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 Frank Hart

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Wrestler Info
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Alignment: Face
PostSubject: Frank Hart   December 10th 2006, 1:35 am

* Wrestler Name: Frank Hart

* Nickname: None

* Age: 28

* Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

* House (WHERE HE LIVES): Philadelphia

* Weight: 245

* Height: 6'3"

* Favorite Specialty Match: First Blood

* Entrance Music: Stone Sour, Inhale

* Alignment(face/heel): Face

* Years Wrestling:10

* Quote: Optional: Intensity, Desire, and Heart

* Finisher: DVD Moment

* Finisher Description: Death Valley Driver off the top rope

* Bio/Backround:

Frank Hart has dreamed of the day he would become a JWF Wrestler, he trainedalmost his entire life for the opportunity to perform around the world.Frank Hart started wrestling at the age of 18 in the Ring of Fire
promotion in Europe. Frank Hart was won every ROF title twice and
defeated some top names in the European Wrestling scene. After a fight
with managment over his contract he left Europe to fight in BHOTWG or
Burning Hammer Of The Wrestling Gods in Japan. Frank Hart had alot of
success in Japan but wanted to come back to the United States. Frank
Hart moved from Japan to Canada and fought in 4C aka Canadian Charisma
Championship Combat. Frank Hart was fired after only 2 weeks because of
injuring a wrestler with his DVD Moment move. Frank Hart went to a
different Canada promotion called CGC aka Canadian Golden Combat. When
CGC got the call from 4C Frank Hart was fired on the spot. Still with
the dream of becoming a JWF Superstar Frank Hart move to Mexico to
fight in OLLIE aka Original Lucha Libre In Extreme. He grew famous in
Mexico and was known as Frank "Heart of a God" Hart. Frank Hart grew
tired of the competition in OLLIE and convinced OLLIE Management to
challenge the other Mexico Promotion DAVE aka Danger And Violence
Extreme. Frank Hart and Blue Sky fought in a Brutal Undisputed Champion
of Mexico Match, both men were very bloody by the end of the match.
Blue Sky attempted a frog splash on Frank Hart but was stopped on the
top rope and DVDed off the top rope and pinned crowning Frank Hart the
new Undisputed Champion of Mexico. Frank Hart moved back to the United
States and joined the SWF aka Supreme Wrestling Federation were him and
Christian Faith had some of the greatest matches in wrestling history,
In the end the fought in a final match after fighting 10 times before
in different match types each time. the score was 5 to 5 in there
previous matches and they only had one last chance to proove they were
the best, The match ended when Frank Hart reversed a DDT off the top of
the cage and DVDed Christian Faith off the top of the cage. Frank Hart
pinned Christian Faith and won his final SWF match. Frank Hart is now
finally a JWF superstar and it is only a matter of time before he is
JWF World Heavyweight Champion.

* Attire:
Tattoo of heart on his chest over his heart
tattoo of Last name across stomach
tattoo of Heart wrapped in barbwire on right arm
Short Black Pants
Heart logos on each side of his pants
Black Knee Pads
Taped fists with hearts drawn on
black elbow pads

* Fighting style: Mixed

* Move List:

1. Death Valley Driver
2. Brainbuster
3. Piledriver
4. Enziguri
5. DDT
6. Hart Attack (Jeff Jarrett's Stroke)
7. Hart Backbreaker (Shelton Benjamin's Backbreaker)
8. Hart Backbreaker Version 2 (Randy Orton's Backbreaker)
9. Hart Backbreaker Version 3 (Carlito Backbreaker)
10. Sharpshooter
11. Neckbreaker
12. Tiger Bomb
13. Bulldog onto Knee
14. Stalling German Suplex
15. Reverse DDT
16. Superplex
17. Super DDT
18. Single leg crab
19. Powerbomb into DVD
20. Powerbomb
21. Super Kick
22. X Factor from Top Rope
23. Diving Elbow
24. Frog Splash
25. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker
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Joe Santiago
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Main Event

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Wrestler Info
Record: 43-07-01
Alignment: Face
PostSubject: Re: Frank Hart   April 25th 2007, 3:13 am


You Don't ask the question "Will Joe Santiago ever wrestle again?"
You Ask the question "When will Joe Santiago wrestle again?"
Because eventually, The Darkest Burning Star will come back!

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Frank Hart
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