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 Number 4???

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Main Event

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PostSubject: Number 4???   January 2nd 2007, 6:39 pm

Insider: Stylez...can we get a quick word about your draft status?

::Bullshit! there's your quick word of the day! Everyone knows I should have been picked number one! Steven had a great couple of weeks, after HE WAS STRIPPED of the world title! Where I havent lost a title defens esince winning this here title! And lets not forget that I am the longest regining US CHAMPION in the history of the WWA!::

Insider: But he defeated beast?

::And hasnt let anyone forget it. The homeboy has been bragging more bout that then he has about his title stint he had! Dont get me wrong I've been fairly close to Steven...But even he knows he should have never been picked over me!::

Insider: But there were also two more fellas who were picked before you?

::Yet again BULLSHIT! And Ill prove to everyone this week that KAOS getting the knod before me, was a mistake! Hell KAOS being team captian at gang wars was a mistake!::

Insider: What abotu Beast

::Everyone has been kissing the guys ass ever since he came to the WWA! But he aint nothing specail. If you folks can recall I damn near defeated beast and if it wasnt for my injuries that I wrestled through I would have gotten the job done!::

Insider: but close doesnt count?

::Wiseass! But if you can recall I never was pinned our gave up...As far as Im concern that match should be whipped from the record! Warzone's GM made a bad move by not picking me 1st...and weeks to come I will prove it! Now if were done here I got a fine little groupie waiting for me in the back!::
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Number 4???
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