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 JWF Top 10 12-4-06 -12-10-06

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Joe Santiago
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PostSubject: JWF Top 10 12-4-06 -12-10-06   December 10th 2006, 8:14 pm

JWF Power 10

1- Notty Pine-
Notty has had the best week of any wrestler. First defeating Crimson Skull in the Human Torch Match then Winning the BLPW Tag-Team Titles.

2- Johnny Stylez-
Stylez is an unstoppable US Champion, He defeated Sniper on War Zone and VYC on Breakdown. Stylez has not lost since fighting Beast.

3- Nathan Hellsing-
Hellsing is currently undefeated and he is the Intercontinental Champion. Hellsing defeated Dwane Bishop on War Zone

4- Porter Macleod-
Porter Macleod won a championship in his debut match on Breakdown.

5- Beast- Beast defeated The Warrior Chance in a NYV Rematch. Beast is still undefeated 98-0.

6- Kaos-
Kaos won the BLPW Tag-Team titles with Notty Pine o Breakdown and helped to burn Crimson Skull on War Zone.

7- Joe Santiago-
Joe Santiago and Joe Mama won in a Tag Team match on Breakdown and Joe Santiago is still in line for a World Heavyweight Championship match.

8- Joe Mama-
Joe Mama and Joe Santiago won a Tag Team match on Breakdown. Joe Mama is on his way to the Undisputed US Title match.

9- Crimson Skull-
Even though he was burned alive three nights earlier, Crimson Skull still found a way to get a message to Crimson Skull and Kaos on Breakdown.

10- Steven Daunhauer-
Steven Daunhauer even though inactive, Sent a message to Beast through his RP, Steven Daunhauer gets ready for his huge match with Beast.
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JWF Top 10 12-4-06 -12-10-06
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