although it was meant for Porter.

Meagan: He’s lucky he didn’t go through! He’s been through his share of tables tonight I’m sure!

The fans begin to pop as Porter looks up overhead at a lighting rig and the framework holding it up. With a grin on his face he begins to climb the framework until he's about twenty-five feet above the body of Cyber Punk. He points down at the heavyweight Champion as the fans boo and screams "FUCK YOU ALL" at the top of his lungs before leaping off, executing a ugly Swanton Bomb before crashing in to punk and sending them both through the stack of tables to the floor. The fans begin chanting "HOLY SHIT" at the top of their lungs. The damage has been done to both men in this situation as Porter MaCleod lies overtop of Cyber Punk. There is no movement from either one of them, just two bloody enemies lying together in a heap of destruction. It seems like hours go by as they continue to lay there, the level of noise in the arena has died down so much that you can almost here the fans breathing. There’s no telling what will happen at this point or if either man can even continue. Referee stares from inside the ring with concern and curiosity but she can barely see anything. But just then CP begins to stir underneath of Porter. And almost simultaneously Porter shows signs of life as well, rolling off of Punk onto the broken wood, baring less of the damage than CP. He begins a slow crawl back towards the ring as the fans engage in a mixed reaction at his survival. But the ever-strong CP is seconds behind him. Porter clambers to his feet and hops back towards the ring with Cyber Punk stumbling somewhere behind him. Porter doesn’t even look back. He just continues on, heading into the ring with much effort as CP comes closely behind him. There are two ladders to choose from, one leaning against the ropes and one standing up right. Porter goes to the one nearest to him, propping it up and wasting no time making his ascension just as CP spills into the ring.
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PostSubject: Re: JWF/BLW presents: Last Stand   July 6th 2008, 3:00 pm

The Mountie: Porter is starting up the ladder again and CP looks in no shape to stop him. I’m afraid for Punk

Meagan: They both went off that stage but CP took the brunt of it! It nearly broke is damn back!

CP struggles on the match, doing the best he can to get to his feet but the pain is just too much to bear. Time and time again he falls right back down on the mat. Porter is almost at the top of the ladder now while Punk's only just getting up, and it looks like this one could almost be over. Punk slowly works his way up to his feet with what little energy he has left, then looks up at Porter, who's just about to make it up to the top step of the ladder with the belt in his hands. Punk's jaw sets and he shakes it off as Porter lifts the Heavyweight Championship towards the hook above the ladder... then Punk suddenly flies up on one last burst of energy, running straight up the ladder behind Porter! Porter barely has time to look behind in shock before Punk grabs his leg in desperation, then leaps off with a Suicide Cyber Death Driver off the top of the ladder! Both he and Porter hit the ground with a sickening BANG as both parties spill onto the canvas! Porter is down and out, but Punk himself looks like he might have taken some of the damage too as he struggles to sit back up.

The Mountie: SON OF A BITCH!!!



The sheer level of energy is staggering as fans rise to their feet with pride and praise for JWF and its Heavyweight Champion challengers. CP himself nearly seems in shock that he pulled off such a feat. His mind fights the urge for his body to give up, even when he is so close to victory, but CP overcomes it like he’s done so many times in the past. With Porter lying in a pool of his own blood Punk looks around for the Heavyweight Championship, eventually finding it lying outside of the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope and picks it up, barely able to force himself back in to the ring. Punk staggers toward the left ladder as Porter begins to come around and begins climbing, holding his ribs as he does so and barely able to put one hand in front of the other. He gets to the top of the ladder and reaches out for the hook to place the championship belt on and just as he grabs it Porter hammers him from behind.

The Mountie: How the hell is Porter MaCleod up!

With Punk's progress temporarily halted Jaxx begins to climb up the right ladder, grabbing Punk's head when he's within range and slamming it on the top of the ladder a few times. Barely maintaining his balance and with pain etched on his face Porter reaches the top, grabbing the Heavyweight Championship belt away from Punk and lying it across the top of the ladders, smashing Punk's head on to the belt now as well. That seems to fire Punk up and he begins to fight back with elbow shots to the gut of Porter, almost knocking him from the ladder but Porter is somehow able to hold on and rakes the eyes of Punk. With Punk now momentarily blinded Porter turns around, looking as though he's setting up for a Flat liner off the top of the ladder. Punk attempts to fight back but Porter nails him with a few more right hands before pulling him even higher on the ladder so both men are now standing on the very top, Porter facing one way and Punk facing the other. With no regard for his own well being Porter leaps off the ladder and pulls Punk with him, flipping them both over in mid-air and crashing to the mat with all of his weight on top of Punk.


Porter struggles back to his feet, nothing more than the bitterness toward Punk that he has driving him on now. Slowly he begins to climb the ladders again, almost slipping at one point. The fans begin to cheer loudly as he reaches the top and lays his hands on the Heavyweight Championship, slowly reaching up for the hook and hanging the belt up. As soon as he gets the clips shut the bell rings and “Evil Scotsmen” by Billy Connoly blasts across the PA system.



Porter unhooks the belt again and just sits on top of the ladders looking at the chaos that's all around the ring and then looking down at the title. The curtains part and Johnny Stylez and Jayson Burrows (the Owner of BLW) walk down toward the ring but Porter doesn't even notice him, wiping the blood from his eyes and just staring at the title. Eventually he holds it up above his head and begins to slowly climb down the ladder, collapsing to his knees when finally back down on the mat.

The Mountie: I don't think he can actually believe it...

Jayson Burrows asks Sam for the microphone as Stylez rolls in to the ring and helps Porter to his feet, raising his arm in to the air triumphantly.

Sam: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of your LAST STAND main event AND NEW and LAST JWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, PORTER MACLEOD

Porter almost collapses again and would have if not for Stylez holding him up. Porter looks at the belt again in disbelief, hugging Ebdon as the fans continue to boo and begin throwing things toward the ring.

Jayson Burrows: Congratulations Porter, You have made it, your living a dream, to bad it's a short lived dream as Tonight's event is the last event in the history of JWF, because Johnny Stylez has just signed the deed of JWF to ME AND THE BLW flag! But Don't worry Porter you're still the champion you and D-Tox are still the champion. And at the next PPV under the BLW flagship it well be D-Tox the JWF World Champion, Porter MaCleod the JWF Heavyweight Champion, and the winner of the BLW World Heavyweight Champion in a epic Three-Way battle for the right to be called UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!

Jayson Drops the mic and claps for Porter who can't believe what he just heard, as the JWF logo flashes on the scree and highlights from tonight's two championship matches.
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PostSubject: Re: JWF/BLW presents: Last Stand   

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JWF/BLW presents: Last Stand
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