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 Halloween Hell Card (10-29-06)

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Joe Santiago
Main Event
Main Event
Joe Santiago

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PostSubject: Halloween Hell Card (10-29-06)   October 23rd 2006, 10:22 pm

Halloween Hell Preshow/Dark Match
Dark Match 1) Double Gay (vs) G.I. Joe

Winner Gets Star Upgrade

Dark Match 2) Ronnie Rage (vs) Chris Blue (vs)
Johnny Stylez (vs) Ranger Joe Mooney

Street Fight
Dark Match 3)
The JWF Millenium and Herbert "Haze" Koomson
Naturally Boring Killers and Snipper

Dark Match World Championship
Pre Show Main Event

Loppotianian Shannitiathanianac
"The Face of Fear" Joe Mama

Halloween Hell


Live or Die Match
1) Then Ultimate Android (vs) Boofalanie Jones

King of the Flames Championship
2) Jazmin Santiago (vs) Michael Gabriel (vs) Eric Walters

United States Championship #1 Contenders Match
3) V.I.P (vs) Mystery Opponent

Intercontinental Championship
4) Joe"Wombat Freak" (vs) The Warrior Chance

United States Championship
{Double Cage Horror}
(Special Referee: King Clown)
5) Jorge Alonso (vs) St.Massacre

JWF World Heavyweight Championship
{King of the Throne}
(Special Enforcer- G.I. Joe)
6) Joe Santiago (vs) Joe Lancaster (vs) Steven Daunhauer
Brick (vs) Winner of (Then Ultimate Android (vs) Boofalanie Jones)

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Halloween Hell Card (10-29-06)
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