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 Gang Wars Card (12-31-06)

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Joe Santiago
Main Event
Main Event
Joe Santiago

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PostSubject: Gang Wars Card (12-31-06)   December 5th 2006, 12:21 am

War Zone GM (vs) Breakdown GM
Winning GM gets first pick of Brand Split Draft
1) Porter Macleod (vs) Trent Hudson

Gang Wars match
2) Team Carnage
Unlawful Carnage
Ole Soldier
El Toro


The Royal Beatdown
Matt Chambers
Aaron "Spade" Peters
"Slick" Bobby Diamond

Title Savings Match
3) The Mexican Samurai (vs) The True Psycho

WWA Undisputed Championship
50 Table Death Match
4) "The Thriller" Joe Santiago (vs) Mark Wilder

Gang Wars Cage Wars (5(vs)5)

Winning Teams Captain becomes
JWF World Heavyweight Champion
#1 Contender

The winning teams members will be rewarded by getting to take turns being GM for the weeks leading up to
Over the Top Over the edge

Winning Team will get to pick numbers first for the
Over the Top Over the Edge Main Event

Main Event
The Knights of the Apokalypse

Om-R Punk

Johnny Stylez
Frank Hart
Steven Daunhauer


Hells Henchmen

Crimson Skull
Barelai Von'Vicious
Hollow Wicked
The Warrior Chance
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Gang Wars Card (12-31-06)
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