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 The Man

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Robert Reeves
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Main Event

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PostSubject: The Man   January 8th 2007, 2:17 am


* Wrestler Name: The Man

* Real name:Jon nickerson

* Age:21

* Hometown:detroit

* House (WHERE HE LIVES):apartments

* Weight:200

* Height:5,11

* Favorite Specialty Match:hardcore

* Entrance Music:superstars by styles of beyond

* Alignment(face/heel):straight

* Years Wrestling:4

* Quote: Optional:ill make a man out of you

* Finisher:The man slam

* Finisher Description:sit down powerbomb

* Bio/Backround:was fired from jwf and now on wwa

* Attire:street wear

* Fighting style:power/arial

* Move List:

1. spine buster
2. spear
3. stall suplex
4. spinning wheel kick
5. super kick
6. powerbomb
7. drop kick
8. side slam
9. super plex
10. alabama slam
11. clothesline
12. neckbreaker
13. sharpshooter
14. TKO
15. stunner
16. belly 2 belly suplex
17. frog splash
18. jaw breaker
19. face buster
20. jumping knee
21. gorrilla press slam
22. suplex
23. hurricanrana
24. big boot
25. german suplex

Desired Brand (War Zone or Breakdown):warzone

*Sample Roleplay for General Managers:camera zooms in

hitman:before I left you all knew me as the man

i was released as the man and still go by that name

but now my wrestling name is hitman

being released has really helped me

cause i left with some issues with everybody

and i apologize


i have to make some special apologies to.... Joe santiago first,Joe lancaster,crimson skull,kaos,and Johnny styles.

but im back and ready to change

camera fades as hitman puts on his wrestling boots
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The Man
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