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 The End Card (12-17-06)

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Joe Santiago
Main Event
Main Event
Joe Santiago

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PostSubject: The End Card (12-17-06)   November 23rd 2006, 1:17 am

The End

Winner Picks Gang War Stipulation
1) Joe Lancaster (vs) Ranger Joe Rooney

Intercontinental Championship + North American Championship
2) Nathan Hellsing (vs) "Double J" Joe Jones

BLPW World Title
3) Lone Star (vs) Beast

United States Championship + BLPW United States Championship
4) Johnny Stylez (vs) V.I.P (vs) Joe Mama
Vertigo (vs) Sniper (vs) Vincent Yun Chang

NAFW Foundation Heavyweight Championship
5) Diamond Del Carver (vs) The Warrior Chance w/ Big G

Undisputed Tag-Team Titles
{Table Elimination}
6) Kaos & Notty Pine (vs) Crimson Skull & Graves w/ Tamara

JWF World Heavyweight Championship
{Chamber of Doom}

7) Frank Hart (vs) Barelai Von'Vicious (vs) Joe Santiago
Shaitan Lopan (vs) Steven Daunhauer (vs) Jester Smiles


You Don't ask the question "Will Joe Santiago ever wrestle again?"
You Ask the question "When will Joe Santiago wrestle again?"
Because eventually, The Darkest Burning Star will come back!

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The End Card (12-17-06)
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